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A hack of which its name is undecided.


Anyway this is my hack. My first real hack I guess? None of the others really got off the ground. I'm not really following any plan other than use this to learn the basics of each "job class" of SMW Hacking and make more hacks later on. Expect the same amount of jank as say Brutal Mario or JP hacks, early chocolate hacks really.

So far this is all I have. But I'm working on enemies for the stage and music. So far a custom Venus Fire Trap has been finished, graphics AND code, but still needs testing and I'm starting out a port of Feels So Good from Legend of Heroes III. I'll try to add stuff to the hack as I come up with ideas.

I have no intention of pleasing or impressing anyone, especially taking suggestions or ideas unless I ask for them directly. I only want to do this for my own sake, and my own sake only. I have no real direction other than "have fun", YUMP 2 has inspired me in that regard. I'll just make levels and end it when I feel like I have enough.

Current plans:
Make 5-8 worlds with a special world, VIP/JUMP difficulty curve
At least one custom boss per world, probably won't be very good, but I'd like to try and make some
Some fun, if amateur and uncreative ASM
Failed attempts at VIPpish, J-style level design
(all of this is tentative and could change at any time)

Short term goals:
Test Venus
Finish Feels So Good
Start Ptooie
Patch in green stem for Piranha Plant
Make Red Piranha Plants from TLL
Finish Stage 001

The graphics look nice but I can't judge much else because of the lack of screenshots/videos. Is that a rip or did you draw it yourself?
Originally posted by JDC
The graphics look nice but I can't judge much else because of the lack of screenshots/videos. Is that a rip or did you draw it yourself?

Yeah sorry, I'm still at like pre-alpha state. This is mostly a thread to just help keep status on the project. I also have a spreadsheet on my harddrive to aid me. As this is a project of passion like YUMP 2, not aiming to please anyone but myself, I'm not really interested in feedback or suggestions for the most part, I'll post screenshots and occasionally release demos for people to enjoy, but other than that.

FG is by Dr. Tapeworm.
BG is by daytonthegreat and icegoom.

Link to what I've done of stage 1. Watch out for profanity on the level name if you're sensitive to it like SomeGuy numbers from raocow's comments, I named it that way just so I could relax better.

Graphics by Broozer.
The following patches were added:
* BWRAM Plus
* Wall Kick (of which I need to make a mental note to update whenever I insert something with AddK because it uses a lot of INC : STA $1DFA and that fucks up the samples something awful)
* Individual Dragon Coin Save (originally tried merging it and Yoshi Coin Fix before realizing that DCSave also fixed the Yoshi Coin subscreen bug)
* Shell Collectable Coins

I guess you can blame JLDC and Mario Maker + Odyssey and Galaxy for this direction #wario{>:|}

I'll try to start a few stages and work on which I feel like the most in the mood for. Thinking of ripping Hornet Hole next with bsnes-plus and coding Bee Mario (again, been playing Galaxy). I'll try to ask MotorRoach or someone to give me some help with the graphics (mostly feedback and advice, I don't want to force pressure onto people). Maybe StrikeForcer.

In progress boss, started yesterday (went to bed early due to not sleeping at all, needed to let my muscles heal after the day before's workout and get some rest). Possibly for Dionysus Mario? Not sure.

Uploaded to my files instead of imgur because it's sort of malfunctioning due to US election results (thank god Biden is winning even if I'm not the most fond of the guy, he seems too moderate).

This is Rolling Eye from Skyblazer. He and other bosses will serve as a mode 7 practice tool for myself. If not used on the bosses themselves, then probably as a sort of effect. I'll also try to learn DMA for further special effects.

So far it's barely off the ground, ill focus on coding the projectile and controller/hitbox dual purpose sprite (one state will be projectile, the other will help control the mode 7) for now, image uploading will come from the UberASM file to avoid breaching the bank limit on where PIXI injects the data. Man this would be so much easier with disassemblies...

It hasn't been added to the main hack file, same with the Venus because I still need to test whether or not the FreeRAM I use for communicating with UberASM is overwritten by anything and I want to make sure the sprite is fully functional before adding to the main game.

I bring you news from beyond Ultima and 7th Saga (and Tales of Phantasia and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Final Fantasy PSX) hell

Venus Fire Trap is complete and I'm almost done with the Ptooie I started today.

It's very much inspired by the VIP5 one, but all the code is mine. Proper collision and fire spitting is what's left, plus a OG SMB3 variant thru extra bit (or byte if I decide to make more of em).

Great job. It moves in a very funny way, the way it moves back and forth is awesome. Make it throw footballs to the player. Just kidding. Very nice.