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Super Mario World: Trouble At Yoshi's Island (Demo 1) by Spads

File Name: Super Mario World: Trouble At Yoshi's Island (Demo 1)
Submitted: by ⛄Spads
Authors: ⛄Spads
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is a Chocolate Yoshi's island Styled Hack.
This Demo Contains the entire World 1.
I'll still change somethings like OST, SFX, Sprites
and etc.
Just a simple 'lil demo of a simple 'lil Hack.
If you find any bugs, Please PM me so i can fix it.
Have a great Gameplay!
Bye Bye!
I quite like the idea of this hack with how it brings concepts and ideas from Yoshi Island to SMW however there a few issues that range from minor to major that prevent the hack to be accepted in its current state.

In the first level if you don't have a Mushroom you get soft locked and can't progress past these turn blocks. These set-ups are okay to have as long as the player always has a way to progress regardless of power up.

Many slopes in the game allow Mario to get inside of them which is a minor issue but with how frequent it shows up it might be worth looking into. Some people use Invisible Block sprites as a makeshift method of stopping the player getting into these spaces.

In terms of Level Design many of the levels have a lot of Springboards you need to carry around. It would not be so bad if it was used once in awhile however 90% of the levels feel like they all have these similar types of layouts which leads to some rather repetitive design. See if you can make these sections more distinct from each other?

In one level you have an Invisible Block Bridge which is rather tedious as well. The player can circumvent the issue by only hitting a few blocks making it pretty redundant. Not to mention you also have the player need to use another Springboard to access the blocks which again goes back to my point about using this particular sprite way too much.

In many levels we see Minor Cut-off. I can let a few things slide as the original Yoshi Island was not perfect in stopping all instances of cut-off however in this pink cliffside area the amount of cut-off looks really jarring and stands out quite a bit. You can easily get around this by changing some of the layout or using ExGFX to create Custom Tiles that would stop the cut-off from appearing as well as giving it a more polished and presentable look.

Lastly you can get softlocked again in the room before the Piranha Plant Boss. If you kill all the enemies and throw blocks you can't break the Small Flower Pot which holds the key. I would make it so you can reset the room if you make such a mistake.

Regardless I did actually enjoy what I played as there where some nice ideas here and there however the issues must be addressed before the hack can be accepted.

Screenshot Link