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Hack 6 by Golden Yoshi

File Name: Hack 6
Submitted: by Golden Yoshi
Authors: Golden Yoshi
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Mario's father always used to tell him, "Son, if you sit too close to the TV, you'll get sucked in." Well, one day Mario sat too close and that's what exactly happened! Now he must navigate through some of his favorite TV shows to escape.
Just a few small things. Fun hack. A++. Would moderate again.

* Sci-Fi:
** You can manually scroll to the right, proccing the auto scroll sprite and soft-locking the game...kinda. Since there's L to reset, it's not a real softlock, but you should disable scrolling on this stage.

* Adventure:
** Tileset makes it kinda hard to tell certain foreground elements apart from the background. The pillars in particular are very much the same color as some of the blocks.

* Space:
** I can't for the life of me find the last box. Even with Lunar Magic,
I just don't see a way to get to that pipe.

** EDIT: Diagonal movement is just painful. The fact that you go twice as fast on the diagonal is nice occasionally, but usually just gets you killed. This is might be a keyboard VS SNES controller thing, but it's quite unpleasant on a controller.

Game Show
L to reset would be nice in the race section. Or a fast restart. Dunno. More of a gripe than a rejection reason. Your call.

"Once observing all 3 scenes" is kinda awkward. "After observing" might be a better phrasing.

Second Sci-Fi Section
I'd suggest moving the midway one block to the right, so the player can't accidentally avoid it. Your call.

I had some issues with the footballs failing to respawn after a while, but can't repro it. Might be worth looking into.