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Hyper Wizardry by ageVerrly

File Name: Hyper Wizardry
Submitted: by ageVerrly
Authors: ageVerrly
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 30 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Why was this masterpiece of a hack rejected you ask? Well don't worry about it because the new and better version is here! The wizardry series transcends time and I doubt anyone here needs a description.

-What you can expect: short levels focused on hard but fun tricks. Still, this game is a lot easier than the infamous 'hell wizardry'.
-Enemies on 1f0. Sorry Noob.

-Made some things easier.
-removed an entire level and replaced it with a keyjump level I have been working on.
-removed the ability to not be able to save your game. (meaning you can save now)
This hack has some giant difficulty spikes, specifically the second half of the added keyjump level which I was never able to progress in and the blue spring on a line level that requires a neutral midair that feels basically impossible to hit in sequence. Later levels also feel increasingly very tight and obtuse, I recommend further nerfing to even out the difficulty. I HIGHLY recommend you get the hack tested before resubmission. There is an incorrect tile in the keyjump level right before the tight grey platform jump. Grabbing the shell from the blue koopa in the free midair level is essentially rng as well, if it isn’t I recommend patching framerule or finding a different setup there.