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How has COVID affected you?
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Personally at first I thought it would be good for me. As a sufferer of mental illness I figured the lockdowns and time away from people would have a therapeutic effect and would help me learn more about myself and what I need to work on. However as time wore on I found that it was actually the social interaction that I was craving all along. As days turned into weeks and months of isolation my depression just got worse, and the barrage of bad news stories didn't make it any better. I used to be able to, at least rarely, be able to visit friends in public places but now there is this paranoia with people about masks and the virus itself dampening the mood. Here in the States we're in a bit of a limbo and it is hard to tell when things will return to any semblance of normalcy.

How has the pandemic affected your life?

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I do find myself touching base with my mother daily and my work schedule had not changed. I have to wear a face shield daily because I have an antihistamine tolerance and bad seasonal allergies, but don't have to fly anywhere so that's not bad. Mental healthcare was easier since it wasn't in person.

What is more stressful is the fact people are driving like madmen on the highway and dealing with road ragers in the morning commute home, and the fact that one of our family member's death certificates was falsified as a COVID death when the real cause was that she refused to eat due to dementia and it gets censored every time we try to share that information. My phone has a problem too where I get missed calls that don't ring or get logged and coordinating in-person health care for pain management is very hard.

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On one hand I do feel good for being in isolation, as that gave me more time at home to get good at some other skills I'm aspiring for. On the other hand, I'm really starting to crave social interaction as well, though it took me a lot of months to really notice that developing. To ease off of the anxiety caused from that, hugging my pillow helps.
After months being away from school, I've learned a couple things about myself:
-I've been doing stuff for others, not myself
-Depression hits you like a fist
-Predicting the future is like growing wings: impossible
-Life sucks, but you gotta make the most of what you have
Participating in online communities like this one and Twitter has helped to keep myself in check. If it weren't for them, I'd have gone insane.
-At first I enjoyed it, now it only reduces my inspiration of doing things every day
-I ended up isolated for a long time because of my introverted personality combining with a terrible internet
-Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today, because you never know when something like this can happen.

I remember that when the quarantine began the semester of my university had finished, and I remember that my last outing before it started was with some friends to play pool.

At first I half-enjoyed it as if it were a "longer vacation" (hoping it would end soon, which was obviously a definite NO) and for the next several months all I have done is play on my PC and watch TV. While I was able to get it all out of it in a game event (that being studying would have been much more difficult), my inspiration to create things has waned over time and I find difficult to draw, program and even advance my hackrom because of it.

In terms of communications and social interaction, my introverted personality didn't help much. Apparently it is easier for me to speak in person than on the internet, so I have spent months before speaking (occasionally). And speaking of internet, since the quarantine began, my internet has been getting worse, although the reason is quite obvious. Sometimes I have spent weeks with a terrible, almost non-existent quality and it don't allow me do anything.

But thanks to that I learned a lesson and it is never leave for tomorrow what you can do today, i have put off too many things before quarantine and now I can't do any because of it.


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Note: My computer is now broken, I'm now using another. I'll probably be less active until it is fixed.
I'm mostly fine with it. I honestly don't have many problems in regards to mental health. I don't really like to socialize much, and when I do so, I usually do it via the internet, anyways.

That being said, my physical health is suffering quite a bit, simply from a lack of forced exercise, and also because my equipment here is bad and because I can't go swimming right now. Aside from that, the only way it's affecting me is that I'm not going outside much and not visiting any restaurants or ordering any food, which I do miss, but I wouldn't say it's breaking me or anything.

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I'm in a similar boat - I don't travel or go out a lot, so my routine has actually changed very little. This summer I went two weeks basically not leaving my flat, so it looks like I can handle that much, and I'm currently on an extended visit at my parents', so I have that company at least. Although more social activity would do me good, I think I'm taking this well enough, and I have just enough sanity left to last until this whole thing is over.

What's worrying me right now is the number of COVID cases skyrocketing in Germany. The numbers are higher than they were back in March, but we're not getting a lockdown like we did then. My parents own a restaurant, and these days the thought of letting dozens of people a day into a small space in what's basically our house is making us all somewhat uncomfortable. They could decide to close for now, but it'd be much easier if the government decided for them.

tl;dr: eh


I too don't go out a lot even though I like to. Then again, my city's been switching between flags constantly (I think it's in orange right now?) and people are gradually seizing the opportunity to hang out, so I honestly just want to give myself the free pass and do the same just so I don't go crazy with all the tension that's going on here.

The sad news is that my city (and well, Brazil in general) has had quite a lot of cases and, not surprisingly, many deaths. Our workshop, for instance, is still working normally, but I have to call out my family for literally not wearing a mask to attend customers while I'm the only one that adopts that. And we're definitely not getting a proper lockdown. It's hard to predict when things are returning back to normal.

As far as physical and mental activity goes, I'm really dull and I need to work on that.
School-wise, it's terrible. I am sick of online classes; they just don't work. I worry more about not handing over my homework in time more than anything, making me not really learn anything at all, which worries the hell out of me.

Health-wise, believe it or not, it doesn't worry me THAT much anymore. A few months ago I was going crazy because I stopped working out and stopped training towards my black belt, but considering that I had a broken knee for 1½ years (almost 2) it gave me some time to recover.

For those who wonder about my knee:

I had a sparring match back in 2018, back then I was a brown belt and I was up against a red-black belt (my current rank). The guy held onto my leg (depending on your martial art, in my case that's illegal) and he wasn't letting go. By the time my leg was released, I lost my balance and fell over my left knee while it was bent. It hurt like absolute HELL. Turns out I had torn my left ACL and meniscus. Had surgery in Nov. 2019 and I have now fully recovered. See them here:

Minor blood warning @second pic

hello it's me

I haven't trained TKD since March, but I can now go to my local gym here. Considering that I'm diabetic, I'm paranoid over CoVID, so I wear a plastic face visor, my mask and gloves.

So, in other words, I'm strangely doing alright.
Things I still do:
-Work (since I'm an essential worker)

Things I miss:
-Movie theaters
-Going to amusement parks. Yes, the ones I live near did eventually open back up but I didn't go to them at all (even when there was one opening a new 300 foot tall roller coaster), not because I'm worried about catching COVID but more because it doesn't seem worth it when I have to wear a sweaty mask all day in blistering heat (even on rides) as well as follow strict protocols that would probably make it not fun.

Things I like that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to do:
-Drive-in movies
-The zoo's creative signs about what is 6 ft, comparing it to the lengths of animals

My pandemic fatigue is such that I would rather suffer multiple 2nd degree burns while having my YouTube channel false copyright struck than for any politician that I've voted against to catch COVID.
Also, I'd probably be okay with physical hugs, handshakes, and high-fives as long as it's brief in duration, we're both wearing masks, and neither of us touches our face right afterward.

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How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
Not much. Perhaps I am too young to be truly affected, but all that has really happened to me is online classes. Virtual learning wasn't an issue for me and I enjoyed the more free-form schedule. As for activities, I didn't lose much. I usually don't like going places with the exception of outdoors for hiking. I was able to talk to people via email and other methods in an effort to stay healthy (socially). In summation, I think I am too young to be legitimately affected. I don't have to worry about money and other stressful adult stuff exacerbated by the pandemic, at least for now.
some of you probably already know this from my sparodic posts but i'm not really mentally well, haven't been for years, mostly because i isolated myself and withdrew into the internet during my teen years. that combined with the fact that my one friend's life got SUPER busy around the same time meant that i went into a downward spiral super quickly.

when covid hit, i was finally starting to go somewhere, particularly in pursuing a job (when someone is 19 and only then getting his first job, that's kinda sad), so i was obviously pretty infuriated by that getting cut off. looking back, i probably should have ignored my mom and gotten a retail job anyway for the experience + potentially building an immunity early + having a freaking job. but i digress.

between basically being stamped back down into feeling worthless and returning to isolation, those first few months blew hard, even with my larger friend group being available on discord.

later, my aunt decided to start a small business and needed help with some grunt work to get off the ground. i was tired of feeling worthless and decided to jump on it. it's just repetitive data entry and i'm not very motivated, but it's at least something to make me feel better about myself.

around this time things were starting to get back to normal; church was in session and my friends and i were meeting in person for a small book study. things were going great, but then some dingus mckringleberry no-one really knew well at all decided to attend church while he was waiting on a covid test and what do you know, the same day everyone starting coming down with symptoms consistent with covid-19, the test comes back positive. current estimate is that a little over 50 people were infected over the course of a single weekend.

it's been 2 weeks since then. most of the teenagers and young adults are totally healthy now but all the middle-aged and elderly infectees are still down with some unpleasant-at-best side effects. thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any cases that became life-threatening. that said, who enters a crowded building when you might have a highly contagious virus, especially when said building has a number of the elderly

and of course, for me personally, i haven't seen my friends in 2 weeks, and i kinda felt bad about getting lucky with mild symptoms compared to everyone else i knew which is epic

it should all be good in like 2 weeks but WHY

(also i've continued going on daily walks through this whole thing. the only thing that will stop me is bad weather, it's one of the few things that keep me from imploding)
Man, that really sucks. At least most of you made it through relatively unscathed.

Also there isn't really anything sad about getting your first job at 19. I got my first job at 22, my girlfriend got her first at 26. There's no good reasons to feel pressured and rush things in this regard. Getting a job you like is more important than getting a job quickly.

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Originally posted by MercuryPenny

This entire post speaks to me personally. I feel you.

Colorado has so far remained relatively COVID free, but more recently it has become more of a hot spot. I fear for my own regular recreational activities that I use to keep my own sanity.

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As far as job- and physical health-wise, I suppose I'm doing okay. My job allows me to work remotely, which we did during the first few months, and we've gradually returned to our workplace without trouble. My family and workplace haven't been hit particularly hard (a couple scares here and there, but no positive tests that I know of). But mentally, I could definitely be better.

I feel really tired of living in fear of infection or unknowingly infecting others. I feel tired of wondering if this whole COVID situation will start to improve or only get worse. I feel tired of worrying about masks--both wearing my own and being wary of anyone around me not wearing their masks. I feel tired of wondering if the restaurants or other places I frequent will survive this. I feel tired of wondering if I will ever be able to attend a convention ever again or if conventions will die out entirely because of COVID. I feel tired of Florida being...well, Florida, through all this.

Expanding on the worrying about conventions thing: I have been trying to get myself to be more social when I'm at conventions. During my last one--AGDQ 2020--I feel like I did not do a good job of this, even though I met several new faces. My plan was to honestly commit to putting myself out there more next convention. Now, I have no clue when or if another convention will come around, and boy does it make me frustrated at myself.

And I realize a good chunk of this may come across as sounding selfish. Honestly, it probably is. And I know for sure I don't have it near as bad as others do. But I figure getting it out there and talking about it might do something, even as inactive as I am on here nowadays. I'm sure I'll make it through, but I sure won't be enjoying it until things have improved significantly.

(Also good lord this is the longest post I've written in a while, my apologies if this got too long or ramble-y.)
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Quarantine has helped me find my favourite past time, relating to SMW, that being porting. I was able to get better and better at porting, before, I was scared of doing songs with advanced percussion, but now I'm porting easy to moderately difficult songs, and sometimes even very hard songs (unsampled Rockface Rumble).
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COVID-19 itself hasn't been much of an issue for me honestly. Someone in my family got a very bad case (and for some reason I wasn't told, but eavesdropping exists for a reason and I do it too much) however they recovered.

As for lockdown, oh man, it helped my mental health so much I really can't state every way. I only missed seeing my friends at school, apart from that I didn't really mind online school (well except for my mum reminding me to do my homework 24/7)

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It's dead cuz I lost my motivation to self-deprecation. It would've been a better idea to learn good level design first, oh well could've been smth decently okay.
it made my highschool graduation suck

hasn't affected me otherwise

Hacks I'm working on:

your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts
Coronavirus set into motion a really difficult transition period in my life. Once my college switched to online classes it only took me a week to realize I couldn't take traditional school anymore, so I dropped out and moved back to my hometown which just so happens to be Portland Oregon. Adjusting to living on your own in the middle of a pandemic has been really challenging, especially when your city becomes an epicenter for political turmoil. The isolation has forced me to do a lot of self reflection and its made me come to grips with a lot of my past mistakes, but its helped me grow and become a better person. As someone who grew up very privileged and taken care of I feared the transition into adulthood would be challenging, and while corona has made it 3x harder to adjust, it's grounded me in reality and I have a much better grasp on how to handle and take care of myself.
Well, since I'm currently on a bit of a weird part of my life atm where I finished school but am still trying to find a job and otherwise have nothing else to do, honestly it hasn't affected me too much; obviously the biggest downside to this is that I had to hold onto finding a job until things died down along with dealing with my dad and sister 24/7 for pretty much the whole thing, but otherwise it's been nothing more than a mild annoyance, and neither me or anyone else have gotten the virus over here, which I'm thankful for that

but yeah, it's still been real dull for me, and even if things have "normalized" now I really just want to go back to living without fear honestly; I'm used to living a dull life, but man, this is just ridiculous :V
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