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Learning to Fly


Learning to Fly

Creators: DJLocks, NewPointless

Exits: 54

Description: This is a cape tutorial hack. It has 46 tutorial levels, 8 tests, 5 practice rooms, and an extra Luigi-only tutorial. Topics covered are from totally basic to barely RTA viable.

This has an open overworld. Play exactly what you want, learn from straightforward tutorials, and then play cape hacks from your favorite creators.

I've opted for more of a Learn 2 Kaizo style release, rather than Kaizo Kindergarten. We hope people have fun, but it's meant to be more of a teaching tool than a full hack experience. You'll get the most out of this hack if you use the in-game text and clear videos. Consulting outside sources and even emulator tools may be helpful.

Tags: vanilla, music, glitch

Version: 1.1 (See the README for more information)

Clear Videos:



This is a really good hack it taught me some very cool cape tech#smw{:TUP:}
While I didn't get all of the exits in this hack (I think I ended up getting 45 total), I learned a lot of interesting mechanics with the cape I didn't even know were possible. I especially liked the beginner tutorials; they were very useful for those inexperienced with cape maneuvers (such as myself). I appreciate the time that went into making this. Great job!
I didn't get to play this hack yet, but it's interesting to see one that's both centered on cape mechanics and a teaching tool. And I especially mean a training mode for harder hacks like Let's Give Up. Good job!
We've updated this to version 1.1. Here's a list of additions:

+New levels:
Cloud Storage (World 5)
New test to replace Air Catch Cove (World 6)
Yoshi Sticky Fly (Yoshi world)
Yoshi Slow Fly (Yoshi world)
Cape Phases (Practice room)

+New rooms:
Getting a feather with P speed (World 3: Misc. Takeoffs)
Consistent facing when on the back of a net (World 4: Vines and Nets)
Manipulating a sprite with a ground pound (World 5: Triple Taps)
Getting slide state off p switch or note block (World 7: More Item Fly)
Keep flight with forward throw (World 7: Midair Throwing)

+Various changes to levels, messages, and aesthetics

Happy caping!
Learned a ton and feel confident now to try harder cape stuff, thanks for making this, great stuff:)