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What are some games you like but you can't actually play?
Forum Index - Donut Plains - Gaming - What are some games you like but you can't actually play?
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"Games that you x but y" type of threads seems to be popular, so I'm gonna make one too.

Enjoying a game doesn't mean that you are really good at it, I'm sure there are many games that you like, but you can't really get too far at or whatever.

For me, a lot of kaizo hacks and the like, I can play hard hacks just fine, most of my favorite hacks are pretty hard (if not all of them). When I was younger a good amount of them had to be played with savestates for me to make progress, nowadays I don't think that happens, unless it's one of those really old hacks that have little to no checkpoints. There are an amount of kaizo hacks I think are really cool and creative, but feel more interesting for me to watch and be amazed than actually play because I can't get really far at them, often due to just being unable to perform certain tasks (although I have been getting better with age).

It's a weird phenomenon, but it doesn't happen only with hacks.

There's an old game called Summer Carnival '92, and it's a game I really love, it's amazing, it plays great and looks super impressive for its system, but it's so hard and fast that I can't really get much far into it.

I can't think of a better game to use as an example, because I really can't ever get past the second or third stage in this game, I swear.

Right now, I'm only including games I can't make decent progress no matter what, not just games that I can't beat.
How about you? Are there any games like this for you?

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I kept trying to play the Super Nintendo fan translation of Trials of Mana during my college years, I REALLY wanted to play that game, but I just couldn't get myself to play it, for some reason. I kept constantly starting new games after only a few hours of play time.

However, I just bought the Nintendo Switch remake yesterday, so I'll have to see how that goes. I REALLY want to finish Final Fantasy 7 and 12 first before I start playing Trials of Mana, though.

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Actually had a similar idea for a thread once, called "What are games you want to like, but can't". Never got around to make that thread, but this one is conceptually quite similar, so I can list some of my games here.

For me, the first one would probably be classic Dragon Quest games (and all RPGs that use the same kind of battle system). I want to like them. In theory, I do like them. But I absolutely couldn't play them, even if my life depended on it. I just can't deal with the battle system, it only frustrates me and makes me feel helpless. I completed Dragon Quest VIII, because as I said, I DO like Dragon Quest theoretically, and while there were a lot of things I loved about the game, I really had to suffer through the gameplay to see the end. The gameplay felt so frustrating to me that I don't ever want to play the game again, despite really liking almost everything else about it. Dragon Quest XI was the first main-line game to add a few small (but significant) changes to the battle system, and as a result, this was the first Dragon Quest game that I was able to enjoy even from a gameplay perspective.

The Bayonetta series is a similar deal to Dragon Quest, though to a lesser degree. These games I CAN play and even enjoy for their gameplay, it's just that they're extremely difficult for me, meaning I constantly get my ass kicked. Even on the lower difficulties, I'm just struggling. I think my main problem is that I absolutely can't read the animations of enemies, thus I never manage to time my dodges correctly and thus just feel utterly helpless. I guess the animations are similar to Dark Souls games, where all of them are visually distinct from one another, yet the difference can be subtle, so you have to pay close attention. However, in Dark Souls, you also have your shield besides your dodge rolls, which allows for taking combat more slowly and actually take the time to learn an enemy's animations and attacks, not to mention that many enemies themselves are rather slow. In Bayonetta, you only have your dodge, and most enemies are really fast. Anyways, as a result of this, I only managed to complete the first game and not the second one. Again, I do like those games in theory, I just can't play them.

Now in a more metaphorical sense, I'd also list Fire Emblem here. It's not that the games are too difficult for me to play. It's just that the gameplay never manages to get me hooked and I never feel urged to keep playing, so I always give up after just a couple of battles. It's not even that I hated the gameplay or anything like that. It's just so "nothing" for me, I just don't care about it, and I'm confident that I would even get frustrated by it once the missions got harder, because I'm not really great at strategical games like these. It's a shame, though, because I really like the characters in Fire Emblem, and I always get a bit envious when I see people on my time line fan-gasming about Three Houses while being unable to get into it myself. However, I did buy Fire Emblem Warriors and I enjoyed the hell out if it. It's basically all the character designs from the main series that I like so much, yet with gameplay that I can get more enjoyment out of. The gameplay might even be objectively better than the gameplay from Hyrule Warriors, which was a game I sunk hundreds of hours into.

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i suck absolute ass at shoot em ups that aren't touhou but i absolutely prefer cave shmups to touhou for their faster pace and challenge (not that touhou is bad)

also fighters i adore traditional fighting games but im garbage at inputs because i was never used to playing them outside of a keyboard (though i also play them for the bara eyecandy so i can enjoy them regardless of sucking ass)

i'm also painfully average at puyo and tetris and yet player vs. computer puyo (might try pvp sometime) and tetris the grand master 2 are super good, i've downloaded tetris 99 yesterday thanks to purchasing 12 months of switch online (only having to pay once a year is the better deal for me) along with mario maker 2 and i'm kind of hooked despite barely ever making it past the 60s haha


- The Touhou series would be a good example of that for me, as I really like the action but I can't stand the effect it leaves on your vision after you finish and I usually fall off at about the second to the last level. It requires too much time to "git gud" which is quickly lost if you don't play for a while, and I'd rather watch a video of it or listen to the music. I've had a lot more fun with the Android version of Touhou Puppet Play (have no idea what its name actually is, and it's strictly in Japanese. My whole team was around level 45 before I put it on the backburner waiting for more Touhous to be added. What's cool is you can invest in specific stats per Touhou, and build really tanky girls, strong sweepers, and mixes, and every character is viable. My Patchouli is so tanky.)

- With Mana games, I always lost interest right before the very end even though I liked them for what they were. Heck, I bought Heroes of Mana three years ago and never actually even started it yet -.-;

- I like Pokémon and breeding optimal Pokémon with competitive movesets but never actually play competitive Pokémon online because I don't like playing games with randos and the bar of entry is way too high without injecting critters, in which case you're not getting to experience as much of the adventure and developing side, which had always been more fun for me. I did not buy Sword and Shield because loldexit and won't pay for an expansion to enjoy the monsters I grew up with but eagerly await the next gen; despite that, I still like looking at SwSh info and updates.

- I like Super Smash Bros. Melee from watching competitive Smash and Smash memes but can't get it at all because no Gamecube and the game is rare and expensive. I'd want a console for this kind of game: it's meant to enjoy on the couch with some buddies.

- I like Puyo Puyo but lack the galaxy brain to chain ridiculous combos to bury my opponents and can only do it by pure accident. I somehow lucked my way through Kirby's Avalanche regardless. I'm an eternal casual with this game.

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- Competitive Scene of Smash Bros. in general. Not only because there's people that waste time arguing which Smash Bros game is better, but because, I don't have patience to learn stuff. I don't even have Smash Bros. Ultimate to train properly. My friend is way ahead of me and still believes that I can enter. Even though, I don't want to spend my entire life playing one game. This is a problem for fighting games in general, you need tons of dedication and patience. And I don't have that. Also the bar of entry is way high and the online is very bad, so I don't even a reason to buy the game, if the online can't even work properly. In times like the ones we're in, it's important to have a stable online connection. And most fighting games seems to suffer in this department.

- Pokémon. After I wasted tons of time in the competitive and trying to get better, I distanced myself from Pokémon.

My main issue is not how broken the game is or how unfair some pokemon are compared to another. No. It's the community itself. They allow beasts like Kyurem-Black in Overused (I don't know his placement now. last time was OU), but a mere Ninjask with baton pass is a reason for ban. Even though, Ninjask had the same role for years as support and didn't improve in any notable way. Instead of banning broken creatures, they banned the ninja pokémon. Various decisions made by Smogon I find very stupid and questionable. I left out competitive because it was destroying me.

I was taking it seriously. Then, I have another problem with the franchise. It's called Gamefreak. The way they have treated their games recently is kinda bad. Removing mega-evolutions, instead of giving to pokemon that need more of one. Removing Z-Crystals, who were a fun addition to the series. Removing the elemental gems, who were great items. They have this bad tendency of "hey, let's innovate!". And because they don't give a proper treatment to the adventure, the lore and stuff like that, recent games have a subpar storytelling. Why we can't have a great story like the Pokemon Adventures manga? Even if toned down a bit. That's my main gripe with Pokemon and yet, people would still buy it...It baffles me, but oh well, I don't plan to return to the series so soon.

- Touhou. The characters are very charming, the musics are a blast, but I can't get into the bullet hell gameplay. Also, Touhou memes are very cool too.

- JRPGs in general. I don't have the same patience as before. And the only JRPG I played recently was Rudra no Hihou. The main reason being the mantra system, which let me break the game and makes everything fun for me. Less grinding, more time casting broken spells and having a good time seeing the lore. It has a phenomenal OST, and it's one of the last music works of Ryuji Sasai, before he left the videogame industry. I also like the lore of this game and the mythology in general. While some think that the mantra system being broken is bad, I think the opposite, I had quite a time blasting through my enemies with powerful ridiculous spells. Maybe 10 years ago, I would play more JRPGs, but nowadays, I have no interest. The OST of JRPGs are always a banger, though.


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Originally posted by lion
also fighters

Oh yeah, same here. I really, really like Street Fighter. SFII on the SNES was a game I gree up with, and I played it quite a bit in the days. Also liked SFIV, which gave me a lot of nostalgia for that game. SFV also seems pretty cool. Yet I really can't play either of those games. Not even one tiny bit. The entry barrier is just so high. Like, I can get through arcade mode on lower difficulties with some amount of button mashing and after some training, but that's about it. Will generally get my ass kicked. It also stinks how dependent these games are on a good controllers. Like, most games are at least decently playable even with shitty controllers, but with fighting games, there's just no chance. Perfect proof of this is the 3DS version of SFIV, which is pretty impressive and cool, but it's absolutely to do any combos on it legitimately, you're pretty much forced to use teh touchscreen shortcuts (which just feel like cheating, though). After playing the 3DS version a couple of times, I moved to the PC version and played with a Wii Classic Controller Pro, and it was ridiculous how much of a difference that made.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
- I like Pokémon and breeding optimal Pokémon with competitive movesets but never actually play competitive Pokémon online because I don't like playing games with randos and the bar of entry is way too high without injecting critters

LOL, now that's a mood! Have sunk nearly 200 hours into Sword so far, and a majority of that time was spent just breeding competitive Pokemon (including a few shiny ones), yet I have never played online with them even once. I mean, I plan to do so eventually, at least against a friend, but I will never really play with them competitively. I don't really even like playing competitively. I just find any competitive meta game to be exhausting, since you're always forced to adjust your team/deck/equipment etc. to whatever is currently being popular. I don't like doing that. I prefer to raise one team of Pokemon that I like and that are decent by themselves and then stick to that, even if it has no chance against the current meta. I mean, after spending so much time on raising Pokemon, it would just feel bad to dispose of them again, just becuase they don't stand a chance against the current meta.

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-Downplayed example, but any Left 4 Dead 2 campaign that very clearly looks designed with multiplayer in mind as opposed to single-player with survivor bots (and I prefer single-player). Also I strongly prefer Rochelle, Coach, Nick, and Ellis over Zoey, person 2, person 3, and person 4
-Classic Megaman series-Haven't beaten any of them yet. The robot masters are fast-paced and the Wily stages take the difficulty tropes up to 11. The soundtracks are pretty awesome.
-Pit or most Kaizo hard SMW hacks-Watching them is infinitely more fun than trying to play them, and sometimes the line between Kaizo hard and pit might be blurred
-The Witness-literally had to look at a video walkthru of the Tetromino puzzles and who knows how many other similarly guide-dang-it puzzles are lurking about
-Enigma-I can usually solve only a fraction of the levels, as many of them are pure guide-dang-it or require a godly amount of dexterity. The game is also obscure enough that hints or walkthrus are hard or impossible to find. In fact, I had to link it because Enigma is a fairly generic name and I'm pretty sure this isn't the only game called Enigma.

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Most turn based RPGs fit into this category...especially since I love video game stories, and most of the ones I have in mind being on SNES usually means that they have great music too (Final Fantasy 4 and 6, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound). But I don't like turn based battle. The only ones I've ever gotten into were Paper Mario 1 and 2, and I think a big part of that is both my love for Mario, as well as how simple both games were mechanically while still having some form of timing based combat (action commands) within the gameplay.

I'm also not the biggest fan of the Metroid series, which bothers me because I shelled out the money for Super Metroid on Wii Virtual console. But I prefer platformers that are either linear and stage based, or are based in story moreso than general exploration (Cave Story being a good example). My brain, as well as the completion nut that it is, loves when the main path is straightforward, so that any secrets come from deviating from the main path. But when the whole game is about deviation from a main path since there is no main path, it just doesn't click.

I also never really cared for Super Smash Bros, besides Brawl which I grew up with. Most of my love for Brawl comes from the stuff that isn't the main gameplay - the challenges, Subspace Emissary, and literally anything that isn't the multiplayer fighting each other on stages. It honestly hurts me how much the other games only focus on the things I don't care for, especially when Subspace Emissary was going to get a sequel, only for Nintendo to scrap it because of idiots that tried too hard to leak it. I love games that are compilation games, especially when it comes to music; having everything in one place is beautiful. But I just don't care that much about the fighting proper.
The few multiplayer games that I like I can rarely play because I almost never have any other people around to play them with. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Worms, and any of the Tales games come to mind.

I kind of want to put Octopath Traveler on here, too? I wouldn't say that I can't play it, exactly, but I have gotten stuck a lot in that game. Currently, it's on an indefinite hiatus because I came to a boss in chapter 3 that I couldn't figure out a reasonable way to beat, decided to do sidequests first, and have been having trouble figuring out those even with a guide from GameFAQs that I printed out. Presumably, I will eventually finish the game at some point, but who knows.
super smash bros for wii u, ultimate never really clicked with me and smash 4 was the game i started with so i obv have an attachment to it. but the smash community says old game bad so if any communities exist they're nearly impossible to find, also i'm lazy and have never looked
The King of Fighters '98
I used to be decent at kof14 though the game is significantly easier than 98. also the game got patched a few times since i stopped playing so most of what i know about 14 is likely outdated at this point, and i dont know a lot about the second wave of dlc characters. I stil play 98 a lot and do well against irl friends but online is another story as it usually is with fighting games. I still enjoy 98 a lot despite all this but it does feel like a constant stream of "didnt know this" in tons of matches. my brain is jsut too small for this games advanced mechanics so i do way better with Super Turbo which is way more simple of a game.

There are a few types of games I wish I could play but I can't:
- First-person 3D games. Unless I can mess with the field-of-view settings, I'll get motion sickness in less than an hour and basically have to deal with nausea for the entire rest of the day.

- Horror games. It's not as much as it creeps me out (because they do, but I can manage being creeped out or scared). The real issue is that playing or even watching these times of games make me have a lot of nightmares and in general it just messes with my sleep way too much and I'd rather sleep well at night.

- RPGs. I get bored to death really easily, I need something that keeps my attention to the game at all times like a fast-paced puzzle game for example. But a lot of good RPGs tend to be way too bland too keep my interest in.

Originally posted by Proto Man
The only ones I've ever gotten into were Paper Mario 1 and 2, and I think a big part of that is both my love for Mario, as well as how simple both games were mechanically while still having some form of timing based combat (action commands) within the gameplay.

Same here.

Originally posted by Y.Y.
Summer Carnival '92

Oh hey that game! I always just call it Recca. I usually like to play just about as much as I can before I inevitably get a game over. I think I made it to stage 2 once, that's about it.

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