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Mosts 2020 - Information & Discussion



It's that time of year again, where lights are put up, and everyone gathers around the table… why, it's Mosts season of course!

Wiktionary defines "mosts" as "plural of most". SMW Central defines it as "a yearly awards event where users nominate other users or submissions as best fitting a one of several categories".

A quick pick at lunchtime, a drawn-out debate in the evening, or a 4:00 A.M. flurry on your phone, your approach to Mosts is up to you. Just make sure to vote fairly; don't vote the same user for every category, or otherwise vote people in undeserved categories, or your votes may not be counted!

This year, the categories are mostly the same as last year's, with only a few getting shuffled around. Click on the link above and see them all when you vote!

Voting is quite easy. First, visit the event page for Mosts 2020. There, you will see the votes of everyone else, as well as a link to submit your own votes in the top-right corner (you can also get to the voting page directly from the list of all events). You will be greeted by an array of dropdown menus, which you will use to cast your votes:
  • For most categories, you just type a name in the search field. Unlike previous years, only votes for eligible users are accepted - in most cases, this means no banned users and no inactive users, but this depends on the category.
  • Valid users will be shown in a drop down as you type, but you'll need to fill out a few letters before suggestions are given. When you find your user, click on them to select them.
  • Most categories allow you to vote for up to 3 people. Each vote has the same weight. To vote for multiple people, simply erase your previous search from the field (or press Esc) and type in another username. Users you've already selected will always appear at the top of the menu.
  • For pair categories (where two users are voted to win a Most together), the categories are split up into a separate menu for each vote. The two people you select in each menu make up one pair. You can leave a menu empty to skip the respective vote.
  • Some categories allow you to vote for resources or hacks rather than users. Make sure to read the categories clearly before voting!
  • Keep in mind that the Best New Hacker, Best New Musician, etc. categories are meant to recognize those new individuals who made a splash in 2020 - please don't vote for folks who have been around for a while in these categories.
  • After you're done making your selections, click the Submit button to cast your votes and make them public! You can go back to the voting page and edit your votes at any time before the Mosts end.
That should be all. If you have questions related to the voting system or something feels off, feel free to ask in this thread or contact Telinc1. Have fun!

Voting will end on December 21st, 7:00 PM CST.
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I came back from "inactivity" for this
Originally posted by Hinalyte

I came back from "inactivity" for this

I knew you'd return just in time!
don't know what is this, but i'm third.
I can't believe it's most time again, you stop paying attention for two seconds and it's already December.

I might or might not vote this time, I have barely been active these past months.

Hi, Hina.
This is the one and only thing I've been waiting all year for.
Can’t wait to get nothing! 😎💪🏻
My activity has been so sporadic this year I have no clue if I'll even win anything but I'm past the point of caring so lol. Happy voting!
Originally posted by Aram
Can’t wait to get nothing! 😎💪🏻

Same, but I'm not totally sure I'd fit under any of the categories anyway
>Mark danced crazy!
Backloggery MyAnimeList
9th here. I will be participating here. And also I voted to someone #tb{:)}
It's that time of year again for people to vote on other people in the community who they think fit the proposed Mosts categories! Fun is sure to be had.

...But that raises the question, who is most likely to participate in the Mosts?
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
only voted in about half the categories, and overall it's a complete mess, but i'll probably go back and update it until time's up

Originally posted by Aram
Can’t wait to get nothing! 😎💪🏻

Me too. I have been quite inactive this year and also, there are no negative categories, again.
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
Good luck to everyone. Too much categories, so many options, it's hard to decide.
im funmy

Future congrats to everyone who got ranked.

Probs won't vote for much since I'm hardly active on here, sadly. :(


Ah, the annual memory challenge where one must remember actual usernames and rank them at things.

This time around, I'll cast votes and see how far I can go.
I actually have had neat moments and memories with a number of persons since this probably was the most active year of my stay in this community, so I may be able to nominate appropriately, let's have fun :)
I find myself in a thread I'm not sure of, but will think about hard.

There are not enough possible couples. There is an overpopulation of male and underpopulation of female.
Ninja Boy or Chuggaconny.

Lexend is the world's fastest to read font and I am the only one who uses it.

if I state the obvious in the couple thing, is this considered bad vote? Since I only know about one couple here haha.