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Mosts 2020 - Results


It's time, it's time, it's time. Time to discover those who will reign supreme victory in the annual tradition of voting on your friends, classmates, and colleagues from across the internet and win the greatest prize of all: a 64x64 pixel PNG image!

With this little treat for your eyes done, let's dive right in!

1) Best regular site member
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 Samantha
1st 8 Darkbloom
2nd 7 K.T.B.
3rd 6 WhiteYoshiEgg
3rd 6 Counterfeit

These are our lovely friends who've collectively been agreed on as being the best. Whatever your definition of "best", there was certainly enough overlap to reach a consensus! And if you merge the D and K together, the first letters of each name spell "SMWC". A conspiracy, perhaps?

2) Best newcomer
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 NopeContest
1st 13 AnEvilGhost
2nd 10 JupiHornet
2nd 10 Anorakun

Continuing the tradition from last year, two of these newcomers are already staff (and AnEvilGhost's VLDC11 compilation is certainly staff-adjacent enough), so we've clearly been welcoming with open arms! JupiHornet, you're next.

3) Best staff member
Place Vote Count User
1st 29 bebn legg
2nd 21 Anorakun
3rd 17 idol

I'll take this as a thank you for being the one to write all these witty Mosts comments, and idol can take this as a thank you for her comments from the previous years. That must mean Mosts 2021 will be compiled and commented on by Anorakun. Looking forward to it!

4) Most likely to become staff
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 Infinity
1st 9 Milon Luxy
2nd 6 Dippy
3rd 4 GlitchCat7
3rd 4 KiloMinimo

The community has decided, and these are the faces they'd like to see on staff... predominantely for the music section, it seems. After the 120-file queue we were struggling with just a week ago, we'll probably have to look to this list once C3 rolls around.

5) Best General SMW hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 12 Rilla Roo
2nd 10 WhiteYoshiEgg
3rd 9 Stivi

The perfect chance for a collaboration between the best of the best. New Super Mario Travellers For All Seasons: Around the World. Coming soon to a SMW Hacks section near you.

6) Best Kaizo/Pit hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 17 Sweetdude
2nd 13 GbreezeSunset
3rd 8 Morsel

Now unforunately, I'm not as familiar with kaizo hacks, so I can't make a triple title pun like above. What I can say though, is that the munchers are pleased with the work of these three.

7) Best non-SMW hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 RussianMan
2nd 5 Gatete
3rd 3 yoshifanatic

It may be called Super Mario World Central, but we have a lovely share of folks digging into other games to see what they can add or move around. It's still all Mario though, so I guess we can't stray too far from the site's name.

8) Best level designer
Place Vote Count User
1st 15 Lazy
2nd 12 idol
3rd 8 Stivi
3rd 8 GbreezeSunset

We've all made levels, but only these folks have truly designed them. VLDC12 results better have them as the top 4, or we'll know once and for all that SMWC contests are rigged.

9) Best graphics artist
Place Vote Count User
1st 24 Deeke
2nd 21 Anorakun
3rd 16 WhiteYoshiEgg

The paintbrush and pixel prodigies, the executioners of eye candy, and really just three sweethearts, that manage to win over not only our hearts, but our eyes with colours and shapes that make us go... "yes good".

10) Best musician
Place Vote Count User
1st 32 Sinc-X
2nd 23 KevinM
2nd 23 Maxodex
3rd 18 Hooded Edge
3rd 18 Pinci

From Sinc's port being featured in like 5 KLDC levels (and his masterful 72-hour transcriptions), to Kevin's ports of every single SNES song ever, to Maxo's celestially clean pianos and strings, to Hooded Edge's skilfull MIDI/FM blends, to Pinci's energetic and lovely compositions (and SFX tutorial, which no other music mod dared venture into), there's no question why our ears said "groovy" to these talented people. MSU-1? More like Masters of Songs Uniteanddon'tuseMSU-1becauseyourportsdothejobbetteranyway.

11) Most likely to PEI their TXS with ASM
Place Vote Count User
1st 24 Sonikku
2nd 21 KevinM
3rd 15 anonimzwx

Well, with a title like this, I think it's only natural that one of you create Mario Pays His Taxes as the star hack of 2021. Or, if you could somehow use some Satellaview technology to connect to each government's revenue agency so people can pay their taxes through a SNES, that'd be even cooler. You have the skills for it.

12) Best tool programmer
Place Vote Count User
1st 25 dtothefourth
2nd 20 FuSoYa
3rd 19 Atari2.0

In a world without these three, you could say goodbye to Lunar Magic and parts of PIXI and AMK, as well as the 200 other non-SMW tools d4's made. Your lack of sleep in favour of writing code is at least made up for by people's acknowledgement. Now, challenge for you all, write a tool in Malbolge.

13) Best New Hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 BabaYegha
1st 6 Wyatt
2nd 5 ThirdWall
3rd 3 Anorakun
3rd 3 cozyduck
3rd 3 AmperSam

These fellows picked up Lunar Magic only recently, and yet have been able to go above and beyond to deliver a gameplay experience like no other. They didn't stop at level 105 edits, they went all the way to level 106 edits!

14) Best New ASMer
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 JamesD28
2nd 8 NerDose
3rd 7 Roberto zampari

Even if they aren't paying their taxes, these people have made the most of the funny little 3-letter opcodes to give us what, even ten years ago, would've been considered legendary. now since you are new and practicing can you code me a boss for my hack i want the boss to take 12 hits across 6 phases ok so phase 1 is

15) Best New Musician
Place Vote Count User
1st 23 brickblock369
2nd 10 Hooded Edge
3rd 9 Plasmariel

It feels like I only yesterday when I first started to see Hooded Edge and brickblock369's ports in the waiting section, and going back and forth in DMs trying to offer tips. And now, I accept their ports without even looking at them, so they've come quite far. Always glad to see people develop porting proficiency! Meanwhile, Plasmariel managed to win Superfamicompo twice with some amazing compositions!

16) Best New Artist
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 Anorakun
2nd 3 codfish1002
3rd 2 wuffalo
3rd 2 Jammerjab
3rd 2 Tob

These people have certainly drawn attention for the lovely artwork they paintstakingly produce, and illustrated that time on the sight is irrelevant. paintbrush emoji

17) Best General Hack of 2020
Place Vote Count User
1st 22 Mario's Mystery Meat
2nd 14 slurdgery
3rd 11 YUMP 2

There's no mystery about Mario's Mystery Meat winning first with its mysterious ASM (even if the streamer jokes are a mystery to me), while slurdgery slurdgingly slurged its way into 2nd (slurdgend). And, I suppose the average of 1 and 3 is 2, befitting for YUMP 2's 2.

18) Best Kaizo/Pit Hack of 2020
Place Vote Count User
1st 17 YUMP 2
2nd 16 Casio Mario World
3rd 9 Ultraviolet
3rd 9 Unlit Candles

YUMP 2 must stand for Yes, Understood Mosts Prize 2. Casio probably refers to the Casio calculator used to add up all the Mosts votes. Ultraviolet refers to all the secret Mosts votes that we can't see due to being outside the visible light spectrum. And finally, Unlit Candles refers to lights going out and going to sleep, resting easy knowing that these hacks all won.

19) Best Graphics of 2020
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 Radished Cliffside and Bridges
2nd 4 Mario's Body

They say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", yet the best graphics of the year manage to take what ambiguously existed, and make it a million times better. Though speaking of broke, I think Mario might need to go to the doctor for his arm there.

20) Best Port of 2020
Place Vote Count User
1st 26 YUMP 2 - Bowser's Castle
2nd 5 Super Mario Odyssey - Steam Gardens
3rd 4 梅干茶漬け - Lollipop☆driveR

Quite the variety of tracks to suit everyone's musical tastes. So, now you know what songs to pick for your World 1-1 Grassy Grass Grasslands.

21) Best ASM Resource of 2020
Place Vote Count User
1st 18 Cluster Bullet Shooter
2nd 6 Customizable Firebar
2nd 6 Koopas + Shells + Disco Shell
3rd 4 Line-Guided Any Sprite v1.2

With these resources, the users of SMWC inch one step closer to turning Super Mario World into a combination of Touhou and Mario Maker. Truly a cross-generational blend of 2010 and 2019 SMWC.

22) Best site contributor
Place Vote Count User
1st 21 KevinM
2nd 12 Telinc1
3rd 6 Sonikku

KevinM, the multidisciplinary coder provides us with both ASM and music, and excels in both. Sonikku creatively pushes the limits of what we'd dream of seeing in SMW, and has been for a decade. And of course, the biggest shoutout goes to Telinc, who's the mastermind behind the operation that is this website, and without whom, we wouldn't have so many features that we take for granted, like the site SPC player! He's also very versed in ASM. Clearly, the key to winning this category is knowing ASM, and knowing it good. PHP is a plus.

23) Most creative
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 Eminus
1st 7 Sweetdude
2nd 6 Roberto zampari
2nd 6 idol
3rd 5 Eevee
3rd 5 Darkbloom

These users think outside the box, whether it be a question block, the layer 3 overworld border, or literally a cardboard box that they keep in their rooms, full of sweetly nefarious SMW hacking ideas. Boxing Day is in five days, if you want to think outside of that box too.

24) Smartest
Place Vote Count User
1st 10 dtothefourth
2nd 9 KevinM
3rd 7 Major Flare
3rd 7 MarioFanGamer

The recurring trend seems to be knowledge of ASM here, but spread across multiple platforms! Kevin knows SMW, MarioFanGamer knows YI, Major Flare knows MIPS for SM64, and d4 of course knows every single programming language ever. It's a significant mental feat to memorize all those routines and opcodes, so pat yourselves on the back... or the head.

25) Nicest
Place Vote Count User
1st 17 bebn legg
2nd 9 Tamaki
3rd 8 Counterfeit

Tamaki, always smiling and happy, being a sweetheart, helping out whoever she can in #music, or even taking the time to be so sweet and encouraging in any feedback she gives. Counterfeit, taking the time to respond to everyone's threads with heartfelt and caring advice, and knowing just what to say, whether the topic is serious or light-hearted. And well, on my end, a sincere thank you. As Michael Rosen says, *clicks tongue* noice.

26) Hardest worker
Place Vote Count User
1st 17 Anorakun
2nd 8 bebn legg
2nd 8 Atari2.0
3rd 7 dtothefourth
3rd 7 Telinc1

For what started as just finding some funny modifications for Mario's Super World, there can be quite some hard work that goes into keeping things running, whether it's breezing through the graphics queue like Anorakun, writing commentary for each Mosts category as I've been doing for the past two hours, keeping an eye on not one, but two communities as Atari does (on top of his uni workload!), endlessly digging into all sorts of code written for all sorts of games as d4 so relentlessly does, or so carefully coding in every endless feature request and modernizing the site's spaghetti code, as Telinc so effortfully does. Now imagine if I put this much effort into my schoolwork.

27) Most mature
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 LMNtals
1st 7 Maarfy
2nd 6 bebn legg
2nd 6 Ninja Boy
3rd 5 FPzero

We have successfully located the five adults on the site. Think of us as the lunchtime monitors, and everybody else as the kids running around the schoolyard during recess. Hey you, no roughousing!

28) Most optimistic
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 bebn legg
2nd 4 E-man38
3rd 3 MarcyAugust
3rd 3 Koopster
3rd 3 Tamaki

These users are eternally smiling, and nothing seems to get them down. This kind of full-toothed smile is what I'm talking about: They're always a pleasant presence. 💙

29) Most underrated
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 Infinity
2nd 6 cozyduck
3rd 4 MDBattleFrog

If you hadn't gotten enough spotlight time in the past before, well, the spotlight's on you now! Will you stay in it though? The choice is yours...

30) Most serious
Place Vote Count User
1st 4 idol
1st 4 LMNtals
2nd 3 Atari2.0
2nd 3 SF - The Dark Warrior

This category acknowledges those considered as being the most serious by the greater Super Mario World Central community. For thematic purposes, this blurb does not contain any humorous phrases. Thank you for your understanding.


31) Coolest
Place Vote Count User
1st 4 LMNtals
1st 4 KevinM
1st 4 Darkbloom
1st 4 S.N.N.
1st 4 idol

Fittingly, all these users are located in the north parts of the Northern Hemisphere (and several of them in Canada), where winter is at its apex. Their personalities are not the only thing that's cool.

32) Funniest
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 S.N.N.
1st 5 idol
1st 5 Nameless
1st 5 KevinM
2nd 4 Mr Scotsman

With this, these users, whether they like it or not, have their spots cemented in the next Family Guy Funny Moments video. Because we all know the one funny thing on this planet is Peter Griffin.

33) Most fun to talk to
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 Darkbloom
2nd 7 bebn legg
3rd 6 Rye_

You walk up to these users, and press A. One of three predefined messages appears, but you got the good one. That's how conversation works, baby!

34) Most changed for the best
Place Vote Count User
1st 11 Samantha
2nd 4 Linkdeadx2
3rd 3 Roberto zampari

Change is no easy thing, yet these users have put in the work to be their best selves. Or maybe they just had a lot of pocket change. Or both.

35) Most addicted to SMWC
Place Vote Count User
1st 12 Infinity
2nd 5 DeppySlide
2nd 5 7 up
3rd 4 Samantha

Telinc changes one pixel in the site's background, and these users will spot it instantly. SMWC is their home away from home, now they just have to figure out what food belongs to who in the fridge.

36) Best vibes
Place Vote Count User
1st 10 bebn legg

This category had a large number of ties, so I figure it'd be nice to at least extend a congratulations to Darkbloom, TickTockClock, Koopster, and Tamaki for tying for second, and Hinalyte, Stivi, brickblock369, Mr Scotsman, Magi, and crm022 for tying for third. The good vibes are plentiful around these parts~

37) Most likely to still be here in 10 years
Place Vote Count User
1st 23 S.N.N.
2nd 9 Roberto zampari
3rd 8 FPzero

These users have been here since at least 2008 (if not much longer), so it's no surprise we're still seeing them here 12 years later. Here's to 12 more years; see y'all in 2032 for mice 8, Luigi's Misadventures 15, and VLDC 26!

38) Most likely couple
Place Vote Count User
1st 12 Wakana x Sariel
2nd 10 S.N.N. x idol
3rd 5 Jimmy x Ladida

Well, there's no surprise here, really. We'll have to shake things up next year. 24hoSMW #14 for Valentine's Day will actually be a speeddating event.

39) Most unlikely couple
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 Darkbloom x idol
2nd 3 Maxodex x Ultima
2nd 3 jesus x Satan

Hey, just because people aren't dating doesn't mean they hate each other. Friendships are a thing too, you know!

40) Most informative posts
Place Vote Count User
1st 12 Thomas
2nd 8 Counterfeit
3rd 7 KevinM

These three go above and beyond in ensuring that every single post they make on the site is rich in information, and of significant help to users, whether asking a question, or just a passerby. For context, the site I'm referring to is SMW Central, which is the website you're currently reading this on! SMW Central is a site focused on SMW hacking. "SMW" referes to Super Mario World, which is a game released in 1990 for the SNES. The SNES, short for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as Super Famicom in Japan), is a Nintendo console released in 1990. Nintendo is a Japanese company that originally specialized in playing cards, then toys, before finally shifting to their current focus of video games. Where was I again? Oh yeah, that's the kind of information I'm talking about.

41) Best avatar
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 Teows
2nd 8 Samantha
3rd 3 AbuseFreakHacker

These users made the most of the little 150 pixel² space they're given on the side of their profile to win this award. One of them is a bit scary, but I'll let you decide which one.

42) Best post layout
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 Maxodex
3rd 3 TheMorganah

These users have embraced 2007 internet culture and the personalization aspect that's now unfortunately been lost on mainstream social media to make their posts just extra neater to read. HTML and CSS are your pens, and the text box on your profile is your canvas.

43) Best username
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 I don't know a good name.
1st 6 zsnes is shit
2nd 5 AbuseFreakHacker
2nd 5 Nameless
3rd 4 Infinity

These people saw the "Username" box on the Register page, and knew exactly what they were doing. It's great to celebrate names, even non-irl ones!

44) Most addicted to #world-of-insanity
Place Vote Count User
1st 17 Stivi
2nd 11 Magikey
3rd 10 Big Brawler

These are the users that keep us entertained with images of garsolungoflog, solick dodno, slamongflobo, and ,. Meme juice flows through their veins. They've drank all the shampoo in the house, and covered themselves in oil.

45) Best reviewer
Place Vote Count User
1st 11 Counterfeit
2nd 4 DeppySlide
2nd 4 Noob
3rd 3 Sariel
3rd 3 bebn legg

Whether it's contest judging, rejection logs, or just perusing through people's works in progress (big shoutout to this!), these users know just where exactly where you should move that Goomba, or that label loop. Same thing, right?

46) Most likely to use legacy tools
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 jesus
2nd 6 Roberto zampari
2nd 6 Ice Man

When you're yearning for the olden days of SMW hacking, you know it's time to bust out BlockTool, Addmusic 4.05, SpriteTool, xkas, and Terra Stripe for the ultimate, ZSNES-only, ROM destruction experience. Today's tools play it too safe.

47) Most likely to lose a life in Yellow Switch Palace
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 Roberto zampari
2nd 4 Gammed Z
3rd 3 idol
3rd 3 Linkdeadx2

Now the real question is how they go about it. Are they simply going to let the timer run out, or find some convoluted way to clip through the wall, or even get crushed by the P-Switch?

48) Most likely to tip $5.27
Place Vote Count User
1st 4 bebn legg
2nd 3 E-man38
2nd 3 BeeKaay

I suppose it depends on what you've bought and what the tax is. Now try to find the hidden symbolism behind the choice of number. Is it a date, a phone number? What's the currency? What region format is it? For more information, please open Control Panel (or System Preferences if you're on Mac OS).

49) Most likely to eat entire chili peppers for the fun of it
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 Hinalyte
2nd 5 Face
2nd 5 Rye_
3rd 4 idol
3rd 4 Deeke

I expect all of you to film yourselves doing this so you can live up to your nominations. There's no backing out now.

50) Most likely to sacrifice Yoshi for an extra jump
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 GbreezeSunset
1st 6 yoshii
2nd 5 Mario

It's okay, Yoshi can fly. No need to feel guilty.

And that's all for this year's Mosts! It's now 2 3 in the morning, so I should probably hop into bed. Thank you all for playing. See you next year!

(Trophies are coming shortly; Tahixham, as official trophy manager, needs to clean some things up!)
This year flew by lol (but probably for the better) Congrats to all the winners!
Oh rad I won best avatar!

Thank you guys for all the votes, didn't expect to take gold in best regular site member (congrats to Darkbloom for tying with me!) but that makes me really happy.

Congrats to all the winners! #smrpg{<3}
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
the smwc meta lives on
Congrats to all winners, especially to Anorakun, he really deserves them!
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Best New ASMer (Winter 2020) - 2nd place

Thank you guys for second-best new ASMer, JamesD28 definitely deserved first place, I'm working on something big and this really means a lot. Happy holidays and happy new year everybody #smrpg{<3}
I suck at ASM and AMK

My Youtube

KLDC 2021

KLDC 2022

OLDC 2021

congratulations, happy holidays to all.
I'm so glad you all think I'm the greatest newcomer evar
Thank you so much for the musician votes, everyone. I really appreciate your support #smrpg{<3}#smrpg{<3}#smrpg{<3}
I hope I win.

Wait, what do you mean "the voting is already over"? 😨

Anyways, I'm glad at least one other person seems to have voted for the most unlikely couple of "jesus x Satan", allowing it to get a bronze medal. EDIT: Actually a silver one, even.

Conglaturation to all the winners!
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
It makes me feel very loved and welcomed to see that in my short time here, I was voted Best Newcomer. This is a very fine community and I hope to spend many more pleasant days here!
Finally, for the first time since 2015 i win on a positive category and i get a gold trophy. Also i almost got 2nd for best layout, but there was a 4 way tie.
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
Congrats to all the winners!

I didn't expect anything for myself this year so I was just happy to sit back and see who made a name for themselves. It's gotta be handy later on.
Congratulations to all the winners.
And sincerely thanks for those who voted me. Never expected any vote, tbh. Hope to contribute more next year.
I won 4 cups, I have three gold and one bronze. Those who still won it congratulates everyone. I'm ready for the new season! #smrpg{<3}#smrpg{<3}#smrpg{<3}

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
Oh my goodness I wasn't expecting this at all!!! Congrats to Samantha for tying with me, I feel like there are way cooler users around the site than li'l ol' me!

But I'll happily take the award anyway :)
Second place for Best Newcomer, huh? Not bad, thanks for all the votes! AnEvilGhost definitely deserved to win that one, though.
Check out my WIP romhack!
Congratulations to all the winners, thanks for the votes!
I don't really have a fancy looking footer so don't really bother reading this. Oh well you kept reading anyway, did i caught your attention?
I knew Hinalyte would win chili peppers.

Congrats to all the winners! Here's to next Mosts.