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VLDC12 - Results

Originally posted by aaa
wasnt music/intro text not supposed to be factored into scoring? why did it get put into the review for my level... :O

music is factored into scoring yes. what i wrote regarding the intro message was just an off-hand comment and didn't actually factor into my score. i probably could've done without that comment as i can see how it would be taken that way
Will there be a collaboration hack of the vldc12 just like the vldc11 which still seems to need help with asm mentioned on it,s thread#tb{:?}#smw{o_0}
80th: meh

*feel discouraged for 24hoSMW 13*
Originally posted by werd
Will there be a collaboration hack of the vldc12 just like the vldc11 which still seems to need help with asm mentioned on it,s thread#tb{:?}#smw{o_0}

It's looking likely, but I don't know when we'll start work on it if we do.
52nd, not bad! Improving step by step!
Congrats to FrozenQuills for winning and to S.N.N., idol and Agent Q for being in the podium! And congrats to the rest of users who made a level!
haha my level was so bad i expected to be in like, top 10 worst at least but i'm 21st worst, i guess that's okay. i hope a compilation hack never gets made for this, because i don't want anyone to play this level ever again.

next time i'll spend more than 2 days on it i promise.
71th!? I mean, I can understand my level was pretty hard. But, I don't think it was that really hard. In my opinion. But other than, congrats to the top 10 and top 3!
Huh, 44th place. That was honestly much better than I was expecting honestly.
Hmm...I knew my Level was Poorly thought through, but I sincerely thought it was an Improvement over my VLDC9 Level. I guess not. 135 Entries (yes I am Including the Disqualifications) and I have placed 118th. It would seem should a Collaboration Hack for this Contest actually be made, I will be placed on the Worst Levels Map yet again. #tb{D:}
Finally this contest results come out and I satisfied 66th.
Congratulations all winners!
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64th place ain't that bad for me it could be worst but hey I im gonna try a'bit harder next time I will give myself half sunglasses for that
This is my non existent layout I plan on adding one soon.. or never

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wasn't expecting a 4th place, i'm very happy with that, next vldc i'm going to try for a first ( or at least go for a top 10 again)
Made you look. Now Breath Manualy.

yeahhh not surprised my level did so poorly. Oh well, I've never been good at making a "well-designed" level anyway but I had fun with what I made.
Congrats to the winners though!
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Huh, 19th for me... I had higher hopes of at least placing in the top 10 this time after "not fan judge" Minish Yoshi ranked me as being in 2nd place. Oh, well.

Interestingly, Minish Yoshi did correctly predict FrozenQuills's Cunning Plumbing to be the winner, and that level truly was excellent, so congratulations, FrozenQuills!
So, I am not the happiest about my ranking but I did appreciate the judges' comments. What I'll take from it is I can improve my level design, but my aesthetics and palettes were somewhat satisfactory, which is what I aimed for after a bunch of trials and feedback.

I am glad I got to experiment with layer 2, it was a first for me, I believe.

Some levels of which I am fan didn't rank too well either (i.e TruffleToad's level), some others ranked higher... Congratulations to Quantix, for example.

And of course congrats to our top 10! Petronas Towers and Tarnished Tartarus were my fav of the bunch.

Thanks to the organization of the event, thanks for the judging, and thanks to everyone for expressing themselves through an entry... I am still in awe at the number of entries this time around.
big congrats to all of the participants, and to frozenquills on a well-deserved win! really nice turnout this time around.
Dang, 41st place? I'm surprised, I thought I'd end up at least around half-way, like 60th or so!

I will admit, there were some spots that I could've done better with, maybe make the level design less empty. I was running a bit low on time because I was having idea block and tried two different themes beforehand |3;

Oh well! I'm sure I can try to think of something cooler next time! Hopefully! Perhaps I should try to sketch out my level design ideas more and make some concepts and such... and probably try to practice fiddling with exGFX, too.
Hmm, I guess I underestimated them. I thought it would take a while for them to figure out what they were trying to do at my level hence why I made the length short (And not too hard) to around between 5-8 minutes of playtime. It may seem like it was abandoned because the variety juice ran out. I couldn't think of what else that gimmick could do in the next section and I didn't want the level to lose focus and risk a downfall as a result. But overall, I did not know what to expect if the judges would get stumped or not. I guess I could blame myself for holding back a bit due to fear of mistakes. (I know it's stupid for me to think like that, but it's more on the rejection side of things.) I understand if the level seemed meh to you.

I guess my standards aren't up to par compared to most levels apparently. I do admit it didn't take as long as King of the Mountain because I thought it was simple enough to execute.

I'm the type of person that the more wasted effort, the most easily I get pissed off due to how ridiculous my OCD side of my personality is. That can make seem aggressively dark and toxic at times. Yes, I feel like I can accidentally become toxic despite my high level of self-awareness. To the point where I don't know if I did something on purpose or accidental anymore. However, that doesn't mean I stopped disagreeing with my ranking of VLDC11 because it felt more luck-based last year.
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