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Super Mario: Nozom Quest - Level Sampler!
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2021 - Super Mario: Nozom Quest - Level Sampler!
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Welcome to the level sampler of Super Mario: Nozom Quest!
Formerly known as Super Mario Travellers
I changed the name so it's more fitting with the game's plot
(Nozom is Glubita's home planet)

This is my hack I have been working on since 2018. It has become my magnum opus.
Since the last demo, this hack has changed drastically.
Almost all of the levels are being revamped, reworked, whatever you wanna call it.
The level design is now much more focused and polished,
with better visuals and much more vibrant colors.
None of the levels from the last demo are in this level sampler.

In this level sampler, you can play 6 levels from the first 5 worlds.
Not only that, but you can play with 3 characters!
You can play as Mario, Luigi, and Glubita.
She is now a fully playable character, and not just a blob that follows you around.
You can read about their abilities in the first level.

Huge thanks to RussianMan, and all the other ASMers for helping me

The collectables are optional
You can play any level
The new plot will not be revealed

♦ ♦ ♦ DOWNLOAD ♦ ♦ ♦
Great levels!


List Soundtrack - List Hacks
I like the graphics

The graphics are really beautiful looking forward to finishing product.


You are challenged by Champion Daisy!


This is a very great looking hack with some really interesting levels (judging by the gameplays .gifs you've shown before), i definitely will play this level sampler.


This definitely feels like an original project despite being a SMW hack. It feels like it could be its own thing if you wanted it to be. The graphics look great and from what I've seen in the past, there's a good amount of variety in the levels. Can't wait for more!

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The graphics and levels seems very awesome! I just can't wait to play the final version!
I'm still not really accustomed with the new name, of course

Kirbo was here
Please don't click here

WIP Hack:

So far, this is a really good hack. It could even be one of the best smw hacks once it's finished! The levels are pretty fun and look really good.
Woo, I'm excited to give this a try!
I took the time to play through all of this, and it was pretty great! Hope you don't mind a couple stray thoughts.

- wow, this is *polished*!
- a proper "level sampler" demo is something we see far too little.
- I'm not usually one to play with multiple different characters, but I gave it a try because their abilities are just different enough and not overwhelming.
- Super Mario Travelers has an adventurous ring to it, but Nozom Quest has its own charm.
- dang, those levels keep being longer than I expect! Every time I see a goal-cirlce-ish thing I'm ready for it to end but then wait that's only the midpoint? (just an observation.)
- you're a pretty awesome level designer! Your levels really are as fun to play (and flow-y) as they look in the GIFs you've been showing, although they do take some time to master, and there's a good difficulty curve.
- I think the mushroom platforms should be made so they don't bounce you when you're already moving upwards - I had a couple close encounters with Fuzzies because of that behavior.
- that's some neat subtle parallax! I hope I can get my hack done before yours is fully released.


Wow! This is the first I've heard of this hack, and if I was to describe it in one word, I'd have to say "polished". Everything about it feels great. Hacks and demos like these make me think of just how capable the SNES is, and how different and stylized vanilla SMW might have looked in an alternate universe. Also, the OC is great (I assume they're an OC). I can't wait to play the full version!
This little sample has got so much creativity crammed into it, I'm surprised your PC hasn't exploded! If the full hack is this creative and unique with each of its levels, you're onto a winner for sure.

Really enjoyed playing this. Every level looks beautiful from the outset. My favourite little aesthetic is the lens flare on the grassland level, it's subtle but adds a lot! The ability to play as three different characters is cool too, and I love that each of them brings their own abilities. Luigi certainly made the shadow level much easier for me, for sure!

Personally, the levels are a little long for me, but that's not a criticism - that's just my personal preference. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed them.

Really looking forward to more, and will continue to follow this hack's development!
I'm looking forward to this, the levels are quite fun and they look really nice.
My Hack - Beta Testing
Nice collection of levels! I love all the graphical effects to each of the levels, like the lens flare. (Although the floating petals in the second level kept screwing up on real hardware.) I was wondering, are you planning on making levels focused on one character, or have bonus areas that require using a character-specific ability?
Originally posted by DeppySlide
I was wondering, are you planning on making levels focused on one character, or have bonus areas that require using a character-specific ability?

Maybe in post-game levels

My Hack Thread

How Supringly Changes Firstly Well i Thought You Blob become an Antagonist as Suprisingly Twist now its a Playable Character very Interresting :D

Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

I liked this a lot. Glubita and Luigi's abilities felt good to use and I regularly swapped out characters to change the experience. The levels are pretty lengthy but, aside from the silhouette level, they're all pretty good and varied enough to justify their lengths. The visuals are great and you do a good job introducing and modifying your challenges.
My biggest complaint would be the fire level's visuals. Red's an intense color to look at for a long time and there's a ton of it. I found myself failing to spot certain things that blended in with the scenery. Adding some steel blues and greys for the platforms and flame spouts would help a lot.
The level of presentation for a little demo like this is crazy. I don't know if the level select screen will be like that or if it's just a demo thing, but it looks really cool with the level previews! The graphics and aesthetics in general are excellent! I like the music choice too.

About the levels themselves, the level design is great! The challenges are fun and the difficulty curve feels natural. Although I think letting the giant piranha plants in Floral Fields be "spinjumpable" kinda trivializes the challenge of the level. And I also think Luigi's jump is maybe a bit too high, and can break some of the levels. Besides, the levels are a blast to play, and the extra collectables are neat.

I'm really excited to play this when it gets fully released. Take your time and keep up the great work!
As I've said countless times in your Thread as well as the Discord you mix of Level Design & Aesthetics has always been fantastic.

Even the most pretty of levels always seem to be well made and even the most challenging levels seem to always have a strong theme and style backing them up.
I'll have to play this later today to get a good feel of what the final version will be like.

Fantastic Work as always Stivi! #smrpg{y}
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2021 - Super Mario: Nozom Quest - Level Sampler!

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