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Mosts 2020 - Results


2nd Place
Congratulations To Me
It's still all Mario though, so I guess we can't stray too far from the site's name.

Next time i should ruin enhance some non-Mario game.

Y'know, at this point I'm not even surprised anymore; I guess I should just own to the fact that I'll be forever doomed to win on the joke categories only now lol (at least Maxo will be sharing the suffering with me tho :P)

Otherwise, I liked seeing some of the other things people have voted for me, and even if I didn't win at any of them, I'm happy that people think of me like that; was nice to see the support too considering I've been feeling like shit lately thanks to the pandemic and other factors I don't want to go through rn, so thanks y'all >:]
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LOL I won third for most optimistic, I honestly feel like an imposter among the other winners

Also thanks for making Hinalyte justice, I didn't think it would work lmao

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Originally posted by Ultima
I guess I should just own to the fact that I'll be forever doomed to win on the joke categories only now lol

welcome to the club
thanks guys :)
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I didn't actually think I would get 2nd place in Best New Artist or anything in this contest thank you so much guys :D #smrpg{<3}
This is my non existent layout I plan on adding one soon.. or never

I have a discord server, feel free to join if you want
Guess everyone wants me to become a wooden staff to be used by some filthy mage, lmao.
Congrats for the 1st place ones. Also, that's got a lot of ties for sure.

I don't really care about "vote that person for being the best/worst", but congratulations anyway for the peoples that win the SMW Mosts!
another year to being a hidden boss 🎉
(but thanks for the votes)
Wow. Didn't expect get so many trophies. Thank you everyone who voted for me and also, congratulations to everyone who got in the rankings. This was a fun event. #smrpg{:3}
Wow. I wasn't really expecting to win anything, let alone a silver in best regular! Thanks guys, you all rock. And congrats to Samantha and Darkbloom for winning first place in that category, you both 100% earned it! It's a shame Counterfeit left again, now she might not see this.

Good job to everyone else who won anything as well. Keep being awesome #ab{:)}

Next year I'll win a gold trophy for sure, mark my words

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Originally posted by bebn legg
Even if they aren't paying their taxes,

I'm sorry bebn but you know too much...

Thanks for the votes though, and gg to everyone else who won!
Originally posted by bebn legg
(Trophies are coming shortly; Tahixham, as official trophy manager, needs to clean some things up!)

can confirmed i now have my shit together and your trophies have been awarded #smrpg{mlem}

if there's an error please don't hurt me. let me know!
I can't believe I placed in the most prestigious category of the contest, "Most likely to die in yellow switch palace". Well I couldn't let my believers down and did the thing.
Originally posted by Mosts
9) Best graphics artist
1st 24 Deeke


Originally posted by Mosts
49) Most likely to eat entire chili peppers for the fun of it
3rd 4 Deeke


But seriously, thank you all very much for the votes! It's the first time I ever actually won anything in these, too!
I have ghost pepper flakes that I ground myself, but I dunno if that really counts for this particular trophy.

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didn't want to do work today so I compiled the top 3 *most* mosts votes for every contest from the beginning

eXcavator - Most Missed - 2016 (77)
S.N.N. - Best Administrator - Summer 2009 (76)
S.N.N. - Best Musician - Summer 2009 (68)
Supertails - Best Global Moderator - Summer 2009 (61)
S.N.N. - Best Administrator - Winter 2008 (57)
S.N.N. - Best Musician - Winter 2008 (56)
Slash Man - Musical Mastermind (SMW) - 2011 (56)
S.N.N. - Best Administrator - Summer 2008 (54)
Kieran - Most Likely to Still Be Here After 10 Years - 2010 (53)
S.N.N. - Best Musician - Summer 2008 (52)
Slash Man - Best Music Porter - 2010 (52)
smkdan - Most Likely to Drive the Desert Bus - 2010 (51)
Kieran Menor - Most Likely to Stay Here Forever - 2012 (51)
Troopa - Biggest Touhou Fanboy/Fangirl - Summer 2008 (50)
S.N.N. - Most Likely to Forget Who S.N.N. Is - 2012 (50)
DDDchu - Needs to Lay Off the Ponies - 2011 (48)
Lightvayne - Best Staff Member - 2012 (46)
Vinnyboiler - Best SM64 Hacker - 2012 (46)
Vitor Vilela - Best Tool Programmer - 2012 (46)
S.N.N. - Musical Mastermind (SMW) - 2011 (45 - 2nd)
Kyoseron - Best Full Moderator - Winter 2008 (44)
Icegoom - Best Graphics Designer - 2007 (42)
Ladida - Biggest Otaku - 2014 (42)
S.N.N. - Best Local Mod - 2007 (38)
Counterfeit - Best Staff Member - 2014 (38)
S.N.N. - Best Musician - Winter 2009 (36)
Sokobansolver - Best Kaizo/Pit Hacker - 2014 (36)
K3fka - Best Staff Member - 2015 (35)
FuSoYa - Best Tool Programmer - 2018 (35)
Vitor Vilela - Best Tool Programmer - 2018 (34)
Lui37 - Best Musician - 2015 (33)
Koopster - Most Likely to Become Staff - 2016 (33)
Amanda - Best Female Regular Member - 2007 (32)
Smallhacker - Smartest - Winter 2009 (32)
Vitor Vilela - Best Tool Programmer - 2015 (32)
Telinc1 - Best Site Contributor - 2018 (32)
Sinc-X - Best Musician - 2020 (32)
Vitor Vilela - Best Tool Programmer - 2016 (31)
KevinM - Best Musician - 2019 (31)
S.N.N. - Most Likely to Still Be Here in 10 Years - 2019 (31)
bebn legg - Best Staff Member - 2020 (29)
Jump 1/2 - Best General Hack - 2019 (28)
Broozer - Best Pixel Artist - Winter 2009 (27)
smkdan - Most Likely to Drive the Desert Bus - Winter 2009 (27)
Smallhacker - Most Likely to Get a Lump of Coal for Christmas - Winter 2009 (27)
YUMP 2 - Bowser's Castle - Best Port - 2020 (26)
Magi - Best Graphics Artist - 2017 (25)
Qwoll - Most Optimistic - 2017 (24)
Telinc1 - Best Site Contributor - 2019 (23)
Kieran Menor - Least Likely to Do Anything - 2017 (22)
Hinalyte - h - 2017 (22)
Alcaro - Best Tool Programmer - 2013 (18)
Mirann - Best Staff Member - 2013 (17)
Vitor Vilela - Best Tool Programmer - 2013 (16 - 2nd)
Thanks to everyone, who voted me and Wakana as most likely to couple. Hopefully when covid ends, we won't only be a virtual couple anymore #w{<3}

I also appreciate the 3 best reviewer votes. I can't really say much except, that I'm glad if i can help #w{=3}

Looks like I stole two trophies again this year. Congrats to everyone who participated! You guys make this event a lot of fun each year!