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[No 24hoSMW Judges Allowed] My C3 Submission (Now w/ Screenshots)

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

Discord for Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

This was my entry for 24hoSMW #13, but since it too longer for me to make everything around the hack except the level itself, it ended up as a pretty short entry. However, I had too much fun with the theme, so I worked on the level some more until I was satisfied. I guess you can call this a contestant for 72hoSMW if that ever existed lol.


Anyways really good level. Interesting concept, deep lore and funny jokes; laughed.
I can't believe I got banned from the SMWC discord server #tb{'_'}
finally, they banned Mario

too bad this wasn't done in time because I feel like it would've placed in a pretty good spot. I think some spots are a bit too hard or tight to manoeuver around but the level is pretty short anyway.
I just gave the level a quick run-through, and it was pretty good! The Discord concept was really interesting and somewhat unique; I liked playing through a few of the SMWC Discord channels. The level was aesthetically appealing, and the design was decent. My only complaints are that the level's actual design wasn't that interesting and that there were a few sections that were too tight. Regardless of the flaws, you still created a solid and fun level. I hope to see more levels from you in the future!
replacing the goal tape with a floating muncher is a war crime fucking lmao this was funny

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
Never did think I would see a level that was based around a Discord Server.

It's a pretty bizarre idea so I might have to play it to see what you did with each of the different channels.
I'll have to say its really creative so I'd say that really does make it stand out and leave a more lasting impressive on myself as well as other players I can imagine. #smrpg{:D}

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots