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Chocolate Level Design Contest 2020 - RESULTS

ResultsLevel Design

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Chocolate Level Design Contest 2020 Results

Woah, who knew the day would ever come? After 4 arduous, complicated months, the three stooges here are proud to announce the results! But firstly... those three proud stooges (me, Morsel, and MrDeePay) are the proud new owners of a nifty little badge:

Along with that, only 1 level was disqualified, so the rest of the participants will get the first ever CLDC Participant trophy! Wow isn't that magic.

But enough's enough! It's time for the results. I should note that many of the results end in decimal scores, because there were three of us judges and rounding up is criminal.

Rounding out the top 10 places, we have...

10th: "o", by FrozenQuills, with 81.6 Points!
9th: "Manual Scroller", by MM102, with 82.3 Points!
8th: "MAD MEN", by Sinc-X, with 83.6 Points!
7th: "Mario Plays Sokoban", by Gbreezesunset & Miraclewater, with 84 Points!
6th: "Vanished Plumber .net", by Darolac & ECS.98, with 87 Points!
5th: "Bowser's Petroleum Factory", by Sariel & Wakana, with 88.6 Points!
4th: "Neon Night Fishing", by FPzero, with 94 Points!

In third place, we have:
No one! That's right, there was a tie for 2nd! Don't y'all love surprise twists?

In second place, we have:
"Richter's Mixtape", by Medic & S.N.N., with 94.3 Points!, AND "The Storm Conductor", by Sixcorby, with 94.3 Points!

Badda bing, badda boom. The winner of CLDC 2020 is...
1st: "Mirror of Hyperion", by snoruntpyro, with 95.3 Points!

What a wild and crazy contest. Congratulations to the winners and the rest of the top 10!

As I mentioned, we unfortunately had 1 disqualification:
"Wrong Way", by tomato jonson: was deemed a low-effort / troll entry by the judges.

Click Here for the whole Level Scoring Spreadsheet!

And, of course, the individual judges scoring:

idol's Scores
Morsel's Scores
MrDeePay's Scores

Trophies will be handed out tomorrow! Let me know if I monkey'd up anything.

And that's on period. See ya next time!
4th Place for a level concept I thought up during a 3am fever dream fishing in Animal Crossing, and the first truly chocolate level I've ever made? I'm honored and super happy! Congrats to Medic, S.N.N., Sixcorby, and snoruntpyro for placing higher, and to everyone else I hope you enjoyed participating!
aw man this comes out 10min before I have to head to dayjob. I'll join the party in 9 hours then. have fun.

congratulations to top10 ppl. I'm watching ya from afar. I'll replay the levels.

glad Morsel has liked our concept.
Saws&Wood - 29th

Everyone called my level either ''BUP Land'' or ''SUPER MARIO MAKER'',

...because I wrote the name in the submission page instead of in the rom #smw{-_-2}
Youtube Channel
SMW: Endless Night

Wow, I expected to get last place or something. As a first ever smwc contest entry not bad I must say. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, this contest was tons of fun and I can't wait to join the next one.
I suck at ASM and AMK

My Youtube

KLDC 2021

KLDC 2022

OLDC 2021

Finally, the results of CLDC came out.
I'm satisfied with the fact that it's 47th.
Congratulations to the top 10 and all participants.
I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.
Pretty much the top10 i expected, but in a different order.
Congrats to everyone and thanks to the judges for their efforts too!


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Originally posted by Romano338
Wow Tahixham has been done dirty

How so?

I had a little guessed that the judges would not like it very much. In fact, there was no idea of putting fruit or stars in those clouds. Then I wanted to do it and I hated myself a little bit.

After playing the other entries, my entry seemed very simple and careless. I deserve all the criticism.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the competition. Everything was very good. #smrpg{<3}
I couldn't find anything to write :| By the way my Youtube channel


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Originally posted by Romano338
I thought his level was exceptionally good and thought it would be easy top 5 or top 3

It probably would have scored in the Top 3 or 5 if the level was structured as one that focuses on everything it does at once. As it is, BEE is laid out to be three separate sections that have a focus on one specific aspect of the powerup. (basic flight/exploration, climbing on honeycombs, being water-soluble) The level is still very good and I really enjoyed playing it, but it felt a lot like a tutorial/tech demo that would fit very well in a standard hack in its current form.

But in a contest, I think having a condensed tutorial/intro at the start and then the remainder of the level be structured to take all of that into account would've been more beneficial. I'd say that Richter's Mixtape and perhaps Bowser's Petroleum Factory would be fair examples to use here.

Originally posted by OEO6
I had a little guessed that the judges would not like it very much. In fact, there was no idea of putting fruit or stars in those clouds. Then I wanted to do it and I hated myself a little bit.

After playing the other entries, my entry seemed very simple and careless. I deserve all the criticism.

I wouldn't beat myself up over it-- sometimes that kind of stuff just happens. You gained some experience, now just apply it accordingly, double up your efforts and give it another shot next time. o/

honestly? I'm pretty okay with this.

I was hoping for better but expecting worse than 16th so this is probably the most reasonable outcome

good contest
Gosh, I'm pleasantly surprised to have gotten 15th place here. The more time passed the more critical I got towards my own level, and worried it'd be considerably lower down than it was.

I really do appreciate all of the feedback on it, both the compliments and the criticisms. And the joke's, aha. I do realize the level has its share of flaws, like the fourth dragon coin's blind drop and a bit of "lifelessness" without any real enemies. It was definitely an ambitious decision to try to just use the flickerbar and various platform/laser gimmicks, but on reflection it does feel like it's missing a key ingredient. Maybe I'll figure out some enemies that'd fit in a later rework. The compliments on the character sprites meant a lot too, especially MrDeePay's, since that was another thing I was a little nervous about when submitting.

So yeah, thanks again for the feedback, and congrats to everyone else too!
9th is waaaay higher than what I was expecting holy shit!!!!
Pretty big point difference from the judges so I feel I owe a lot of my placement to Morsel's high score.
Otherwise, the judge's thoughts mirror my own, creative concept with mediocre execution. I'm fine with that honestly.
I'm just happy I was able to make a memorable experience, but top 10 is a really nice bonus!

Congrats to first place and everyone else!

Originally posted by Romano338
Wow Tahixham has been done dirty


Nah MrDeePay's right (and so are the other judges). Thanks though. The vibe I was kinda going for was a SM64 multiple "missions" in one thing I guess. All I was really riding on that was a few unique sprites and a new powerup that hadn't been done in SMW before (at least, afaik). After seeing other levels and all, I was expecting worse than 18th so no issues here.

Thanks to judges though who had a bunch of levels to play and still managed to provide some solid feedback which is great. Results worth waiting for #tb{:]}

oh and congrats to winers
congrats y'all. pyro's and sixcorby's levels were super great and totally deserve to be in the upper echelon.

shoutouts to idol for somehow getting through her judging despite all of the drugs too so who is the real winner here
14th place, that's must be one my best scored level design entries in my history. I was expecting worse, particularily since the falling walls and the Mode 2 room is more of a tech demo than anything but I guess the Thwomps really rescued my level.
Especially at the Mode 2 room since it isn't thematically connected and the lava is hard to make it work (see Morsel's comment) but after all, this is a level inspired by Yoshi's Island where the level themes do switch sometimes.

Originally posted by idol
the all YI music, the first few initial screens, and I began to think maybe this was someone's first level or someone inexperienced.


Originally posted by idol
Are the YI Falling Walls considered "smashers"? Or did you do this because you just could?

It's the walling falls where I had the inspirations of using Thwomps, hence "SMASHER CASTLE".

Originally posted by Morsel
There was a bug in the lava part where you could stand on or otherwise interact with something that wasn't there for some moments (just underneath the grey platform at the big boo); in a similar way I was stopped and killed by nothing after landing on the ledge beside the exit pipe in this area.

Yeah, the interaction was one of the most difficult part of the Mode 2 room (particularily sprite interaction) which is why I chose only the lava waves and not the moving blocks.

Originally posted by Morsel
The lava animation seems slightly off.

I ported this from Yoshi's Island so nothing to blame on me.

Originally posted by Morsel
I managed to get a smasher rotating kind of wildly at one time.

I noticed this bug too but it was too late to fix.

Originally posted by Morsel
The identification of thwomps was inconsistent (colour is not everything) and sometimes definitely unfair, I would say (e.g. when you first meet the circling thwomp that looks just like the mad ones).

Originally posted by MrDeePay
The Angry Thwomps in the third room are circling while the ones you encounter earlier on only go back and forth- they share the same palette.

I tried to explain the behaviour through level design (if there is a square shape, it implies a circling Thwomp) instead of colours... then again, all the other Thwomps differ in their colours too so maybe I should have done here too.
Congrats to the winners! I don't know most of the entries, but I've seen a lot of impressive stuff here and there.

That said wow, I'm really happy about my placement. 19th out of 64 when I for sure expected to be in the middle rankings, and I got scores generally higher than in the fanjudging I've seen. This makes me excited to enter future non-vanilla contests, cause as I stated a few times here and there my level wasn't even a "contest" level, so this is a boost to my confidence on how high I can get if I try a bit harder. I'm very happy the judges enjoyed it :)
im god
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