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Dippy's port thread (2021 Edition)

MusicSuper Mario World

Hey y'all. I'm back again for another C3 port thread. But things are a little different this time because I decided to actually come prepared.

I've got 4 ports done for this C3 (3 sampled one unsampled) for you guys. I'm really proud of them and I hope that you'll enjoy them as well.

As usual, I'll add more ports here if I get more done during C3, and I'll also release the TXT files w/ samples after the time period for posting threads ends.

Without further ado, here are the ports!

Jeroen Tel - Maximum Drill
Originally an Amiga .mod file, This is Jeroen Tel's Maximum Drill. Jeroen Tel is an awesome composer and I suggest you guys listen to his other tracker stuff. He's made some killer tunes.

Mega Man Battle Network 3 - Shooting Enemy
Based off of the version from Mega Man Battle Network 5 Double Team DS on the DS. An energetic battle theme!

Mega Man Battle Network 4.5 - Battlefield
Once again based off of the Mega Man Battle Network 5 Double Team DS version, Mega Man Battle Network 4.5 (Rockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation in Japan) was a Japan-only entry in the MMBN series. I really like this battle theme.

Touhou Yumejikuu ~ PoDD - Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream
That's right. I've crossed over to the dark side and made a Touhou port. I'll admit, I don't know like ANYTHING about Touhou, but I've always liked this song, so I decided to port it. (Shoutouts to bebn legg for providing a midi and stuff)

That's all I've got for now! Feedback is appreciated if you have any.
I still need to play the old Touhou games more.
How are things?
Please pardon the eye.
touhou touhou touhou finally i have corrupted the dippy....

Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream is the only song I know here, and I love what you've done with it! It has a nice blend of clean instrumentation and mixing, alongside a certain 2009-y nostalgia to it. There's just something about unsampled Touhou ports.

Listening to the other ones, and I love them as well! The Mega Man ones are so energetic.

Nice job as usual!
These sound very clean and well done, good job. I think my favorite is Mega Man Battle Network 3 - Shooting Enemy. Also nice to see a Jeroen Tel tune that's not Winter Gold.
Oh yea great job, each one of these is just amazing. I'd say I like the MMBN ones the most for the energy they have, it's the sort of music I could easily picture myself porting. But!!!! Maximum Drill also deserves a spot, sure not an easy one to get sounding good.

The Touhou one is pretty good too, though I could tell I'm not quite enjoying the noise open hi-hats in it, imo they could have the same "pitch" of the closed ones (the different adsr suffices). Details apart, great job with that one aswell!
oh shit, MMBN stuff, nice; thought I'd be the only one that actually did any ports of it haha

Anyway, I'm actually kind of surprised you went with the Double Team DS versions for both of those themes, since that game's soundtrack doesn't tend to get too much love, but a lot of the arrangements for each of the tracks are pretty damn good, especially for Nintendo DS standards, so nice to see it finally getting some love #tb{:)}

(I'll check the other ports later btw, just wanted to talk about the MMBN ones first since the OST to those games are very dear to my heart n' all that :P)
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Thanks for all the compliments on the ports guys! Gonna see if I can make some ports and get them out within the next few days for y'all.
very nice stuff! definitely agree on the mmbn ones being my favorites, very well arranged!
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ugh i'm completely in love with the jeroen tel port, i can't wait to give it a use after C3. it's such a fuckin jam

ofc the rest of the ports are Dippy-Quality work as usual.
These ports sounds really fantastic! My favourite one is Mega Man Battle Network 3 - Shooting Enemy.
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Not familiar with any of these songs personally, but regardless, I think they sound lovely o: I think I like Battlefield the most!
Awesome to see some Amiga stuff get ported
It's always nice to hear Touhou music ports.
It's funny how Touhou and its music has always been closely tied into SMW Hacks.

Its quite the nice track and I'm someone as well who knows nothing about the series.
these are some good ports, you have a lot of potential
Another Jeroen Tel port? Oh man, can't wait to listen!
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Since C3 is now "over", I've added the download links to the OP so you guys can use these songs in your hacks! Enjoy!
These ports are absolute bops, especially the Jeroen Tel and Touhou ones. The Mega Man ports also sound really crisp and upbeat, a match made in heaven for athletic levels.

Great work with them all as per usual, Dippy!
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