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TMNT Tournament Fighters (Genesis) - Ice Planet by Rykon-V73

File Name: TMNT Tournament Fighters (Genesis) - Ice Planet
Submitted: by Rystival-V92
Authors: Rystival-V92
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Background, Foreground
Description: Hey. How about a tileset of Ice Planet from TMNT Tournament Fighters? While the game is bad, it sure has good GFX.

The bonus thing is that the FG uses the empty colors of palette 4. Have fun!

To be used in icy boss battles.

I'll have to reject this rip because of some serious issues.

First thing, the background has some serious color loss issue. Usually, it's fine to sacrifice some colors to fit to SMW, but in this case, seems like the solid color, from the ship in the background, got replaced by transparency?

My second issue is optimization. I took a look at the 8x8, and well, I saw that you're using a small space from FG2. Then the rest of the slots has some unused cutoffs tiles that take a good chunk of space, making this graphic waste space without a good reason.

Fix these issues with the background and I shall approve it. Please be more careful in your next rips.