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Tip: Switch palace switches normally disappear if you replay the level. However, if you insert them as direct Map16 and use the hex edit at $00EEB2 in the ROM map, you can replay the level without a problem.
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Luigi's Super Adventure - Demo 2 (Beta Testing)
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Hack Testing - Luigi's Super Adventure - Demo 2 (Beta Testing)
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-6 Worlds (until Pyramid)
-Exciting Graphics
-Reimagined Music
-Nice Level Gimmicks
-58 Exits (48 levels + 10 secret exits)
-and more..


Download v1.1

Tonight.. tonight..

Join Discord server now: Troblex Media, Droplex' Hangout, r/Dispace Troblex

My YouTube Channel: Dispace Troblex
Good! This hack was so fun. I make good screenshots for you and great things.

It's not difficult, and it looks more individualistic and very simple than the right stage.#w{=D}

Hi, I'm Lucky Kim from Hanmi-so. ^^

* Ginked Hacking Closed: Lightning's Mario (Where you can't go.)
Dispace you should download Super Bell Hill again and update it to get the fixed version, in the hack I hear a noticeably wrong note near the end of the tune, which has been fixed when the tune has been approved. To elaborate, changing #2's last note from a2^24 to g+2^24.

I really think World 4 Castle and especially World 3 Castle should be done in the later worlds, as the World 5 castle was way too easy.

Super Mario Maker 2's SMB Desert music is too soft. That was my bad as a moderator for lowering the volume that much, please turn up the song's global volume around w180~w190.

Starlit Heights 3
The secret section with Blue Paratroopas slows the game's speed down quite a lot.

World 3 Castle

Would you want the saw to be stuck in the marked spot where it's completely harmless? Or would you want the saw to be on the ground right below the item boxes? If you want to do that, then you should cover up the marked spot's empty space with cement blocks.

Sunken Shipyard

To really make the Rip Van Fish evasion a lot more difficult, I think you should raise the blocks more to make the player not pass the upper section.

Also in the HUD, "LUIGI" and the Bonus Stars' colours are switched for some reason. Why?

Pipe palette is messed up in the ending part of this level.

Luigi's Super Adventure - Demo 2 by Dispace


The Intro still displays "Nintendo Presents". Making a custom intro screen shouldn't be that hard.

Exact Title screen movement as in the original game.

Introduction Cutscene:
Minor grammatical mistakes, Princess, Bowser and Mario should be capitalized.

I like it a lot, looks really cool. By far the best on this forum.

Peaceful Hills 1:
Expertly designed first level, with Super Bell Hill to compliment it.
Amazing start, let's move on.

Peaceful Hills 2:
Found a cutoff at this bush.

Again, another expertly designed level, I like how it's going so far, let's continue.

Peaceful Hills 3:
First secret exit of the hack, not hard to find, has a fun challenge. Another great level!
Let's visit the Yellow Switch Block Palace.

Yellow Switch Block:
For some reason, I think this palace lacks something. It doesn't have catchy music or aesthetics.
Just kinda meh overall. Welp, we still have the normal exit to go, let's continue.

Hill Fortress:
Small cutoff on the Fireball when the Spikeball is on screen.

Great first fortress, definitely has that sense of dreed like other fortress' in the original Mario series.
Finishing the first fortress we move onto...

Peaceful Hills 4:
Tiny cutoff on the platform right from the cloud.

Rainy atmosphere with the calming music makes any level great.
This hack feels like a dream so far. Let's move onward.

Peaceful Hills 5:
This block that bounces becomes a P-Switch for about 1-2 seconds before returning to normal.

Slight discoloration between the bush and the back of the berry.

Great tense level before the castle and the end of World 1.
Let's move on to the castle.

World 1 Castle:
Amazing climax to World 1, with an easy Iggy boss fight at the end.
I have to say, amazing World 1 so far. I liked the levels, the music, the style.
And collecting all Dragon Coins wasn't too hard. Let's move onto the first World 2 level...

Blossom Plateau 1:

Beautiful entrance to the second world, with the colorful pink of the bushes and trees standing out from the green of the level.
With the second secret exit of the hack not being hard to find, we move onto the first Toad House.

Toad's House 1:
I can be summarized in this sentence:
"Top Secret Area with extra steps"

Well, with that out of the way, we move onto the normal exit, which is...

Blossom Plateau 2:
This monumental mistake of a Dragon Coin. Yikes!

Imagine Blossom Plateau 1 but with Dino-Rhinos and Dino-Torches! Truly a dream come true to me.
My favorite enemies are the Dinos and I really love them and their usage in this level.
With the first big mistake of the hack gone, we continue to the first ghost house! Spooky...

Blossom Mansion:
The Ghost house is really confusing but easy to maneuver through, as a ghost house should be.
My first death happened here, because I ran out of time. Maybe extend it a tiny bit.
With the spookies leaving us behind, we "Let'sa GO!" into the next level.

Blossom Plateau 3:
Bringing the Bomb-omb here makes it into a glitchy mess.

Cutoff at the end of the level.

First semi-water level. 2 words: It cool.
Next up is...

Blossom Plateau 4:
Here we go! Touhou remix on a blossom level, bound to happen ;)
I'm honestly starting to run out of compliments for the levels, they're all unique and cool.
The Third secret exit brings us to Star Road! Very Nice!
While we're here, let's cover it.

Milkyway Zone:
No MILK! 0/5 Stars!
In all honesty, this level is a good start to Star Road, with the abstract feel and music.
Finishing the zone, we return to Blossom Plateau 4 to finish it's normal exit.

Blossom Plateau 5:
What if I tell you that this is Peaceful Hills 4 in World 2.
Again, Rain with calming music is just golden.
Time to fight the next big baddy at the...

World 2 Castle (Who would've guessed :)):
This castle was really confusing! I, again, died here because I ran out of time. Touché.
The Morton out of our sight, we move onto World 3!

Starlit Heights 1:
We start getting spicy! Introducing the Chucks! Also, cool mountain level.
I'm not sure why, but the music here, Through the Mountains, was slightly sped up.
With the (insert number of secret exit here) secret exit complete, we go towards the Green Switch Block Palace.

Green Switch Block:
Again, the palace is kind of meh, nothing special.
Also RED blocks out of the GREEN Palace. Bruh :)

Let's go finish the normal exit and move on towards...

Starlight Heights 2:
Another great mountain level.
By this point the monotony started to slowly creep into my mind.
Not sure why, but by this point we didn't even have a single cave level, or full on water level.
(insert joke about moving on)

Starlit Heights 3:
Great mountain level, I don't know if I forgot to mention this but the mist is really cool. Adds to the level nicely.
Tiny cutoff here. no big deal :D.

Ah yes, another secret exit, finally we get to play a waate... Airship level.. Weee!
Since the Airship skips about half the world, I'll cover it later.
After a small break on my part, we move onto...

Height Fortress:
Another amazing fortress, not hard, not easy, with a Reznor fight to top it off. Very cool!
Starlit Heights 4, here we come!

Starlit Heights 4:
Small cutoff here.
Nice funky tune with a relatively relaxing level, reminds me of Minigame Soul 2 a little bit (Post Notes, I realized that you made the Minigame Soul 2 song, it cool :)).
Remember the Airship level, we're going to it now.

The Airship I:
Again, slightly sped up Through the Mountains.
The Airship, being very easy to beat, we move onto the castle of this world.

World 3 Castle:
As opposed to the other castles, this one is really calm, relaxing, and overall isn't hard.

Urchin Seaside 1:
Welp, this happened when the urchin went off screen.

I was hoping that the underwater level would come sooner. Great level with some odd priority choices, but was fun overall.
We go into the second water level, Urchin Seaside 2.

Urchin Seaside 2:
Another fun water level, beautifully decorated, with calm relaxing music. 10/10
We're onto the Floating Navy, which makes a lot of sense.

The Navy:
The Navy, like the Airship, isn't too hard, but you can still see the difficulty ramping up.
It's weird that it's floating, even though we see a clear ship fleet ON WATER in the level.
Let's visit our fallen comrades on the...

Sunken Shipyard:
This minor priority issue.

The Boss would've been cooler if it was an actual underwater fight :(
Underwater sunken ship level, probably inspired a little bit by the original, cool design and quick to finish.
I'm not sure what brickblock369 is talking about, the difficulty of this level is completely fine.
As brickblock369 already mentioned, the "LUIGI" and the Bonus Stars' colors are swapped, as seen in the previous screenshot.
At this point I was confused about which level comes next, so I'll move onto Urchin Seaside 3.

Urchin Seaside 3:
Quick, easy underwater level, that leads back to the start, nice shortcut.
The same weird pipe color from Sunken Shipyards exit is here, actually, it's the same exit.
Well turn it back and visit the beach, at...

Urchin Beach 1:
Just a note.

Standard beach level, nothing that special, still fun and enjoyable.
With another easy secret exit down, we reach Toad's House 2

Toad's House 2:
Aaaannnnd it's just Forest of Illusion 1. Bruh Moment.

I got both the secret exit and the normal exit, which I'm not supposed to get.
Welp, with that disaster, We hop on Yoshi and finish the normal exit of Urchin Beach 1:

Urchin Beach 2:
Short beach level. Again fun and enjoyable.
Welp, now I'm worried about the castle since I have Yoshi. Let's just get into it.

World 4 Castle:
Ohh boy! I was worried for a reason. So yeah. Yoshi is a No-No in castles.

Sadly, our little dinosaur friend has to leave us here for a moment, we can't fight Ludwig with him.
With Ludwig blasted out of existence, we move onto World 5, but let's get our friend Dinosaur back.

Sorrow Snowlands 1:
Ohohoho! We have a the same problem as in Peaceful Hills 5, actually, this area is copied from that level. Look.

We enter the cold of this level as fast as we leave it, moving onto Sorrow Snowlands 2

Sorrow Snowlands 2:
We have some discoloration with the Buzzy Beetles. Rookie mistake.

Again, the level looks similar to the previous worlds' levels.
Well, with the secret exit cleared once again, we get to the Snow Secret Area!
Let's not get the Toad's House 2 situation again.

Snow Secret Area:
This half of a moving coin.

Well this level is kind of familiar isn't it. It's a blossom plateau level turned icy.
So we move onto Snow Secret Fort, let's hope for the best.

Snow Secret Fort:
The same thing as in World 4 Castle, Yoshi + Castle = No No!
Luckily, we lose him earlier than normal.
Also we unlocked a blank Sorrow Snowlands 3. Nice!

Interesting how we get a secret exit inside a Fortress.
Going back to Star Road we face against another level called...

Andromeda Zone:
Uhhmmm... It's just Milkyway Zone with a different palette and song.
I'm starting to lose hope in myself because from world 4 onward every level looks similar to the previous worlds' level.
Slowly losing sanity, we move onto the Regular exit of Sorrow Snowlands 2

Sorrow Snowlands 3:
A cave level, finally...
Now I'm not sure if the Buzzy Beetles are meant to be this color, if so, it doesn't look that great.
This spiketop spazzed out when reaching this spot.

At least this level isn't similar to any other level, gee.
So let's see where this pipe takes us...oh
Apparently we just skip the 5th world for no reason. Cool.
But let's return and finish the normal exit. To Sorrow Snowlands 4!

Sorrow Snowlands 4:
Nothing to say here, very cool level. Except this cutoff.

We move onto the second Airship.

The Airship II:
So I brought Yoshi along now, because why not :)
The Airship II is great, no problems, just Airship.
Let's finish out this world with the castle.

World 5 Castle:
Again, Yoshi + Castle = No No.
Welp, let's finish this terrific world with fighting Roy Koopa... (Sarcasm is funny)
Wait... Excuse me? Lemmy? AGAIN!? WHY? The 5th Boss in the original is ROY! Not Lemmy!

With that World being a real disaster, let's move onto the 6th World.

Destined Desert 1:
Palettes are switched with LUIGI and Bonus Stars', Again.

Fun desert level with a dash of Pokeys! Nice one.

Destined Desert 2:
I like this level too! Although by this point the levels should become harder.
I like the direction of World 6 so far. Let's go into the secret exit of the level and visit the...

Red Block Switch:
The previous Switches were called Yellow Switch Block and Green Switch Block, but this one is Red Block Switch.
Okay, I'm angry and sad. This is just a Red Switch Palace from the original game.

With that disappointment, we go to finish the normal exit and go into the Pyramid.

The Pyramid:
I like this Pyramid, pretty easy, well designed, and it's pretty cool.
But wait! There's more!

Destined Plateau:
Amazing! Loved it! Nice shortcut, pretty good.

With end of the C3 Demo, I end my testing notes.

Post Notes Stuff:

Was the hack good? Yes, Except World 5.
Will it become something amazing? Absolutely! Making more original levels, rather than copy pasting chunks of levels will surely make it more fun.
Did I like the music choice? Certainly!
Did I like the level design? Yes, by a kilometer!
My Overall Opinion: This hack is just amazing and had me on a roller-coaster of emotions.

You accomplished something great, but please, don't just copy-paste levels.

Well, that was a long testing reply, gee. If you read all this, great job. It took a lot of time to write and rewrite all the notes and take all the screenshots. I hope you enjoyed this 3 page long paragraph.

Again, I'm not trying to discourage you from making the hack, I'm just doing my job :).

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
Lots of love, S1Z2 <3

Currently Working On:
Nothing as of now.

Massive thanks to Giga for making the layout!
Finished testing it! I love the chocolate-vanilla design of the levels, and they are short and very well decorated. Of course, the monotony starts from world 4. But several levels are very memorable and enjoyable, just please avoid copy and paste parts of other levels.

With that in mind, i will put my additional observations:

Yoshi House:
I think it should say: "Dear Luigi, I'm currently on vacation but do make yourself at home. Please keep a eye on the munchers, they keep eating my fruits"

Ah yeah, remember that the message changes if you have Yoshi.

Peacefull hills 3
Cutoff at the end of the level

World 2 Castle
When luigi is behind the net you can't see his head

Height Fortress
Luigi becomes invisible if he is behind the net while a vertical fireball is in the air

And here Luigi has no head when you're behind the net


Fight everyone for everlasting peace!
Ok, I think you have heard this before...
Super Mario Horizons (WIP)
Hey there I'm very excited about beta testing of demo 2, and I think I'll test it.

Edit: Finished testing and found cutoffs like Segment1Zone2 and MegacesarCG mentioned.

This is so insane! I've got powers, and I'm fighting supervillains!

-Rena Rouge
Update Demo 2 v1.1:
-Fixed some bugs in every levels
-Fixed a duplicate levels each other levels
-Added title screen movemet
-Improved designs

Tonight.. tonight..

Join Discord server now: Troblex Media, Droplex' Hangout, r/Dispace Troblex

My YouTube Channel: Dispace Troblex
Finish testing it (Along with Deluxe Mario Adventure v1.1). As always, I love the level design, and some levels are somewhat difficult, but interesting. And now that none is repeated (to the point that i notice), you can enjoy the game more.


Fight everyone for everlasting peace!
Ok, I think you have heard this before...
Super Mario Horizons (WIP)
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