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What's your earliest memory of playing video games?
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My earliest memory was actually pac-man on the NES. I was very little, infact i was still sleeping in a crib. My older brothers however were your hardcore 90s nintendo nerds in the NES, Snes, and N64 days, which I dig. So I was born into a family with that stuff.

One of my two older brothers, Anthony, was playing Pac-Man with the NES advantage controller, on our realllly big TV in the living room. He was laying belly down on the floor, with his head up and with the NES advantage sitting right infront of him, and I went and layed belly down next to him in the same position. Now this TV is a freaking giant. For the 90s idk how we had something like this but im sure it wasnt your average tv. First of all, the thing was beige, and the screen was actually flat. The screen was also not made of glass. It was plastic, and if you rubbed your nails against it it made that zipper sound. And as a 90s tube TV, it has width for days.

Anyway, I wasnt very good at pacman. But the weirdest thing of all is that I remember going "what is this?". This is pac-man we're talking about, and this was the first time I saw it. I even remember not understanding the controls at first. I remember the moment of "Oh! He keeps going even if you dont press anything! You just have to choose a direction." And also "Wow these turns are really hard to catch, you gotta be quick." Oh also, when my brother beat the first two levels, he said "Look J, there's a movie!" And it showed the cutscene that plays. That was really cool to me, and after that for years I showed the cutscene to my friends. J btw, is the first letter of my name and is my nickname with my family.

Anyway lol How about you? What your earliest memory playing a video game?
My earliest video game memory was of me playing Super Mario World (surprise, surprise) when I was younger. Though I vividly remember playing it very early in the morning, like 6:00am early. I guess at that time I just happened to have woken up and really wanted to play on the SNES.

Anyways, there I was, on the floor of my living room, staring up at the large square TV playing Super Mario World. I distinctly recall having the volume turned all the way down too so I wouldn't wake up anyone else in the house. I think I was also speedrunning the game? I could just be mixing myself up with another time I played it. Regardless, after that, my memories of this particular session grow fuzzy. I find that it unfortunately comes with age, and a part of me wishes I could remember the actual first time I ever even played a video game.

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i was playing sonic 1 on my brother's windows 98 pc on like dgen or smth

@ qwoll did you ever play moonwalker (either arcade or megadrive, the pc versions look pretty bad, even the megadrive one seems a bit bland)


One of my earliest memories (that isn't playing SMW) was of me playing a NES game called Magic Jewelry. I remember reaching up to three-digit levels, but never got further than 112, as I started to grow increasingly tired of it. I still have the game to this day alongside a batch full of similar games and I usually play it to kill time. It's a gem.
Interesting this topic coming up, I mentioned something related the other day in the #music Discord channel. I have three memories regarding video games that I'm sure are the oldest, but I'm not so sure on the order they happened.

One of them is me watching my cousins (father side) play Crash Bandicoot 3 on the fat PS1 owned by one of them. I think I was 4 years old only, so they'd not let me play (I mean, would you? Considering it was 1999, I doubt anyone would let their runny nose 4 year-old cousin near their fresh PS1, lmao). Anyway, all I remember was they fooling around with Crash in the warp room and touching the electrified gates on purpose (probably to see if they could bypass them).

Another one is me watching my cousin (mother side) play Zelda ALTTP on . At the time I didn't know Link's name. All I saw was a suspicious looking boy wearing a green tunic and pointy hat breaking into people's houses and smashing their pots, slashing their chickens and running away from guards, so I came to the obvious conclusion Link was a thief. Therefore I referred to him as "Ladrãozinho", which translates from Portuguese to "Little Thief".

The last one of them is the one I effectively ever played a video game and it's when my cousin from the previous memory was grinding in Lufia I (again on ) and at some point he just let me do it in his place. Aside from Lufia I's really inconvenient battle system, it was a simple and repetitive task with near to no chance of losing, so it was alright enough for 4 or 5 year-old me to accomplish. Lufia I being the first game I ever played is why I hold a soft spot for the Lufia series and why you'll sometimes find me happily commenting on its music... and looking back and chuckling on Lufia I's battle system and Lufia II's tilemap and text bugs they somehow let through.
My first memory of playing video games was playing Super Smash Bros. Melee on my Gamecube while I was like 4.
Apparently the first time I've ever played a game was when I was about 2. My dad didn't know how to make me stop crying so he just handed me the controller while playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES and that was enough to calm me down.
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For me it was Super Mario Bros. on the NES with my cousin. I remember he had this weird trick for getting to the top of the flagpole. He'd get to the top of the block staircase and use his two index fingers to press the buttons to jump toward the flagpole.
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I'm not sure if this is the very earliest I played a video game, but the earliest memory I have is playing Sonic Advance 1 on a friend's GBA while being driven school. Wasn't the only game I played like that; I know I also was introduced to Metroid Fusion by playing it on a different friend's GBA.

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Definitely all these PAL SNES games:

Super Mario World, Super Mario All Stars, The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, and a couple versions of Street Fighter II.

Then many games after that as I grew older.

I don't know when I first started playing. when I was a baby I LOVED watching games. My first game that I had was Minecraft when I was 5. I had that disk for 5 more years entail there was to many scratches on it. I got a new copy right away.
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My earliest memory with video games is... Super Mario World. I was 7 years old.


Dream team (feed them, please):

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....X-men. Mutant Apocalypses to be specific. I have learned in my later age that my dad was pretty cheap when it came to buying things and through those (very undsertandable) actions I see how I came across these lesser known, lesser quality games such as Super Widget and so, but Luckily the gaming industry was very eager to put out bangers all around and SNES is rife with pretty good licensed games. Capcom's X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse is what I could only describe as a singleplayer brawler game. You inputted fighting game actions to progress through levels and with a selection of 5 characters who all controlled entirely differently, it gave itself pretty open to replayability. Me (26) and my sister (29) can still recall the OST of this game (as we did with a lot of old SNES games). Danger Room certainly being my most memorable song from the game, the OST in general had a lot of songs that just hit perfectly for the style it was going for. Cyclop's Level Theme (which I was told later on by either Slashman or Snn that it sounds strikingly similar to a megaman boss level), Wolverine's Level, Final level. We just enjoyed this game's OST greatly.

Even now, me and my sister will open up youtube just to listen to this OST (and other SNES games).

I have also used this OST NUMOROUS times when it came to the old VGM tournys me ex and derpy did to the point that eX would search through my game list as a cheateheet for my submissions for VGM contests and score pretty well.
had this NES bootleg with a collection of games, 3 of which i still recognize, it was super mario bros, duck hunt and mappy. Mappy especially is nostalgic for me mainly for the sound effects and music. I totally forgot mappy was in that collection until i watched a longplay where the soundtrack seemed unnaturaly familiar to me.


One of my older cousins brought his SNES to my grandma’s house one day, back when I was 4 (22 years ago). I remember two particular games that stuck out to me was Super Mario All-Stars and Donkey Kong Country 2. It was on a pretty small box TV, with very faded colors, but I do remember being fascinated by how red the lava world was in DKC2... lol

I think about a year or so later, he gave me the SNES and those games, alongside Super Mario World, DKC, Mortal Kombat 3, Super Mario Kart, and a few others. It’s one of my most cherished memories. Though I don’t have my SNES anymore, I still play these games periodically.
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I was like 3-4 when on a summer day my mom said "Hey, come here!" and she started telling a story to distract me. This lasted about five minutes when my dad said "Hey, i think that you wanna see this!" so they brought me into the living room.
That's when I saw an N64 with Super Mario 64 and Bomberman Hero... oh, how happy i was.

It seems like yesterday I cried of frustration trying to beat the dragon from the penultimate world while my father gave me support, saying "Hey, relax! Give you time, try again later!" and he was right. When I finally killed the boss, he decided to make pizza that night.
"Didn't I say? I knew you could." he said.

Unfortunately my N64 was stolen before I could face the final boss. Well, at least I got 120 stars in the SM64.

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Humongous Entertainment games (Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam and Spy Fox), and the Myst series. Eventually online Flash games joined in, and I got a GBA; Wario Land 4 and Mario Kart: Super Circuit were the only games I really played a lot, but especially the former I played a lot back then and still cherish.

Myst is still the best video game series ever to me, one I still play (I don't game much, however much I wish I did), so imagine my frisson when this book fell from that starry expanse.
When I was a wee little lad, my parents got me a bunch of crappy PC games, namely licensed games like the "I Spy" games (based on the Scholastic books) and Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron (which introduced me to some genuinely awesome royalty-free music). Most of them got old pretty fast, and the latter one in particular nearly blew up my dad's old PC.

I'm not sure if that answer really "counts", since that experience led me to sort of hate video games early on. My attitude changed a bit though in kindergarten or first grade when I hung out with a friend of mine from school and he had some consoles (including a SNES and an N64) and a whole bunch of awesome games for them, ranging from popular (Super Castlevania IV, SimCity) to obscure (ActRaiser, Tetrisphere, and some others). That rekindled some excitement for a bit, though my interest in video games almost completely died out when I discovered emulation.
Playing Jak 2 and Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup on ye olde PS2 back in 2004
I'd say my earliest video game memory is probably playing the Sonic 3 & Knuckles PC collection.

Originally posted by K.T.B.
When I was a wee little lad, my parents got me a bunch of crappy PC games, namely licensed games like the "I Spy" games (based on the Scholastic books) and Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron (which introduced me to some genuinely awesome royalty-free music).

At least I'm not alone in that I've played that Jimmy Neutron game (granted, the GBA port was probably even worse than the PC one but at least it had good music), but it sucks that your dad's computer couldn't run them.
Playing MapleStory (when it was lovely at the time, albeit frustrating in other ways), StarCraft, and a bunch of flash games (usually related to Mario).

On the Wii, it's Wii Sports, and later New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
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