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Super Mario World: Journey Wish DEMO by PedroHrodrigues

File Name: Super Mario World: Journey Wish DEMO
Submitted: by PedroHrodrigues
Authors: PedroHrodrigues
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 24 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is a DEMO of my new hack: Jorney's Wish, the story is simple, Mario want to go in a adventure outside of his normal ones, so he just... go in a adventure. Yeah not original, but at least is something.

Well, about the hack itself:

What I wanted to do is mix SMB, SMB3, and SMW, and make it feels like a traditional Mario game, like the first games were, All levels are short, without need for checkpoints, not a lot of extravagant asthetic either.

I want to give the player also freedom to do what they want and have chances of skipping parts of the levels, like SMW. Want to have a star run in certain parts? Go ahead. Want to use the Raccoon leaf and fly over most of the level? Feel free.

Enjoy this demo, this will be the only one, since if this get accepted next hack will be the complete version of this.

Also feel free to give any feedback and criticism you want, help me become better.
Loved the Mario 3 level design. Your love for the game definitely shows through.

A few issues though:

* Messages:
** I understand that English may not be your first language, but I'd suggest you try and find someone to help edit your text. If nothing else, you could try copying and pasting it into google docs and take some of the spelling/grammar corrections.
** Also, the ALL CAPS does get tiring, but that's up to you.

* Where Ninjis Come to Play:
** You can take a buzzy beetle into the pipe to the end of the level. Turns into a corrupt looking sprite.

* Bone Graveyard:
** Somehow, the hud ends up behind the layer with all the pipes and stuff. It's really weird. Happens in at least one other level.
** There's some cutoff where you've got a vertical bones on an edge pieces.

* Bombs Under Rocks:
** You can take a bob-omb into the pipe to the end of the level. Turns into a corrupt looking sprite.

* A Day Where the Sun is Hot and Angry:
** The music seems way louder in this level than the rest. I'd suggest checking your audio levels for the whole hack.
** Same issue for Cheep Cheep Beach and Net Climb.

* Fishs [sic] Under the Sea
** There's a custom sprite or something causing some sort of OAM corruption occasionally in the level. Causes weird full screen flashes of random sprites. Might be an SD2SNES issue.
** "Fishes" is used if there are more than one type of fish. Fish is used if there is only one type of fish, regardless of the number of them. Fishes is the correct word for the title. You were not expected to know this. English is crazy.

* Boss Bass Territory
** The water is an appealing color. Definitely not a required fix, but I highly suggest you move it in a darker bluish direction.
** I've spent a while poking at this, but unless there's a star hidden somewhere, I have no idea how you intend for people to get the P-Switch.