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Snes9x faster than fxpak pro?
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Hey guys like the Name of the Thread says, I want to know if roms are running faster on snes9x than fxpak pro without changing any configurations before...I tested invictus on both and it seems that its a bit faster on emulator...but maybe I'm wrong
It probably is. Since PCs are generally much faster than a SNES, Snes9x has to manually throttle its own speed to roughly emulate the speed of the SNES, but this probably isn't a perfect process and it's not unlikely that the emulator still outperforms a real SNES. Maybe BSNES does a better job at this, since it's generally the more accurate emulator, but it's still not guranteed to do a perfect job. Only playing on the actual SNES will give fully accurate results.

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Thanks for response,so I'm just wondering if you can compete speedruns on emulator and original snes...
Well, you can. You can do pretty much whatever you want. I guess your actual question is "would these speedruns be accepted", and the answer to that is "it depends". From what I know, every single game pretty much has its own set of rules on what is and isn't allowed in a speedrun, decided by the respective community speedrunning that game. Often times there are even separate speedrunning categories depending on wether you're playing in an emulator or not. So in short, it's something that you'll have to figure out on a game-by-game basis. I think most commonly speedrunned games either allow emulators or have a dedicated category for emulated runs.

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Just a good example of this is SMW itself where there are limitations on which emulators can be used, its pretty much none, but 11-exit is limited to exclude certain emulators. So not only is it per game like RPG Hacker said it can be down to what type of run you are doing.
Hey so I can not find peace of mind with this theme...
I just stopped the time of the intro of a mario hack in snes 9x and fxpak pro:
At fxpak pro it last 16,7sec
At snes9x 14,2 sec
so the snes9x is about 15% faster...
do I have any wrong settings?
And if not, I think this is a big difference and
playing on emulator feels very different from a real snes...
Since you're from Germany, you probably have a PAL SNES. PAL was the TV standard that was used in most of Europe and Australia, so any SNESes sold in those regions are likely PAL as well. The standard in other regions was NTSC, which means SNESes sold there are NTSC systems.

The difference between PAL and NTSC is that PAL TVs run at 50 Hz, whereas NTSC TVs run at 60 Hz. In other words, PAL TVs will display 50 images a second, NTSC TVs will display 60 images.

An SNES always runs at the same frame rate as the TV it's meant to be connected to, this means a PAL SNES displays 50 frames per second and an NTSC SNES displays 60 frames per second. Since all SNES games that I'm aware of are actually timed based on their refresh rate, this means that games running on an NTSC SNES will be about 20% faster than the same games running on a PAL SNES.

Back in the days, developers often worked around this problem by making small adjustments to their games for PAL releases, making them play slightly faster on PAL systems to cancel out the system's slower refresh rate. That's why the speed of a lot of official PAL SNES games still feels "just about right" when played on a PAL SNES.

The problem with SMW hacks is that they're all based on the (US) NTSC version of SMW, so they don't include any of these PAL-specific adjustments. That means when played on a PAL SNES, they will actually run slower than their intended speed.

Basically, there's only a few ways around this problem.
-Play the game on an emulator
-Perform a hardware mod on your SNES, which will allow it to play games at 60 Hz
-Buy an American or (preferably) Japanese SNES, which will run at 60 Hz natively

Note that the last two solutions also require having a 60 Hz-compatible TV, but as far as I'm aware, pretty much any TV released in Germany in the last couple of decades should be 60 Hz-compatible.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Thx rpg for that detailed answer! So I have a last question : could an adapter like the honey bee adapter let the games playing faster or does it have to be an us snes?
An adapter won't work, because the timing is controlled directly by the SNES itself, so it either has to be a hardware mod or an NTSC SNES.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
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Forum Index - Donut Plains - Computers & Technology - Snes9x faster than fxpak pro?

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