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Modern Birdo Player GFX (+ Demo)

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldDemoVideo/Trailer

Not exactly a C3 release, but I thought of showing off the latest project I've completed.
This is my first GFX release, so go easy on me #tb{:>}.

>Go to the Graphics Section
>Play a hack with the GFX applied
now you just need a mario reskin for the birdo boss sprite! always nice to see more player sprites being made, nice work!
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Why am I not surprised you make Birdo graphics :lul: but I like Snic-X's idea of having a resprite of Birdo into Mario
Looks neat!
Tbh, I never really thought much about custom player characters way back when. It just felt weird to me to not play as Mario. Though I've opened up more since then.
Please pardon the eye.
Aw, I like the small birdo sprite. Really cute!
Aw look at them go.
Very good job on that birdo player.
This character is super cute.
i like that borbo actually shoots fireballs out of her mouth, very cute!

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
As I've said before I am always happy to see more ways people can make there hacks be more distinct by changing Mario for a different character.
The little detail of Birdo shooting the Fireballs from her mouth is just 10/10. #smrpg{mlem}

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldDemoVideo/Trailer