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Anorakun's Bag of Tricks - Day Four: Overworld revamp of my hack + Some neat sprites I've ripped

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Welcome to my C3 thread, ladies and gentlemen. This time, I won't show unlimited ripping works, but each day,
I will showcase something different I prepared for this event. And now, let's go to the main event of day one:

A New Demo of My Hack!

Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest is a very hard hack with 20 levels. Each level has an unique aesthetic, gimmick, thematic and etc.

The story is as follow: Aeron was making a magical experiment, but it went wrong and created a portal that pulled him and his partner, Natsumi to another dimension.
Upon arriving there, they hear about a legend of a golden cookie that can grant any wish, and so, the quest begins.

Who are these characters?


A goofy mage. Very talented at alchemy and casting spells. Also, a decent combatent at the art of swordplay.
Tends to make jokes even in serious situations. One of his magical experiments, that involved summoning a creature, go wrong and that ends sending him and Natsumi
to another dimension. Sadly, he comes off without his magic tomes. The portal itself dragged a lot of his potions to this new world.


A serious shinobi. Leader of a mercenary gang. Stoic, albeit short-tempered. Has to put order in Aeron's confusions. She carries a magical dagger that can generate ice.
She helps Aeron by giving tips and in the story of the hack.


- Four bosses;
- A simple farm with lives;
- Three complete stages. With one being half done and going directly to the boss (Forgotten Library);
- Custom graphics, with most of them, being ripped by me.
- The submap of Mt.Mutsu, just a sneak peek;


- The player graphics. My friend didn't still finish them yet;
- Cutscenes;
- Intro Screen (Didn't make the graphics for it);


Here is the finished poses of my player sprite. Do note that the colors are not final. My friend still polishing the animations and making the remaining ones.

Also, here's a drawing I made yesterday to come back and practice drawing stuff once again. I didn't manage to redrawn Natsumi, because I came back recently from a long period without drawing, but oh well. Here it is.



Check here what I posted in day two


Overworld and sprites rips. Check it out!

A finishing touch to my third Kochobo level and a drawing of my Shinobi OC in swimsuit I made today

It's always cool to see chocolate hacks like this that have new original characters and universes, as most of the hacks constantly use Mario over and over again. The screenshots look really good and the levels seem to be fun to play.

Great to see some hacks with new characters. I'm definitely going to play it
Just some Ys fan lol
Thanks for the feedback, guys. I would like to have feedback about the levels or the bosses, if you could elaborate. I want to know how well balanced is the difficulty of my hack. So far, I saw people saying that my iceberg level is the hardest, while others said it's the Gargoyle Cliffs one.

looking cool so far, good job Anora
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
really like the drawings of your characters! the screenshots of the hack look very polished and pleasing as well, nice stuff
soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / youtube / vgm album
I'mma say this was quite unexpected, by far one of the most original works I've seen lately. There's just a few levels yet they're very cleverly designed and definitely worth a play. Looking forward to the finished thing with the player visuals also set up.

Thank you all for the amazing feedback. I shall post my day two content tonight. Meanwhile, I want to share some interesting stuff about my hack, that I'll do in the future. The first one is some bosses I'm planning here how to do.



Ripped straight from Sexy Parodius, this will be the boss of my stage called Decadent Courtyard, a homage to Castlevania. I planned her attack pattern to be as follow: the snakes in her head shoots some bullets, from the eyes, she will release a petrifying beam and finally, the cherry on the top: spawn of medusa head sprites to difficultate the fight even more.


This funny and sexy ghost is ripped straight from Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius. Ghost Lady is one of the first bosses in The Legend of the Mystical Ninja. My plan is that she shoots some plates at the player and some variations of it the more hits she takes. She will be in the level after the Forgotten Library, Horohoro Temple (provisory name).


The sixth boss (Super Famicom) of Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius. I plan to make a boss fight where the player will have to avoid his puyo-puyo strings. Temple Lord is from the game Taisen Puzzle Drama.

Like I said many times, my hack will have a wacky energy and will have some crazy and nonsense moments in cutscenes and lorewise. So yeah, expect some bizarre stuff from Parodius.

Now, I want to showcase some stuff I ripped specially to use in my hack.


Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius ~forever with me~(PSX) - Goemon Compact Room

This background will be used for my Kabuki castle themed level. I didn't decide a boss for it yet. Since it uses way too many colors, I don't plan to release it in the site.

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius ~forever with me~(PSX) - Fiesta Base (Outside)

This background probably will be used in Setsuma Village, a japanese village with some farm of lives.

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius - Let's Play with the Master

I plan to make a puyo-puyo themed stage. With tons of crazy enemies and Parodius references. Expect something silly.

-- x --

Anyway, expect a very neat surprise tonight.

I'm really excited for this hack. Your player character, Aeron, is really charming, btw. I want to see him completed!
This hack is great, i've previously played other demos you've sent, and i think the level design of it is fun and very challenging, also, interesting rips you've made too.

My favorite level is the library. Great stuff!
This is looking great so far. The original characters are cool, I like Aeron's design. About the hack itself, the levels are very well designed, being challenging yet lots of fun to play, and the graphics give them a charm of uniqueness and personality.
Now for the main attraction of day 2.

My Three Kochobo Dourado 2 Levels

You may be wondering? What the hell is a KOCHOBO? Why is it golden? What is a Kochobo Dourado, you may be asking? Kochobo Dourado is a brazillian collab hack, organized by TheMorganah and Lester Vine, the founders of Mario Hacks. The first hack was released there last year.

Now, meanwhile the second hack is on the oven, Morganah said I can release my levels. Now, without further ado, let's see the levels, shall we?

Entry 01: Aerodynamics City

Difficulty: Very Hard
Exits: 01
Moon: Nope
Yoshi Coins: Yes.

The year is 30XX. We still don't have flying cars. Mega Man is gone, but Tengu Man came back to cause the chaos in a peaceful futuristic city. So now, our plumber shall defeat this nasty robot master in a sky high adventure filled with hazards and broken pipes.

This level is a homage of mine to Mega Man series in general.

Entry 02: Blackthorne Remains

Difficulty: Very Hard
Exits: 02
Moon: Nope.
Yoshi Coins: Nope.

Mario defeated Dracula and ended his reign of terror, but while he was fighting the vampire, Iggy and Reznor destroyed and ravaged an entire city. Oh no! Go Mr. Plumber and vanquish the darkness.

This stage is HEAVILY inspired by Castlevania in difficulty and in how short it is.

Entry 03: Frigid Garden Panic

Difficulty: HARD
Exits: 01.
Moon: Nope.
Yoshi Coins: Nope.

This is my most polished entry so far. It's also dedicated to my friend Akutarex, a cool guy who loves Prinny more than anyone else. The story is as follow: The Pot Penguin Gang stole Akutarex's precious golden coins. Without them, he can't buy the new upcoming Disgaea game. Now Mario must recover the stolen golden.

The inspiration from this one is actually three series: Parodius , Ganbare Goemon and Sonic. It's also the level I spent most time making, so I hope you enjoy it as much I did making it. :O


Special thanks for No Body the Dragon for such amazing sprite work;  Teows and KiloMinimo for the ports of the third entry, mainly the Target Practice from Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius, Ice Moon Fortress from Ganbare Goemon 4, Ganbare Goemon 2: Xexex Clear and the Omae wa Mou Shindeiru sample; Also, a special thanks as well for Rykon-V73, without his rip of Press Garden Zone Act 2 layer 3 (Trees), my level would be incomplete.

These levels seem to be pretty interesting to play, and they look pretty cool too, i specially like Blackthorne Remain.

These levels are all great! The level design and aesthetics are excellent. My favorite one was Frigid Garden Panic.
Just some Ys fan lol
It's nice to see original characters being used really looking forward to trying this out

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest C3 Demo by Anorakun

The Title Screen is as amazing as last time.

The Intro Screen is meh, since it's still WIP I won't look into it much.

I started off with BOSS TESTING since that sounds interesting.
Entering the first pipe we fight...

2 Mega Moles Guardians:

Nothing much to say here, pretty simple, not too hard.
Kinda meh boss but it's understandable.

Entering the second pipe we fight...

3 Baseball guys:

Ah yes, I remember fighting these in the demo before C3, thank god their easier this time.
They're attacks are quite fast and on a short delay so be on the lookout for those.
The Pink dudes at the bottom don't pose much of an issue, they're just distractions.
They were fun and quite hard, I enjoyed fighting them now that they're fairer.
A small thing is when the fight ends and the "COURSE CLEAR!" comes up the text "MARIO" Has a blueish outline unlike the regular black.

Entering the third pipe we fight...

The Thunder Lakitu Reskin (I legit forgot his/her name)

The fight is decently hard, the background looks good and the music could use some more "blingies" since the stage is ice themed.
While fighting the boss I found and interesting cheese,
if you make him/her hit the bottom pits,
he/she will be at the height of the middle platform,
making him/her easier to hit thus cheesing the boss.
Other than that the boss is quite fun to fight.

Entering the fourth pipe we fight...

Ancient Spectre or Big Boo Boss Reskin

This 4 phase boss is quite interesting, although I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not but after the 2 phase (Water)
The boss just decided to be on the left side of the screen permanently.
Other than that he was fun to fight and is quite easy to defeat.

Now onwards with the levels:


Last demo this level was quite hard and now it's gotten slightly easier.
The first section is super easy now, not sure if you tweaked it to be like so or I just have bad memory.
The second section is uhmm.. something.
The Ropes are inconsistent, Sometimes you grab onto the rope for a split second then you let go of it
and sometimes Mario just doesn't want to grab the rope even though you're in front of the rope, holding UP the entire time.
Aside from that I like this unintentional Among Us reference even though it's just an "A". ;)

The Checkpoint has a weird palette, as well as cutoffs with the animation. A simple GFX swap can fix this issue.

One thing I forgot to mention is that when you clear the first boss the "Boss Clear" Music doesn't play, instead the music keeps going.
The level is superbly designed. The graphics are interesting, the music is top notch and the boss is kinda meh.


The background is beautiful! The graphics are appealing and the level not too hard.
Weird Checkpoint Palette numero due! Seriously, the level looks amazing but the midway looks bad.

Same issue as the last demo, but now the turns blocks are a weird color.

The Second area is big oof, and by oof I mean quite hard.
It's good looking and has interesting enemies, with the Sumo Mega Moles as my favorites.
Overall the level is cool.


I had nightmares about this one, it was the most difficult thing ever,
(For a non kaizo hack) but that's in the past now.
What has changed? Well, the second section is a little bit easier, which is a plus.
The level relatively stayed the same but was less of a pain to deal with than last time.


Last time, this one wasn't fully completed.
And from what I have seen on Discord it looks very fun, so let's get into it.
The level is very fun! It wasn't stupidly difficult, or had an ugly midway.
The graphics look neat, the boss was fun to fight but the level is very short.

Overall I liked this demo a lot and it was very fun to play.

Great Job Anorakun and good luck with your project! #smrpg{y}

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
I really like when you mix standard and kaizo level design... The hack's lore is awesome, btw. I can't wait 'till play the final version, great job Anorak.
Anorakuns Kochobo Levels

Minor Note: I didn't watch the original thread with the Kochobo Levels because I didn't want to spoil myself :P

Aerodynamics City:
The Graphics, The music and the design all come together to create one beautiful city level.
The Sewers part was especially interesting due to the Air raising you up and down.
Although in the boss room it says "THROW" You can just jump into his feet and damage him that way.
That was one rollercoaster of a level and it was amazing to play.

Blackthorn Remains:
This was has to be my favorite. The Castlevania style fits perfectly with what you have designed here.
Especially loving the Death Jingle. The Boss is very interesting but something isn't quite right.
Post Note: Didn't think that this level had 2 exits so these are opinions after the Frigid Garden Panic.
Gosh... That Secret Exit was really interesting to find. I didn't even expect it to be like this! Amazing work Anorakun!
I'm just wandering how did you set up that Iggy Boss? Mine doesn't go above 5 HP before it becomes invincible.
Anyway, that was one hard level! I had fun playing it and even when i was dying i had fun hearing that jingle!

Frigid Garden Panic:
This was wild! First we have the outdoor Chinese type styled temple then the inside is a like a dojo.
This can be it's own hack honestly, Everything is amazing, the music, the graphics, the overworld.
Can you tell me what the Penguin at the beginning says, I don't speak that language and I really want to know.

Those were amazing Anorakun! I didn't find anything that bad in any of them.
Not even a single bug or cheese. Great work!

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
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