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untitled admin thread

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That's right, I'd like to formally welcome Tahixham to the Administration team! Tahixham has shown such great prowess on helping further the site since his return as Staff, and we're happy to welcome him to the super secret cool kids club. Tahixham will continue to be the Forum Team Manager, along with continuing to handle bettering our site and our community. And honking.

tahixham is tahixbad
I know for sure that disappointment is never part of your plans. Congrats, goose!
Wow, I wasn't expecting this to happen all of a sudden - I can't say it wasn't deserved, though! Tahix has always struck me as a hard worker, so this seems very fitting. Congrats!
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Congrats, goose boi, I knew you'd make it.
nice! :D
I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
Congrats! Always good to see respected members make the jump to the admin team.
congrats my man
I legitimately thought he already was.

You've come a long way from Brooz the Booz!

Congratulations, Tahixham! Well deserved.
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It feels good when someone who has shown immense dedication is given a promotion.

Congrats, Tahix. You've deserved every bit of it.


Congrats, Tahixham! An absolutely well-deserved promotion, he fits the bill (goose pun) of admin very nicely.
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Totally thought they already were as well!

We should throw a pâté to congratulate them :3
I vote this cake.
Honk! Congrats Tahix, I should say thanks for all the help you've given me as I've scrolled the forums looking for ASM advice in the small amount of time I've been on this site. :)
That's... not really unexpected when I remember how much you did as a staff member (some of it behind the scenes) so totally deserved!
That's a grateful surprise, Tahixham is a pretty cool person and suits well the administration role. Hope you have a great time as admin, Tahixham!
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