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*NEW* Tutorials Forum Revamp!

It's time once more for our Tutorials forum to get the spotlight!

We need your help once more. We've got a handle on what needs updating, and we're moving onto updating and creating new tutorials!

So, what we need from you this time is...

- If you have interest in making or updating a tutorial, send a PM to Ninja Boy with an example of your work, and you may find yourself part of the Tutorial Helpers team.
- If you just want to help review WIP tutorials, there's a tag system which will prompt which threads need feedback.

Tutorial Helpers team?
That's right! There's a new team which will be able to make threads within the New Tutorials Forum.

*NEW* Tutorials Forum.
Yes, there's a new forum specifically for working on WIP tutorials. This new forum however will be locked for thread creation to Staff and Tutorial Helpers so we can try and keep as little clutter as possible.
This forum will be open for anyone to reply and to give feedback just make sure to read and follow the rules
"New tutorials" doesn't sound like it's exclusive to revamps of outdated tutorials. Is this a forum intended for any tutorials we deem important?

For that matter, what will these tutorials be compared to whatever other tutorials exist in the tutorials forum? I mean, is there a separate forum for "SMWC-endorsed tutorials" and the rest, or what? Just trying to get a feel for what you're going for here.

I'd love to help out; really happy with how you've set this up!
Once completed any tutorials in the New forum will be moved out into the regular Tutorials forum as this NEW area is for WIP tutorials being made/worked on. It's also not exclusive to outdated tutorials since it's for missing tutorials as well, which if you know of any more not listed that would be good to have let me know. Once we are done reworking what's outdated and missing this forum may be repurposed into a general use WIP tutorial forum but that is still undecided at the moment.

People are still able to make new tutorials within the regular tutorials forum following it's rules so this newly created area is really for just getting feedback and have an open working environment.
id sign up for this since theres a few tutorials id want to do but idk if im good enough to make a tuto to even get in the team sad #smrpg{ohno}
This is my non existent layout I plan on adding one soon.. or never

I have a discord server, feel free to join if you want