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Russ' Misc. Hacking Thread With More SMB3 (and a hack release!)
Forum Index - Important - SMW Central Creativity Convention: Winter 2021 - Russ' Misc. Hacking Thread With More SMB3 (and a hack release!)
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I wasn't prepared, so i quickly coded all of these things.

Crazy Spiny

Essentially a Chasing Spiny but for SMB3 - this guy will spin himself towards player.

Hopping Flame

An SMW Sprite remade for SMB3, though it isn't the same, as it doesn't have variable jumping Y-speed and it doesn't randomly chase the player (mostly due to space issues as I chose a bad bank to fit it in).

Sticky Koopa

Inspired by a JUMP level, though this is a custom sprite instead of blocks that would make shells stick. This koopa's shell will stick to walls. It'll unstick itself when it wakes up. Imagine this in kaizo levels...

I don't have a whole lot, but if you didn;t know, I've made a lot of things since last C3 and have shown them on Twitter. I'll link a few tweets:

Balloons (SMB3)
1F0 (SMB3)
Punchy (SMB1)
Bully (SMB1)
Football (SMB1) (YES)

Thanks for checking my thread, and have a nice time at C3!

Part 2:

Difficulty: Very Hard



Patch to PRG1 USA Rom.
Looks great!


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I really like the Sticky Shell one out of these. It really opens up the potential for some crazy Kaizo levels if you can utilize it to its advantage. Also, of course you had to put an 1F0 in there. Good work! :)

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NICE. I feel like the sticky shells are going to be amazing for kaizo.
Excellent work! I wasn't aware SMB3 hacking was this advanced 😮 I especially like the 'Crazy Spiny'Free counters!
I love the sticky koopa, but the spinies look fun as well. (Well, maybe for the level designers.)
Good stuff as usual Russ. Can't wait to see a full asm filled smb3 hack by you.

Hack in progress

Yeah, Hopping Flame for SMB3. Finally! Imagine how many nasty setups can be done with this little guy. Great work as usual, RussianMan!#smrpg{:3}


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You really like your SMB3 stuff, don't you? Out of all those, the sticky shell is the most nasty and can make for some nifty setups. Nice job!

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I'm seriously impressed with all the stuff you ported or made for SMB1 and SMB3 RussianMan, especially the Sticky Koopa. Like others have said, it looks like it could be used for some rather interesting setups.

I have a question about your port of the Hopping Flame though, can either flame be destroyed if Tanooki Mario lands on top of them in statue form? I can imagine the big flame would be defeated by the statue stomp, though I can't easily visualize the same thing happening with the small flame.
You coded all of this "quickly" while you weren't prepared? That's pretty sweet! I actually got confused when I saw the flame as I thought that was already in SMB3, but I guess I was thinking of something else. I'd love to see a full hack made using these sprites. The Sticky Koopa in particular seems like it would open a lot of doors for creative levels.

Also, for some reason I'm a little uncomfortable at the fact that the Sticky Koopa has the same color as peanut butter..
Love seeing some non-SMW hacking stuff! Dunno how active the SMB3 scene is, but I hope these'll get a lot of use in the future.
Mario Bros. 3 hacking should become big in the future, I hope. Great job!
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awesome as always Russ, really good job there!

2021 TRENO vibe check thread
It's really cool to see hacks for non-SMW stuff.

This stuff looks pretty neat! I especially the like the "sticky koopa", as there seemes to be a lot of interesting setups that could be created with that. I'm already getting some ideas myself!

Additionally, the fact that you quickly coded these sprites is even more impressive. Great work!
Always nice to see some non-SMW (and non-SNES) custom asm stuff, good job with these (although the 1F0 recreation is cursed).
Yes! Some non-SMW stuff. These sticky shells are really useful for platforming challenges. Great job!

I hope none try to port Outrageous to SMB3 #smrpg{ohno}

Just some Ys fan lol
NES hacking is very based and I am in love with the goopa koopa

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
it's so fun to see smb3 get love like this, although it's completely immoral for you to have coded 1f0 into it sdfhsdh.

are you planning a full on hack? or just playing around with the engine?

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Forum Index - Important - SMW Central Creativity Convention: Winter 2021 - Russ' Misc. Hacking Thread With More SMB3 (and a hack release!)

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