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Mad Scientist - ASM Contest [Final Results]
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - Mad Scientist - ASM Contest [Final Results]
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1. Custom - Very appropriate name. While I can't really wrap my head around the technical side, at least from the demonstration it's clear you can do a lot of things with this Boom-Boom sprite. It's a nice to make it a recurring boss in a hack without it becoming boring.

2. Overused - Nice Thwomp boss. It gets a little frantic at the end, but it never got too overwhelming, at least for me. It's also not really customizable, from what I can tell, but it is pretty complex so that probably isn't viable. Either way, it's a pretty fun custom boss.

3. Ditto - It's a great demonstration, but I feel like this isn't exactly what the round was intended for. My main issue is that it goes on for way too long; while the Mario reveal was funny, it just got too overwhelming towards the end, especially because the Mario fireballs have awful hitboxes (or maybe the Reznor player sprite has a bad hitbox, but it wasn't as apparent until then). Regardless, it is a really cool entry and definitely a show-stealer.

It was a little harder to make comments this time, but I definitely feel like this is the correct order.
lol very few entries, i would like finish my entry but i didnt have any time, my idea was a mouser that throws a lot of grenades, molotovs, mines and missiles from metal slug with a lot of explosion (Mouser bay), i was not very sure about my entry because is just an edit of projectiles and for me that is a very boring edit, well i think i will finish my entry anyway but instead of do mouser, i will do a good allen o'neil.

About my vote i think the 3 entries are eeeh okay, in terms of creativity i think that Ditto is by far the most creative because throwmp and boom boom are just projectiles spawners.

Ditto: It is the most creative of the entries, i really like the idea of change reznor by other thing like a ditto, now i think that it needs to improve, it feels a bit incomplete, also the readme doesn't have a lot of information. I would like more customizable options and flexibility, now probably this entry has all the defines of the original boss then still very customizable. Also maybe you should fill the others platforms of reznor with others things.

Overused: It is just a thromp that spawn a lot of shit, now i like the movement that you used and you tried to give him a new behaviour and not just add projectiles. I dont know if it has more customizable options, would be very nice have more flexibility.

Custom: Tbh is just a boom boom with customizable options and projectiles, this entry lacks of creativity a lot. Now it is the only that has more customizable options and that is very nice but still feels like a very boring entry without any fresh. I would like to see new attacks or behaviours and not just spawn projectiles.

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Really difficult ranking these three, but I'd my favorite was Custom, due to its (well) customizability.

Btw., the idea I had was for a new Reznor variation called a "Mecha Reznor", but my idea just didn't get concrete enough to warrant participating, plus less than two weeks is just way too little time for me. I would need like at least a month of time or so before participating would really make any sense for me. That's the minimum amount of time I would need to implement something in the first place, and even then that would barely leave any time for experimentation and iteration.

Honestly, I would love to see another ASM contest in the future with fewer, but longer rounds (maybe even just a single round with a run-time of a month). One or two weeks just don't leave enough room to do more than quick, shoddy gimmicks, and I just don't feel motivated to participate if there isn't at least a decent chance I can submit something I'm satisfied with. Plus, both contests so far have shown that the number of participants tends to decline with every single round, so I don't think sticking to this multiple rounds format makes much sense going forward. I think the contest would be more interesting if there was room for fewer, but more high-quality submissions. Kinda like the bigger contests on the site.

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Custom far and away for me.
1. Custom - The amount of sheer battle strategies it has makes for some really interesting encounters. Had to vote this one the highest for the sheer possible scenarios that don't just involve different arenas.
2. Ditto - A cute, in-depth edit of the Reznor boss. Really interesting, and looks fun, but isn't as customizable as a publically available boss should be, I feel.
3. Overused - Has interesting movement, but it's a more drawn out Thwomp battle at the end of the day.


Custom - it does a lot
Ditto - it does fancy things
Overused - it does the job
Custom - Nice work.
Overused - Perfect!
Ditto - worse


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I will wright my opinions later so for now i will just rank them

1. Ditto

2. Overused

3. Custom

I like the customization stuff added to boom boom but to be honest this should be called overused as this boom was literally turned into a secondary noob boss as opposed to the sprite just puking out projectiles left and right i would of liked some stuff like customizable speed and probably more other than constant jumping and projectile spam i do like the attack where boom boom flies up and goes down chasing you but other than that its a half decent half bad entry i guess?


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Ditto - What a blast. This was really fresh and exciting. I think the addition of HP was a good way to balance it because as a Reznor with that chunky hitbox and with the fast movement of the platform, it can be difficult to dodge some of the incoming fireballs. The aiming mechanic is neat, reminiscent of the egg targeting system. Definitely a memorable entry but very "Bizarro Mario", so context is tough to find. Being Reznor, or Kamek messing with you being the basis of the game, would be a perfect background for this.

Overused: This Thwomp boss definitely seems more alive. I like how he spins and sails across the screen and throws different enemies at you that are only going to hurt you and not him. Consistently, the damaging one comes at the end before he tries his direct assault, and I like that. He definitely feels more like the "castle guardian" you expect.

Custom: While I do like that Boom Boom has a few new tricks up his sleeve, there is a lot of sameness between some of the variants. It has potential to be an incredible self-contained recurring miniboss just based that extra bit setting alone with all he can do, but to extend that usability and freshness might require separating some of his attacks a little more. He runs, he jumps, he flies, always gets faster; he doesn't throw, or he throws bombs, or he spits fire like a Volcano Lotus: there are a lot of things here that can be assigned to each Boom Boom with less overlap between each setting (but gotta have that "always faster after being hit" feature.)

None of these entries were bad!

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custom - while this isn't the most creative of the three, it's by far the most playable and satisfying to fight. it elaborates on how simplistic boom boom is with a few more patterns.
overused - this is kinda super jank but i don't feel it's as painstaking to deal with than ditto is.
ditto - the most creative, but by far the least playable. the fun factor wasn't really there, it's super overly long and drawn out, and while it may be flashy it ultimately isn't very satisfying or interesting.

quick thoughts without trying to be overly detailed and spending time trying various things w the sprites, but im taking into account 'useful for smwc resource section' as stated by mfg initially

custom - provides options on how to modulate a simple boom boom fight; im sure tweaking the level arena could increase alot of flexibilty for anyone whod want to use it
overused - seems less custom but can probably work interesting with some different arenas and has some interesting patterns tho suffers from the classic 'wait until you can attack' schtick alot of bosses do
ditto - def the least useful for an smwc resource section and seems difficult to play for alot of ppl, but definitely has the most unique ideas. it seems best as the kinda thing for a one off use in a personal hack with some tweaking and maybe a level to build up some of its mechanics.

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Custom has many varieties and ideas for the mix!
Overused is a huge improvement on the boss itself!
Ditto, while the idea is actually good and unique, it's badly executed with unfair unpredictable projectiles, making it artificially hard and unenjoyable.


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the way i saw the bosses in order of creativity but some fixes they could use to be better than they are now would be:

Custom: i saw this as a much better and more interesting boom boom fight and boss in general compared to most of SMWC bosses, even though it was simplistic overall it having more movements and customizable features made it a really good boss. the only things I could say it could use to be better would be more customizable or activatable attacks

(for example, it could have some sort of custom in spike shell animation which behaves similar to disco shells but larger obviously spiky or moves where it goes on walls or causes some sort of environmental effects.) these would all allow the boss to be much more than just a simple Boom Boom with a couple of weapons.

Ditto: the first part of the fight before it becomes mario wasnt that interesting to me personally, but the actual Mario as a boss idea was cool and has an extreme amount of promise overall if it were worked on more, many of the complaints about it being overly difficult due to saws and too much other stuff to avoid are valid but while it did fit with the theme of the contest it may have been better if the boss wasnt based on a reznor type boss fight to begin with as that adds a lot of excess time needed to kill the boss and is somewhat restrictive.

A few things this boss could do although difficult to code could be general player abilities similar to super mario galaxy clones or doopliss from Paper mario TTYD such as (catching/throwing shells/blocks/or bombs, shooting mario/luigi fireballs, trying to jump/spinjump on the player, using a cape to fly/reflect projectiles or general cape attacks, and it could also take damage and try to get powerups similar to the player)

Overused: the name is still very accurate, that is one of the most overused bosses on SMWC. this one was the least interesting of the three for me, and the hardest to look directly at but it was more interesting than the usual version of the boss, i dont have much to say about this one in general except it was well done but just personally not one id actively seek out.

as for things it could do, i dont have any real ideas as its just a thwomp, if it had other twomp family forms (thwimp, grrrol, whomp, tromp, etc.) it could do a lot more and be used more but overal its still just a twomp, and in this versions case its crazed and on all the drugs possible which is a funny thought.

We still need several of the bosses to be revamped as some such as the smb1 bowser, the koopalings, and even the noob sprite along with many others as they are not amazingly interesting (and the SMB1 bowser has a lot of issues apparently)
1. Custom: You actually made Boom Boom interesting?! Absurd.
2. Ditto: I LOVE the concept here. That said, I would enjoy this a lot more if the playable was a bit faster and could shoot fireballs while in the air.
3. Overused: I thought this one was okay until the last phase. The Bob-Ombs crowd the arena a bit too much, and it's pretty easy to accidentally kill the shell with them there.

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Voting mainly in which I tought looked cooler.

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This time I'll focus more in creativity and potential, rather than gameplay, so here we go.

1) Ditto: A very neat ideia. My favorite of the three bosses. With that said, it needs more improvements about how the Reznor shoots fireballs and stuff like that.

2)Custom: Nice idea, but the execution feels a bit lacking. I love when people make customizable bosses, but Boom-Boom could have way more options. Seemed to simple.

3) Overused: Nice idea, tho, but lacks any sense of danger, since most of the time, the player is waiting for something to happen. The Thwomp needs to be more aggressive or faster to make the player be careful, other than that, it's solid.


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After thinking about this for a long time I've decided to say "screw the rules, I like ASM". What I mean by this is that the stated goal of this round is to increase the customizibility of the boss, and by that metric Custom wins by a landslide so huge that you can't even see the other two entries behind it. Still, this contest is kinda like playing Smash with items and I feel like it's most fun if everyone just does whatever the fuck they want. SO! I'm just gonna be voting based on what I like the most. #smrpg{:D}

1. Custom
I honestly thought I would rate this one lower but it's just that good. The way it flashes in different colors to signal different attacks is great. I like how detailed the readme is, it's like a "come at me" call, telling people to mess around with your sprite like that. I'm all about it honestly. I think all forms of the boss feel a little samey because you can always beat it by just jumping on Boom Boom right after his spike attack. This is the worst thing about this boss and I wish you had done something to fix it. Still, you don't have to feel bad because you were better than the others #smrpg{<3}

2. Ditto
This probably has beefier ASM work than Custom, but there's no easy way to tell with this format. I was going to rate this as number one, until I played it myself. Reznor feels terrible to control for one and ONLY ONE reason: you can't attack in midair. Because of this, the best strategy is to just stand still and press R. I'm pretty sure you knew this because you set the player HP way high. If it wasn't for this flaw I would have rated this as number 1. It's really cool and creative, and I was actually surprised at Mario being the last Reznor. It's a fantastic throwback to Donkey Kong Jr. with evil Mario throwing shit at an angry animal. I love it. This one is super cool, and despite saying "fuck it" to the customizibility goal of this round I think it did really well. Lots of respect.

3. Overused
I hate it when bosses give you the only thing you can use to defeat them, for absolutely no reason. I don't care that the original version did that too, it still sucks. Most of the time you're just waiting for the boss to give you a weapon. With that out of the way, I think you did a... pretty good(?) job with this one. The spin animation is super weird. The moveset is way better than the original and much less frustrating but it also makes no sense. Why is a Thwomp spitting koopas and koopa shells? The sparkies feel less out of place to me, and I think they're the best addition. The boss moving around more in your space with his bash attack is a good idea but it's so inaccurate that you usually don't even have to move. There's a lot of room for tweaking this boss further and while I do think you did pretty well the others were just better this time.

Thoughts on the contest
This contest was super fun, even though I only had time to participate in one round. I'm gonna compile a little wish list for the next ASM contest.

1. Get judges (I glagly volunteer, btw!). This is the single most important one if you want it to be an actual contest. If you just want it to be a fun event, you can ignore this one. The way I see it, putting public voting on a contest like this is a lot like turning on items in Smash. It's a lot of fun, but you also shouldn't expect it to be super fair. This pissed off some participants, I think. I propose going 50/50 between judges and public votes, because getting to vote is really fun and draws people to care about the event. Judges should be allowed to inspect the code to judge it on a technical level, whereas the public should remain a chaotic element.

2. Push the deadlines back a little bit for each round. 7-10 days might seem like it's pretty long, but for many people on here that equates to a single weekend. If you're busy that weekend, you're not participating and that's that. Please increase the time to at least 14 days to make sure that two weekends are included. This might increase the overall power level of the entries, and it will definitely make people with a lot on their plate more willing to compete.

3. I think anonymity should stay. It's an ASM contest, not a popularity contest, so I think this is a good rule.

4. Make the scoring system public. I've been trying to figure out exactly how MFG calculates the scores and I don't really have any idea. I have a model that is mostly accurate but still a little off. I don't think there's any cheating going on, but something like this can make people suspect that there's a lack of integrity. I suggest being 100% transparent over how entries will be scored ahead of time.

5. Themes! I'll start by saying that I like the use of themes. For an ASM contest like this, the two main ways to formulate the rounds is adherence to a theme and completion of a task. A task would be something like "make a block" or "code a sprite". It's narrow and requires a special kind of creativity. A theme is much more vague and loosely defined and it's very subjective as to what falls under a given theme. I think it could be a good idea to mix these up a bit and have some rounds with themes and some with tasks. As for the themes themselves, rounds 1 and 3 were very good. Round 2's theme was terrible. It was too much like a task but was still treated as a theme.

6. This brings us to this point. Have a group running the contest instead of just one person. It's difficult for one guy to keep track of everything. We saw this in two rounds with entries being excluded from the initial voting, which isn't fair. I also think having a group run the contest could help bounce ideas off each other to come up with more interesting themes. I think MFG did a great job, but I can't help but imagine how much better it could have been if he had someone helping out, you know?

I think that's about it. This event was great and I hope we can have more like it! #smrpg{<3}

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also i recommend prizes per round, tbh do an entry of asm to win first place on the round takes some effort and also is hard that all people participate in every round, the winner of one round should recieve a prize.

I am agree with all points of von.

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