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What is your favorite game you played

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Originally posted by lion
Originally posted by Ixtab
how does it compare to the over 10? maybe im blasphemous but 10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3>2>1 theyve only gotten better with release

where is mm&b

garbage tier. but i only played the gba version. 'the power fighters' or whatever arcade games were really cool too. mega man is a such a good series ngl. the battle network games were great too

Wa-wa-wa-... you can't just say that about Mega Man & Bass! That's disrespectful! 😲

However, I will tolerate it this one time only because you have a good opinion on Battle Network. One right opinion excuses one wrong opinion. Carry on!
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MM&B is arguably one of the best designed games in the series and the closest it got to a natural evolution. I really think most of the ideas there are great and expand the series naturally, there are still outdated stuff just because tradition, but it's way less than any posterior game in the classic series.

I was gonna leave this comment at that, but forget it, it's ramble time:

The boss battles are some of the most dynamic in the series, with nice patterns that aren't too repetitive or exploitable, and it can be fun doing it with their weaknesses, as it doesn't completely trivialize the fights like in so many other games. The level design is pretty creative too, the shop system is the best it had been, with a lot of options and of course, having a second character that plays significantly different is also super cool.

The level branching system allows for a gradual difficulty curve, while also giving you choice. It also means certain levels can be made for you to utilize your weapons.

The endgame is a bit overkill, but honestly, no game in this series is perfect, so I can't really say it's fair to shun the entire game just because of this.

Anyway, my point is that if a lot of these ideas get expanded and explored further in a new game, with the bad bits worked out, I'd be very happy (also please, make the boss refights different, with new patterns and higher difficulty, not unlike the low-health mode found in some of the later games, just the whole fight through).

With that all said, it's kinda obvious that I find 9 and 10 a bit too forced with nostalgia and borderline backwards with mainstay features like the charge and slide removed just to pander to fans of MM2. It just makes a game less interesting and less possibility for a variety of ways to deal with challenge, since you have less tools to work with. Which is disappointing to say, because honestly, they have a lot of cool stuff going on and are perfectly fine games, but could have been so much better without that needless pandering (yeah, I know the DLC characters mitigate this, but they aren't included with the main game).
Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco / Rest in peace, Near, thank you for everything
Bass is honestly my favoerite aspect of Mega Man & Bass, because he's so much fun to play. I admit that the game is kinda broken because of it, though. When playing as Bass, the levels becom significantly easier, but the bosses also become extremely difficult and tedious, because his shot makes so little damage. On the other hand, when playing as Mega Man, the bosses get a lot easier thanks to his charge shot, but some levels become incredibly difficult to beat due to his lacking mobility. To some people, this might be a big flaw in the game, but honestly, I don't really have a problem with it. It makes sense for both characters to have unique strengths and weaknesses, otherwise having two playable characters in the first place wouldn't make much sense.

Now while I really liked Mega Man 10, I gotta say I was disappointed by its implementation of Bass. They not only took away his double jump, which already made him less OP than in Mega Man & Bass, but they also remapped his dash in a way that basically made it useless. Even worse, actually, it made it actively harmful. His dash was activated the same way as Proto Man's slide, that is, by pressing down and jump. This was alraedy a bad choice because it prevented you from dashing and jumping at the same time, which was something I regularly did in Mega Man & Bass. However, even more importantly, it made me constantly activate the dash on accident, leading to all kinds of frustrating deaths. I get that they had to make a compromise because the game released on WiiWare and the WiiMote didn't have too many buttons when held horizontally, but from what I remember, he didn't even get a dedicated dash button when playing with a Classic Controller. It honestly completely broke him for me. After purchasing the DLC, I played like one or two levels with him before I quit. I don't know if the Legacy Collection fixes any of my problems, but I'm honestly not too interested in it, anyways, since they didn't include Mega Man & Bass. Just can't believe that my favorite classic Mega Man game was the one that had to be excluded from the collection.
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Final Fantasy VII (1997), though I expect that I expect that to change at some point or another. Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Klonoa 2: Lunetea's Veil are pretty high up there too.

Hmm, let's see...

Originally posted by Hat Kid
Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War - Peak FE. Jk, but it is at the top for me. The gameplay nowadays can be a little annoying (no trading, obtuse doubling mechanics) but the story, graphics, and music are awesome. The generation system is really interesting and allows for a lot of experimentation and potential baddening of your 2nd Gen units, intentional or otherwise. Plus, it feels natural, unlike the child mechanics of Awakening and Fates (especially the latter) which felt shoehorned.

First of all, ^ this nearly verbatim. Personally Shadows of Valentia is my favorite FE, in large part for it's presentation, music, voice acting, and how all of those are used to turn a now nearly 30-yo NES game into a story that never fails to invoke feelings in me (Not to say it's without it's flaws, of course). Genealogy is a close second, though, both for the reasons Hat Kid stated and due to the way the in-game maps directly correlate with the world map, and how the game uses those to draw a political narrative.

As for other franchises:
Pokemon Emerald - might just be childhood nostalgia, but something about this one just always holds a special place in my heart.
Octopath Traveler - Funnily enough, I only purchased this because I got hooked on a few songs from the game. Of course, I learned to love much more than just the music from it, and even though I'm probably only halfway through the game after 60 hours of playtime, it's been a beautiful experience thus far.
Minesweeper - Does this even count? Eh, why not. I grew up with it and only got back into it recently, but it's a really good demonstration of performing logical proofs on isolated instances and using those to more quickly and efficiently solve larger scale problems (or maybe my programming brain read too hard into it, haha).
embed fail!!

Call of Duty is hands down the best and my favorite game I have ever played. From the intense gameplay to the realistic graphics, this game has it all. I remember the day I first discovered Call of Duty. I was scrolling through and stumbled upon a post about the game. I was immediately intrigued and decided to give it a try. From the moment I started playing, I was hooked. But what I loved most about Call of Duty was the sense of camaraderie it brought. Playing with friends and working together to achieve a common goal was truly enjoyable.
My favorite game is a tie between Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Cross, and Tales of Symphonia.

The reason I love this game so much is mainly because of the phenomenal story, having so much relevance to today's society and how religion persuades people to do evil things while believing they are doing so with just purpose, it is really touching to see this kind of story take place in a fantasy setting with magic and demons and such. The musical score is also fantastic, it is one of the best non-Nobuo soundtracks to any Final Fantasy game to this day, and holds up on it's own even now; the game has this sort of 'theme' to it, where a lot of the songs (although different) share a tune or melody with each other and different versions of it play throughout the game. And I haven't even mentioned how good the gameplay is, but that is a thing all it's own, that I love very much too.

Chrono Cross:
This game, I got at a pawn shop for 8 dollars. I did not have any clue what to expect, only that it was supposedly a sequel to Chrono Trigger, which I played through in it's entirety and enjoyed very much, getting all endings. What I got was so much more than I expected, and I had never anticipated any game being able to touch my heart the way this one has; the music flows so well with the situation in game that it really carries the overall 'feel' of the game's story, with amazing tracks by Yasunori Mitsuda that are sure to move the player in ways they had not anticipated going into a JRPG like this one. I don't think I will ever get tired of this game. The story is absolutely amazing in every way, and when you really delve into the game, it gets a little confusing at times, but the complex nature of the meaning behind it is in every way ahead of it's time, and perhaps, time itself. It certainly lives up to it's name.
I once played it every day for over a month, beating the game over 40 times and getting my favorite ending several times (while knowing I had already chosen that path), so if that says anything, you should pick up this game if you haven't already.

Tales of Symphonia:
When I had first picked this game up at a video rental store (we had those back then!), I did not know what to expect; All I knew was that it was a JRPG that allowed 1-4 players and was real-time instead of turn-based like most RPGs I've played. What I got was a story that unfolds before the player as you bear the complete mind-f#%*ery as the story continues to throw twists at you from every turn, every angle. I was so in love with this game for it's anti-racist messages and viewpoints, as well as wholesome values presented through the characters themselves, and that really made it easy to relate to a lot of them, and the characters were very memorable (despite some of them having silly names :P). I would recommend it to anyone, it has such a good replay value to it that I've actually beaten the game over 36 times in a row just to get an Ex Gem Max in every slot for every character; and that doesn't include the first time I got the game or any time I've played through it after that. The battle system and character customization is so in-depth for a game of it's style, and battles never get tiresome or old; if they do, the solution is to crank up the difficulty (which you can change at any point, and aren't stuck with for the rest of the game :D!) and see how much harder it is to survive. I decided the video rental store was not getting this one back, and fortunately for me; they closed down 2-3 months later. w00t!
Miitopia didn't have to go as hard as it did, I loved playing through it and it was my most played 3DS game. (150+ hours)
Path of Exile. One of the best games I've played in a long time. Get someone to help you learn the game, or get an experienced player to help you learn the game faster. Having someone help me learn the game made it more fun from the start. If you spend money on some games, you'll be looking at around $60. That's how much an average AAA game costs. The difference is not only that you don't have to, but if you do or don't, you also have access to leagues, seasons, and a whole new in-game crafting every 3 months. Usually the game itself has about 3-5 different game "modes" that I can play for 1000 hours if I want before I need to switch to another mode. This makes this game #1 worth the 60 feels better to play, but more importantly #2 a game where you can find someone you like and there's a ton of content to play in the area. I am waiting for Path of Exile 2 and may spend much money on poe 2 currency and other items.
def ghost of tsushima,its art is just shocking and its effort make it a must play in videogames in general
Originally posted by Polark_5
def ghost of tsushima,its art is just shocking and its effort make it a must play in videogames in general

I still love that game 🕹️
probably paper mario ttyd but tbh this is a hard ass question to me.

honorable mentions to: littlebigplanet, rayman origins, and earthbound.
Definitely Wario Land 3, closely followed by Spyro 3.
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