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Purgatory, nearing its completion

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldScreenshots

Hey, you clicked on this thread. Hi!

This is Purgatory, a kaizo: light hack I've been working on for the last 7-8 months (I think I started around May 2020). I was hoping to have it completed by the end of December, but it's best that I don't rush things. There will be 20 exits, 17 of which are complete. The rest are at least half-done, so hopefully I get those finished up soon. This being my first hack, my only goal was to create a collection of levels that I found to be fun to play. Mostly pure platforming, not much item abuse.

You might not be asking yourself: Does this hack have lore? Indeed it does.
In short: Mario has died. The afterlife welcomes him with a path to Paradise, beyond the apex of Mount Purgatory. And so he journeys on, scaling the mountain in hopes of escaping.

Enough lore, let's do some sight-seeing. Those who frequent the SMW Central Discord kaizo channel might have seen some of these over the past few months.

I've had a ton of fun making this hack and I hope to put this piece of myself out there pretty soon! (:
This is honestly a pretty cool concept for a kaizo hack. I especially love the aesthetics; even in the "brighter" levels, the palettes still give off a rather gloomy and forlorn atmosphere. A quite lovely way to represent "Purgatory", if you ask me.

I'm not the biggest kaizo player on the site (though I do occasionally play kaizo:light), but these setups do look pretty fun. I'm glad you're having fun making it, it looks like that will pay off!
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I've seen some of the stuff you've shown on Discord and also watched some people playtest it on Twitch and what I saw looked neat, I wish you good luck on finishing it.
Good stuff, I've seen a bit of this around looking forward to it's release. :)
purgatory is also where my hack has been sent

I'm not fond of kaizo hacks but yours makes great use of vanilla graphics. Honestly, we have an endless supply of custom graphics but the prettiest hacks to me are the ones that make the best use of what the base game already has (you can guess I very much enjoy VLDC when it comes around)
Gorgeous visuals. Not the biggest kaizo fan, but this already looks cool in both idea and execution.
Something about it gives off a melancholy aurora, which I like.
Looks great! Really digging the ethereal-type visuals. Can't wait to give it a shot!
One of my most anticipated hacks of 2020. Has looked great in playtesting!
I think I remember seeing a few clips on the discord. Going by the screenshots it certainly does look nice and it looks like it's got some nice gimmicks (the water/ice level looks particularly fun).
I saw Kez testing this, and it looks really cool! Keep it up, and good luck on your release.
I adore those animated vines. This Kaizo hack is SO stylish, I might even want to try a few Kaizo hacks every now and then.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
I'm not really a big Kaizo player but this looks really nice, the palettes are great and the graphics all work well together. I like the fact you're abusing the running on muncher thing with the sky tree too.
love the palettes! this looks very polished for (mostly) vanilla graphics, nice work; hope the rest of development goes smoothly!
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Kaizo's not really my thing, but this looks like it'd be fun for that audience! I agree with sinc-x, the palettes are very nice-looking. Would love to watch someone play this!
Like said above, I'm not usually much of a Kaizo fan but I'm diggin' the look of this hack from what I can see. The palettes really capture this "dream"-like aesthetic that I think meshes well with the lore. That, and these screenshots alone exhibit how well you mix together different elements together without it just ending up a mess.

Great work, I may just have to pull my old SNES controller and adaptor out for this one.
I wish I was good at Kaizo to be able to play and enjoy this.

That said I really enjoy looking at all of these GIF's and seeing the levels in action.
Really great aesthetics using a mainly Vanilla Style yet it looks so clean and refreshing. Very Nice work can't wait to see it fully done.
Not exactly my kind of gameplay but I really like how the palettes look

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Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldScreenshots