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mercurypenny's old port/composition dumping ground

MusicSuper Mario World

felt kinda spontaneous and decided to release a bunch of old stuff i never got around to pushing out! here's a list of everything in the .zip:

the Morton's Empire OST (2016~2018)
well, not all of it. daizo dee von made the final boss and final boss victory tunes iirc, but i handled everything included in the "morton" folder.

said folder contains 6 map themes (fire, desert, jungle, ice, castle, and void), 6 accompanying death themes, a boss tune, level clear jingle, boss clear jingle, and the title theme. also included is an unused theme for the final level (AAAAHAHHAHAhah.txt)! prolly left out of the final product because the second half is pretty weak, but i'm still releasing it, because there are some cool ideas here.

i've thought of submitting these to the music section but that would require having all the samples in a uniform folder and >effort
samples used: clap.brr (title), Crash Cymbal.brr (title) Tubular Bell.brr (title, fire map), Choir.brr (boss), cymbal (void map)

A Link To The Past: Unsheathing the Master Sword (2016)
short jingle thing i ported and never released. not much to it

bam.txt (2017)
random, kinda basic unreleased composition. idk what you'd use it for, but posting practical ports isn't what this thread's for 😎

Death Valley (2018)
nes-level basic composition. i kinda jive with the vibe but never submitted it since it's a 3-channel tune

ebin grass.txt (2016)
insanely happy, almost cutesy grass level tune. iirc it was inspired by the 2nd grassland tune from the mushroom kingdom meltdown reloaded soundtrack.
samples used: cymbal.brr

ebin cave.txt (2016)
basic smb1 cave theme remix. i was definitely influenced by the smwcp2 cave theme torchkas made around that time to use echo-y @9s, not really relevant to anything but thought it was worth mentioning
samples used: cymbal.brr

message.txt (2016)
this one was specifically created for a kaizo level i made based around message boxes, layer 3 water, and the patch that makes sprite interaction more comprehensive. it's a little messy and really specialized but eh, i imagine someone could possibly get some use out of it
samples used: water.brr

A Letter To You, Honey - MOTHER 3 (2017)
unsampled port of a mother 3 tune. as long as you don't compare how full the mix is to the original it sounds pretty good!

there are also three unfinished spcs included: super mario galaxy - space fantasy (2015, just never did the second half lol), theme of love - mother 3 (2017, same deal) and beat.spc (2016~2017, unfinished morton's empire credits theme). no txts though since they are unfinished, i mostly wanted to acknowledge that they exist and had a decent amount of effort put into them before abandonment

get it here

(i might get back to doing smw music stuff at some point. maybe. you never know)
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
the Morton's Empire OST (2016~2018)

Glad to see this finally get released, feels a bit nostalgic listening to it again after all this time.

bam.txt and Death Valley are also pretty good, can definitively think of some uses for them.

My hacks: Justice for Mario / Unnamed Kaizo Hack
Those all are very cute and ear-pleasing.
I especially enjoyed the tracks from morton, they have a sort of vanilla vibe to them while being original and catchy. The fire map one surely is my favourite so far.
Oh hey glad to see you're still around. These SPC's sound quite nice! Glad you decided to release em #smw{:TUP:}
These are definitively underrated, I hope they would get more attention. message.txt made me burst out laughing for some reason, using the message box sample was creative and I really like the music itself! The Morton's Empire OST is great and these loose ports are nice too. A Letter To You, Honey is my favorite one from this pack. Great job!
i just realized i somehow forgot to include letter.spc, lol. link in op updated
Quite the nice little collection. It's nice to be able to listen and potentially use in some projects.

I always quite like it when assets are saved from sitting in folders till the end of time. #smrpg{haha}
These are all good songs :D
I still remember hearing your very first compositions back in 2014/2015 (or whenever that was), and I'm surprised I didn't keep listening to them - it really sounds like you improved a lot at some point! All of these sound pretty nice, even the "random" one (bam). I can see these songs fitting in pretty well if it was used as the original soundtrack of a full-length hack.

Pretty good stuff. My favorite might be the "ebin grass", though it's hard to decide.
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MusicSuper Mario World