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Super Mario World Central Production 2 - Nearly complete, but at what cost?

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldDemo

it's definitely gonna be a day for the smwc history books when this is finally done. best of luck getting it finished!
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I only played the first two worlds of this but I enjoyed my time with it. The gimmicks felt pretty well realized and it was overall much more polished and a lot less frustrating than the original "SMWCP" lead me to expect from it. It's incredible that this is still being worked on and I applaud everyone who's keeping it going.
Technically you could work on a game forever so to speak.

But I do say, its also important to set goals, such that even if its not "finished" you just say its finished just to move on.

Like you can make the goal of: at the end of 2021 you just publish the game and say its done no matter what.

But games are also strange, if its really going to be the best hack ever then okay take your time since it will be a work of art when its done.
we want to see animations #smrpg{:D}

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
Originally posted by Von Fahrenheit
we want to see animations #smrpg{:D}

Wish granted.


(Throwing pies)

(Pushing the lever)

(Flying after being damaged, though Magi changed this animation to having him spin around with a new frame as he wasn't satisfied with this.)

(Getting up after damage)

(blowing a whistle for a Carnival Koopa to fire out of a cannon off-screen)

(Snapping his fingers to summon fireworks)

I've also updated the thread with the (mostly) completed Nexus Norvegicus. Thanks a ton, Magi!
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
that is AMAZING

i love him

i would let him throw money at me

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
Completely forgot to reply again, but all of this looks super cool! Especially the animations, I love them. I'm still really excited for SMWCP2. I mean, by this point, it's admittedly so old already that it might end up feeling kinda once it releases, but I don't really mind. I mostly care about what the hack represents, anyways, and it's really nice to see it getting closer and closer to completion, one step at a time.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!

I have to say, I'm really glad to see how much progress is going into SMWCP2. I never thought it would ever be close to completion due to it's development history. I'll give the demo a shot when I get back from bike riding and give some feedback.
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Very nice job with that project, i am on the SMWCP2 discord server and falcon punch, devilblind and others others put a lot of effort to finish it.

Falconpunch asked me to do the final boss ("Dreamer") and tannuki boss, i will do them, i hope to do a good job with some very impressive, fun and challenging bosses.


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This project kinda reminds me what's happening with Mega Man X: Corrupted. Really wish this game could be finished soon. Amazing work guys.
I updated the OP with screenshots of several of the missing levels. I apologize for not getting them out sooner; this thread was hugely rushed to get it out on the first day.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
It's definitively interesting to see how far SMWCP2 has progressed as it plays with some concepts (such as Mode 2 in Hindenbird's battle) which haven't been used very often, especially back in the day.

That being said, I didn't come here to compliment SMWCP2 but rather post here as a developer. More specifically, I have been working on a boss for a couple months and the boss in question is Doc Croc, the mad crocodile scientist from Norveg Industries. He's one of the two bosses of Norveg Industries and attacks with a flying capsule à la Wily Capsule i.e. he randomly teleport through the arena and attacks Mario between his teleports.

Here are some images which shows how he works:

He currently lacks some minor polishing, a proper death cutscene and has yet to be inserted into the ROM proper (yeah, I wanted to show him of this C3) but aside from that, he is in a state where you can fight against him in a demo. Yoshi's House contains some powerups and the battle is located at Yoshi's Island 1.

Alright, so I've played the first two worlds so far and I'm enjoying it! The levels are designed well, the gimmicks are interesting and used well, and love some of the new tracks and ones that were updated. I never thought that I would looking forward to it coming out, but here we are. I do hope to play the full version next year but if it is not possible, don't worry. Release it whenever you think it is ready. I don't think anyone wants another Cyberpunk 2077 incident.
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Will these songs will be released to the music section in the future?
Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
Oh no! Looks like Dr. Wawee is at it again...Just kidding. I'm gonna to test this boss very soon, looks very fun, and from what I saw, looks very neat. #smrpg{y}
Originally posted by HammerBrother
Will these songs will be released to the music section in the future?

All of the unique assets introduced in SMWCP2 will be put in the corresponding section once the hack is finished.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...

Alright, just played more of the hack. I completed three more worlds, so now I am on world six. I'll start out with a couple of complaints.

First off, the world three boss, is it beatable or something, because when the boss turns to stone, nothing happens. I spin jump on it and while it does show some cracks, nothing else happens is there something else I need to do?

For the level Jewel Jubilation, some of the foreground objects and background objects kind of blend in with each other like this and makes some sections annoying to do since it is hard to tell at first what's solid and what's not. I would suggest making the background objects a bit darker.

That's pretty much it as far as complaints are concerned. My opinion on this hack still stands despite the issues I have. Also, I haven't talked about this, but man, do I love music. I think some of my favorites would have to be Factory Fugue, Overburn, Celestial Citadel, and some of the track in world three. (Sorry, I don't remember what they are called.)
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The version of Flight of Fantasy in the OP is optimized (meaning the instruments used are of lower quality in order to save space) and, for some reason, has many mistakes -- wrong notes, missing notes, wrong bends, etc.

Check here in case you're curious about what it's actually meant to sound like.

Ah, there may be some new concept art posted Soon™, so keep an eye out (just one) for that, I suppose.
Originally posted by slakkmichael
First off, the world three boss, is it beatable or something, because when the boss turns to stone, nothing happens. I spin jump on it and while it does show some cracks, nothing else happens is there something else I need to do?

It worked just fine for us; it must be a bug that exists in the boss that makes her invincible. Kinda stupid, but we're gonna revise her anyway.

Anyway, we've got one final update for this C3:

-Twisted Tune, a very minor edit that slightly extends the bright before the loop + makes the sound stereo instead of mono. The track other than that is pretty good, it just needed some fixing.
-Oriental Opus, at long last, is in the game. Thanks so much to Teows for porting it for Dr. Tapeworm after waiting so long! Now let's see if you can get the other music tracks you claimed finished so Teows can port them.

Finally, Magi has made his own concept art of the Dreamer (which he calls Azalea), and Norveg. Links below as the images are too big:

Azalea (Dreamer)

That's all about SMWCP2 for now! Thanks for checking out this thread!
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
What exactly is the lore behind the Dreamer supposed to be? Invoking the Cthulhu mythos definitely seems too dark for a Mario game, even one as serious as this. And her design is pretty darn creepy. I like the name Azalea okay, though.


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