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Recommended RAR file program?

While I've been gathering resources for my hack I've come across some files that are compressed as .RAR files instead of .ZIP
Are there any lightweight free RAR file handlers out there that people recommend? I'd rather avoid downloading one in the first place but that seems to be the only way I'll access these files. Thanks
Winzip can uncompress rar files i belive but there's also winrar and 7zip which can also do it. 7zip is free and light weight and what most will probably recommend.

Honestly though if you didn't know what a rar file is thats kind of surprising, that compression format has been around for years.
There's also WINRAR, a program that can extract .rar files.
Here's the link, hope it will help you:
Sorry if it's in french.
Yo, it's been a while.
Thanks guys! I went with 7zip. lightweight and free, so perfect option. Thanks!