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Phishing attempts?

Uh... I was browsing threads and my malwarebytes is going off
about a phishing attempt every now and then, the weird thing is that it's called, maybe someone should look into that.
I'm pretty sure that's just a false positive. As far as I'm aware, it's just the site that a lot of users here host their avatars on.
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"" is Alcaro's website (former staff member / admin here), and I can guarantee that he wouldn't have anything malicious on that site. I'm not sure why Malwarebytes would be assuming that it's a phishing attempt, but it's definitely some kind of mistake.
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This is more of a thing for Site Questions than GD, so I moved it there. Your question's pretty much answered anyway, everything said above is correct, more moving for archival purposes/future reference to other users.
Thanks for the replies, glad it's a false positive.