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Super Mario World Central Production 2 - Nearly complete, but at what cost?

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldDemo

Are we almost finished with SMWCP2 and have a goal to release the project this year?


What did it cost?

...Blind Devil.

Yep, it's that time of the year again, SMWCP2 progress at C3. We are very close to finishing this game, but with the absense of Blind Devil, progress has slowed down dramatically. That's not to say we didn't make progress, though! In fact, we have quite a few stuff to show:

Magi's at it again with new stuff: A new design and sprite for Hartfowl. Animations in effect below.

He's also worked a bit on Nexus Norvegicus' new tileset with my help, seen here.

As well as this, he's decorated his remade ice tileset with some snazzy decorations above, including pillars for me to use when I revise Chilly Colors to fit the ruins theme.

-CK Crash had been sketching some ideas for a concept of the Dreamer here (image is too big to show in the thread). What do you guys think of it at the moment?

Here's some screenshots and gifs of what we've managed to insert so far:

Now, let's see what the music department has been up to:
-Automated Anger, revised by both Ultima and brickblock369. brickblock, thank you so much for extending the music track and making it more epic than RednGreen ever intended!
-Bells of Eternity, revised by Blind Devil. I'm unsure about this one, but what do you guys think?
-Celestial Citadel, revised by Rilla Roo. He tried his best to make the song sound like Jimmy's orchestral remix of it. What do you guys think?
-Factory Fugue, revised by brickblock369. RednGreen, eat your heart out. One Last Hope is going to have to be revised and extended to even come close to matching the powerful emotions and epicness of this endgame song!
-Flight of Fantasy, a new happy World 10 (Abstract/Dream) level theme composed by Magi and ported by brickblock369. This will play in Honeydew Hills, Reverse Universe's normal world, and awakening's Happiness phase.
-Floating, another Rilla Roo revision. He made the song much less echo-y and even extended it slightly with the SMWCP2 main theme, also like Jimmy's own remix (but subtly added unlike Jimmy's remix)
-Graveyard Shift, originally known as "Two Minds" by S.N.N. and Jimmy. When we found this on YouTube, we thought "why isn't it in the game?" and decided it was a perfect fit for the music of Terrifying Timbers. Blind Devil had managed to get the song in, and thus, it is no longer unused. S.N.N. and Jimmy, if you see this, you're welcome.
-Heavier Than Air, revised by Pinci and ported by brickblock369 (again). It's about time this track got updated.
-Massive Layoffs got a small update.
-Overburn, revised by Rilla Roo.
-Rest in Peace, the hub theme composed by Magi and ported by, you guessed it, brickblock369.
-Six-Eight Sorrow was extended by Rilla Roo, the man who revised this track himself the first time.
-Sleeping Deity, the Dreamer's cutscene theme (and the alternative ending theme) composed by Red Chameleon.

If you want to play the current version for yourself, click on the link below.

Download the current BaseROM here.

Just be aware that these levels are missing and/or do not work:
-Koura Crevice
-Stormy Stronghold
-Chilly Colors
-Smouldering Shrine
-Honeydew Hills

Lastly, if you're interested in helping out with finishing up the project (ASMers are most important, musicians and graphics artists are not needed as much), feel free to join us on the Discord with the link below!

Come join the project here!

That's it for now. May we finally finish this project in 2021 and its release be an event we'll never forget!

EDIT: New updates!

-Twisted Tune, a very minor edit that slightly extends the bright before the loop + makes the sound stereo instead of mono. The track other than that is pretty good, it just needed some fixing.
-Oriental Opus, at long last, is in the game. Thanks so much to Teows for porting it for Dr. Tapeworm after waiting so long! Now let's see if you can get the other music tracks you claimed finished so Teows can port them.

Finally, Magi has made his own concept art of the Dreamer (which he calls Azalea), and Norveg. Links below as the images are too big:

Azalea (Dreamer)
Man I love Duke Nukem Forev-- I mean SMWCP 2. Ooops!

No but seriously, the fact that this is still being worked on is just crazy. I've gotten two degrees with a third on the way in time that this thing has been in production. That's not a insult by the way. It's just crazy to see what work is being put into this thing and how much originality there is with these assets. Sad that progress has slowed down quite a bit, but the fact that we may see it this year, I'm pretty excited about it. Let's go! :)
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man when I still had a level in this collab I wasn't legally allowed to drink

ASMWCP2 always had some serious production value so it's always been kind of sad to see it in development hell. It's one of the few things I try to keep tabs on so this update is cool, I wish you guys good luck in getting this done
I'm curious what happened to Blind Devil.
Yeah, I'll look forward to this hack, but I am concerned about the ppl making it too!
Please pardon the eye.
Too bad, poor B.D. is stuck in a rut again. I hope he'll come back soon once the hack is nearing its completion!
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I'm more or less estranged from the community, so I don't really know what's going on.
Please pardon the eye.
Originally posted by Mariotag1
I'm curious what happened to Blind Devil.
Yeah, I'll look forward to this hack, but I am concerned about the ppl making it too!

He's having a lot of issues in real life, he said it all in this post.

As someone who has been working in this project for a year at this point, it is sad that BD had to leave us after all that he has done, but i hope that even without him, SMWCP2 will finally see the light of day, as it is so close to being finished.
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Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
Ah. I don't really check the long threads, so I had no idea.
Hope he gets on top of life again soon.
Please pardon the eye.
Sleeping Deity reminds me of Midna's Desperation with how similar in tone that song is. Tho it is a fantastic music as with the rest of the revisions.
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-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

The worst part is, what kept SMWCP2 in development hell way back when was what's keeping it up now: ASM. Hope you can find the help you need to complete the project, but if I were you, I'd consider setting up a paypal and looking for coders to pay off a couple $'s so the bosses and credits can be finished.
It is looking good!
If you enter the Hub level, you fall and die.
@CourtlyHades296 I had edited it to explain the Hub is also missing from the list of levels. If you see any of those levels listed, do not play it.

@Skewer Sadly, I don't know who would even have the money to spare to pay ASMers. I know I don't.

@StrikeForcer That is not a coincidence; Red Chameleon was actually inspired by that song from Twilight Princess. Glad you like it though!
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
I am suggesting that in the official SMWCP2 thread, an entire index of the music should be made so general users can listen and replay the songs.
I gotta say Falconpunch, I'm pretty impressed that you managed to pick this up again after SMWCP2 was in trouble for so long. From what I've seen in the Discord server, you've been a pretty good project leader for the past while now, so it's unfortunate that these roadblocks keep cropping up.

The screenshots and music are beautiful. I might hold off on playing it until the final version comes out, but if I change my mind and play it anyway (i.e. if it gets delayed again) then I'll share my further thoughts at some point.
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It's really amazing that SMWCP2 is still being worked on even after all this time. Keep it up, you've got to be nearing the light at the end of the tunnel! It's pretty cool just how the game looks at this point and I can't wait to see the final product.
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I'll not be playing the demo since I want to play it only when it gets released, but not gonna lie I'm really hyped for the final product of this. Good luck to everyone working on the project, and I hope everything goes well!
Great job with these tilesets and sprite. I look forward to see this project in its final form. So far, what I saw from levels, bosses and etc looks very neat. Going to play the demo very soon.:D
It's great that the SMWCP2 team is still working hard, trying to complete this decade-old game. Hopefully we can finish by this year. The departure of Blind Devil was quite a hit, but we can persevere.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much to contribute to the project aside from some level revamps. Too bad I don't know ASM.

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