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Super Mario /v/orld 2: Moot Point
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Super Mario /v/orld 2: Moot Point is FINALLY HERE!

The SMW Rom Hacker known as 4chan returns! From the /v/ board yet again, this is a collaboration hack created from August 1st 2020 to September 28th, 2020. It showcases over 70 levels from over 30 different creators. New to this hack are custom resprites, which are based around memes and injokes from various eras of 4chan history. There are also a dozen original ports created for this project by a few Porter Anons. This hack is also decisively harder and more ASM-oriented than it's predecesor. Yoshi coins save at midpoints and at the end of levels. You can also save any time on the Overworld. Included in the .zip lastly is a wonderful boxart made by one of the artist Anons.
Do note that although we did change some things to allow for those on Twitch to be able to stream it, this hack does have mature content in it, such as swears, and dark/crude humor.


If you have extra questions, please email [email protected] about them.
regardless on if this is accepted or rejected, this has been a very fun hack and I hope all those who contributed the best.

(Edit: /v/orld team are pretty neat :)

I agree with the one person saying "Its very comparable to VIP/JUMP/YUMP in terms of difficulty with the exception of WORLD 5-STAR ROAD, and Bowser Castle" The game for the most part is difficult but also feels fair aside from the few trolly moments which actually aren't too bad.

they're talking about nerfing both WORLD 5-STAR ROAD and Bowser Castle which would be a welcomed change. Both of these levels I would warn push the hack into territory where it becomes rather unfun. WORLD 6 has easier levels than both of these.

I still had alot of fun, the final boss of Bowsers Castle felt really nostalgic for the old VIP games and the secret final boss felt like a improvement over Super Mario /v/orlds boss.

I'd reccomend this hack, but be warned it does get difficult.
i played this hack for 5 hours straight when it came out. suffice to say, it is a wonderful experience. from what i've played so far, it's been MUCH higher quality than the first /v/orld.
it is a very fun romhack, thank you to all of the anonymous users who contributed
I've been told that this one is much better than the first one, I'm looking forward to play it! especially since I've been told that some anons made use of my SMM2 P-Balloon there and I'm a sucker of seeing my resources being used.

Good work #smw{:TUP:}
I /v/
I've been playing the hack for some hours and I can say you have done a really good job with this hack, 100% improved over the first one, also reminds me a lot of VIP, but with a more modern twist, Keep the good job.

Made you look. Now Breath Manualy.

so far i have played 47 exits of the game, the hack is actually very good, levels themselves are pretty good and some are challenging without the need of forcing gimmicks or being kaizo for the sake of being kaizos, good job to everyone involved in this sequel
I can't wait to get home to try this out. It looks stellar and for me full of internet nostalgia. That train is giving me strong Tiny Toons BBL vibes, and the pixel art for the Koopa reskin is impressive given they use the original palette. One burning question: will this make me a gamer?

Edit: Up to the end of the first castle and taking a break at the boss. Cleared everything up until then, including the switch palace except for the secret exit of Princess Spring and whatever comes after that. I love the little stories within the levels and am still in awe with what went into the castle! It is definitely on the hard side, through intelligent construction and not by sprite spam. The low point of the first world is definitely the forest, and I can explain my thoughts on specific levels later. The first Star World level is amazing and worth it to replay to see everything it has to offer.
The DDR part killed me. I stop like a deer in headlights and mentally can't do it. This site had a little Stepmania following back in the day and someone is bound to go head over heels for this minigame.

I have run into a few minor bugs that I screenshotted, but I think I will save a bug report for the very end.

So far, it's a really fun variety hack. If there is nothing game-breaking, I would hope it gets hosted here for the 18+ crowd. It's a cool breath of fresh air and quite the record of 17 years of internet silliness.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Ah neat, this arrived!
I haven't played the first /v/orld (very busy with other stuff) but the bits I've seemed were pretty alright at the very least. It might be a good while before I can really get the chance to give this one a shot, but I have looked at the threads from time to time (the Rouge and Chun-Li levels looked hilarious) and from what I've seen, it seems like a very solid affair.

Also kudos to the drawf
that did the art-- they did a very good job. The sprite swaps also look pretty damn good as well.
idol remarked that the baserom felt lower in quality and I can't say I'm a fan of the increased edginess, but I'll try to give it a shot sometime, as well as finish /v/orld 1. idol doesn't like playing hacks anyway heyoooooo The
Xatu boss
looked impressive in terms of custom boss design and I'm looking forward to fighting it. Kind of weird that
Romancing SaGa 1-3 had its endbosses remade in SMW in some fashion
but no other RPG.

Also fug, Suiseiseki, Bateman, the old troll character, the POOL'S CLOSED guys (avoiding slurs here, you can laugh at me on the 4ch thread idgaf lol), and Preston's carebear fursona are just taking me back lmao

Double lmao at the guy who blatantly ripped off That Which Can Eternal Die from Hyper 6 (final special level, using This Eye O' Mine's localization which more accurately references Etrian Odyssey 3).


Did you bring back the cunny, because else I'm not interested.

Hi /v/.

2020 has been such a great year, especially for smw rom hacks!
I have played already a bit (arround 10 exits), hack is very solid and fun until now. Too bad it won't be accepted here in the site in its current state.

Didn't finish the first one because some dumbass spoiled it to me but I'll try to finish this one because as far as I can see, it's a huge improvement from the first one.
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
I don't play hacks much nowadays, but this one definitely deserves a go. I can tell how much love and care has been put into it just from the screens, and the box art is so wonderful. It somehow gives me Brutal Mario x VIP vibes (in the good way).

It'd be so bad if it wouldn't be accepted without a proper discussion. It takes nothing to code a warning gate for more explicit hacks imo (some older explicit hacks actually have that, so).
>xatu castle
>sumo bros are bane
>chargin chucks are chads

Jokes aside, you have my immediate attention. Also who drew that boxart? They did an absolutely amazing job (I feel terrible knowing I recognize most of those replacements).

I get that some people will be turned off by the fact it's by, well, 4chan, but like Pokemon Clover (which is another rom hack and arguably one of the best ones for Pokemon despite the humor being... well, not everyone's cup of tea), I'm willing to look past that if the game itself is fun. I might give it a try soon, no promises though.

also hi /v/


PFP by Empathic-Nooks on Deviantart. Check em out!
Hey check it out I made a level that got 104th place (wow he sucks!).
Alright i finished the hack yesterday and forgot to put my final thoughts (Not that anyone would care but whatever) The hack was a good sequel to the first one, it was susprisingly challenging from World 4 onwards and i must also say i love the references to the first boss of /v/orld 1
like the hammer abilitie in the fight against /v/ tan and the disco shell ride in Blue balls palace
i also just discovered that
the final world map and the fight against /v/ tan is also another reference to older comics of 4chan
and im impressed by it.

Overall this hack was fun and frustrating,
Specially the haimari level, whoever made that one i probably hate you,
but i still had fun playing the hack, ideas in some of the levels were neat, the music choice was good. Yet again good work to the people involved in this sequel
I haven't seen this hack before but that art piece is fucking great

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
so much raw passion went into this hack. most of the levels are really memorable and fun. the humor is not for everyone, lol, but other than that, it's pretty solid and an improvement over the first one.
I was so excited for this hack I played it for 23 hours straight and then immediately went into a 20 hour coma after. 10/10
Oh yeah I finished the hack and I want to post my opinion on it (slightly biased).
I really liked it.

Like the previous one, it's a hack made by some random people on a videogame board on a particular website. Being that website, the hack does have a particular "chan" humor, but nothing too offensive. Still that humor is not for everyone, but for me it hit the right spot.

What I like with collabs like them is how varied it is. Because contributors were anonymous users, you don't know who participated. You can have someone's first level next to a crazy ASM filled level by an experimented romhacker.

Overall the levels were very creative, many levels had really good gimmicks I've never seen before. There's ASM-heavy levels with great design like
Lethal Locksmithing
Moot Party /v/eekends
which were amazing, but even the beginners level were very charming like
Princess Spring
I didn't liked all levels, some seemed bad even for me like
Baser beach and Kino Rivers
, while some where way too hard and almost unfun to play like
Ode to Haimari
. But overall levels were fun to play.

So if you can tolerate the 4chan memes, it's worth playing. A nice breath of fresh air in the SMW romhacks.
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