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Sonikku's C3 Showoff / Request thread
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2021 - Sonikku's C3 Showoff / Request thread
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Normally I reserve C3 to release some of the ASM I've been working on over the last few months. This time I won't be doing that.

Instead, I'll show off a short video of a few things I have been working on. If you've been paying attention to #showoff on Discord, you've probably seen most of this already:

It might look like SMAS:SMB2 at first glance, but rest assured that it is indeed SMW, albeit heavily modified. Besides a few minor things (i.e. the "kick" SFX playing when throwing stuff) that I forgot to fix when I went ahead and updated it for SA-1 today. You might remember that I was working on a hack in a similar SMB2 style somewhere around eight years ago, which in retrospect looks the part but absolutely does not play the part.

A lot of code -- including the full behavior of the player character(s), was ported from SMB2. Meaning all the small things are implemented: Peach having a slower grab animation, Luigi's kicking jump, or Toad's super speed when carrying an object. This is thanks, in part, to SMB2 being insanely weird with how it handles physics (who thought to push jump height, running speeds, etc. to RAM?).

Of course, I'm not planning to release this as a patch for public usage -- it's actually a mess of code right now. But I might actually decide to work on a SMB2-styled SMW hack. Maybe.

And for the request part -- I'll be allowing a handful of requests sprite requests. I don't normally do ASM-related requests, so consider this a limited time thing.

A few ground rules though:
- 1 request per-person.
- Provide GFX. A .bin file would be cool, but a PNG image would be sufficient. I'm not going to draw it though.
- No blatantly joke or stupid requests.
- The sprite must not contain super complex AI.
- Cannot be a boss sprite (or at least, not a complex boss sprite).
- Sprite cannot have excessive animation frames, or have too many moving parts.
- If sprite is from a game and it should be accurate to the source material, ensure that I don't have to play more than a few minutes into the game to encounter and study its behavior.
- There's zero guarantee I'll actually complete it, but I'll try. That's how things go with me.

I'll be keeping track of those that make unreasonable or blatantly joke requests, blacklisting them from future ASM requests if I do them again.

The first things I think about are most of the SMB2/SMB3 enemy cast up to the NSMB games, or games like Cave Story or Metroid.

Only the first 5 requests made in this thread will be accepted. If I find enough interest in it, I might hand-pick a couple others, so don't be deterred even if all slots are gone.

The list is as follows:

1. Super Mario Advance 4 / Blue Boomerang [?] (COMPLETE)
2. Super Mario Bros. 3 / Goomba/Kuribo Shoe [?]
3. Trenchcoat Ninji [?]
4. Strollin' Stu [?]
5. Yoshi's Island / Ukiki [?]

Amazing that this is all done in the SMW engine. Even though you don't plan on releasing it publicly, I'd love to see a hack based off all of this.

Just curious, was the mechanic to change characters on the fly something you coded yourself?
Originally posted by DeppySlide
Amazing that this is all done in the SMW engine. Even though you don't plan on releasing it publicly, I'd love to see a hack based off all of this.

Just curious, was the mechanic to change characters on the fly something you coded yourself?

yes, though it's intended to be a bit of debug code and nothing more

i plan to utilize it in a similar menu as smb2, but i might push it onto a pause screen thing with some sort of cooldown/unlock conditions for the level/world

This is interesting.
I remember on the discord, people were always saying that they'd hit the limit of what can be done to modify a 30 year old game.
It's things like this, that help keep it alive.

Please pardon the eye.
Just FTR, I was tempted to request a more accurate SMB3 bowser (which i do have the .bin file and the asm files from brutal mario for that as a reference) but ill ultimately go with Goomba's Shoe from SMB3 as per the parameters of the rules.

Video -
Sprite Sheet here -
EDIT - - zmz state file for smas smb3 world 5-3

Also will romi's spritetool compatibility can be an option per individual request (that is, if said person's request makes it into the slot)?

On Pixel Art Requests: I generally do not accept work unless I either have the time, if I see your project worth my time to contribute towards, and that is usually me doing the approaching to you on that.
-I also do not accept speculative work as I do have various art I made on-hand with me.
-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

I still can't imagine how that you're remaking SMB2 inside of SMW.
The first time that I see I get impressed of your hard work, and how you coded it. I wish you good luck porting the physics of SMB2! #w{<3}
Look, I think that Vile (without Ride Armor) from Mega Man X would't be hard to Code.
Here's a Video of his Battle and Here's a Sprite Sheet.
Looks great and I appreciate the attention to detail with all the niche mechanics - I recall you explaining how a few of them worked in the Discord and that was certainly interesting to know.
The idea of a new hack with all the SMB2 mechanics sounds pretty damn great. Hopefully you go through with it (no pressure).

My sprite request is something which was actually mentioned by someone else in another server but I think it would be cool - a "trenchcoat" Ninji. Basically, a tall sprite that when bounced on, a Ninji pops out and the sprite gets shorter, until all the Ninji have popped out (the number could be set in the extra bytes, and determines how tall the trenchcoat Ninji is. Alternatively, they could all pop out at once when jumped on. Options for the speeds of the spawned Ninji would also be nice.

Here's the GFX. It overwrites 3 16x16 tiles, and should hopefully be pretty easy to work with in the GFX routine.
Blue boomerang from SMA4, please. #tb{:)}
I can't find sprite sheet with boomerang only, but here's link that certain it.
(Would be awesome if you can include boomerang bro too that throwing this instead normal one for extra like some stages of e-world, but fine if you don't. =D)
Anyway, amazing that you basically copied SMB2 to SMW. :O

Edit : Here's my rip of boomerang gfx! #tb{:)}
A more accurate Strollin' Stu from Mario Sunshine. So, when you kick them, they blast off spinning around in one direction until they hit a wall, or they can be thrown up to the ceiling, OR you can stomp on them, in which case they go SPLAT, then poof out of existence a good few frames later. If they hit a block, they can activate said block.

The splat frames aren't drawn on this sprite, but if you decide to go with this I can draw some up, both a vertical splat sprite and a horizontal one. Also since this graphic set doesn't have rotated vertical frames for when it spins around after kicking it, those would be pretty easy to do.
The splat frames themselves can just require one 8x8 tile, mirrored, like how the koopa splat sprite looks in the same sprite sheet. - Time stamp at 0:22 for some gameplay footage.

In the game they do a little bounce and chase after you if you get too close, I don't know how "complex" this is, but it would be a cool feature.

There's also the behaviour where, if multiple ones are upside down (from spraying them) and THEN you stomp on them, all upside-down ones die together. I feel like this would be far too complex in itself to code PLUS its not like we have the spray nozzle in SMW to turn them upside-down to begin with, so I don't expect this to be possible with this sprite.
So, uh, for me, the main image in the post can't be found.
Just an awareness thing?

(Seems fixed now)

Please pardon the eye.
I am actually kinda impressed with how you ported SMB2 into SMW in terms of gameplay but might I recommend a small Quality of Life change to your little project?

In SMBX you have to press down + B to grab veggies and whatnot and that's a better and less finicky system than OG SMB2's more context sensitive grabbing system and it prevents people from accidently grabbing shyguys when they don't want to (like when you're riding a shyguy across a spike pit and you accident grab em and hurt yourself in the process)

I know it might come off as weird as first due to muscle memory (I was briefly tripped up when I went to check out SMB2 in Ladiesman's SMM2 SMAS music patch due to being used to how SMBX handle's SMB2 veggie pulling/grabbing mechanic) but it is a better system overall.
No request so far but I just come to say I followed the SMB2 things on discord a lot so far and I am stunned how you re-created them in SMW. I follow your works with great interest, thank you so much.

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Forgive the selfish request. I’ll edit this tomorrow morning to write more about my thoughts on all your cool stuff. Since this is semi done, how about veggies that behave like ones in sma4? I think the only difference is 3 extra versions, one pulls out a death mushroom, one pulls out a huge giant radish/onion, and one pulls out a certain amount of sprite coins at once. This or smb3 koopalings lol.

EDIT: I've been replying a lot to your showoffs on discord but I can't stress enough the incredible level of accuracy on these! Like dude, you're really pushing the level of what many people would consider amazing and maybe even be setting a new standard when it comes to porting sprites from other games. Hope you're never satisfied, bc once you're satisfied, that's when you stop!
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
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SPC Thread
From our family to you, keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and remember, hugs not drugs.
That SMB2 thing is spot on, always impressed by your work man. I feel like when it comes to ASM, you're one of the MVP's that's pretty much always in the spotlight, and when it comes to C3 threads, yours is one I'm always on the look out for if only to see stuff like this. Those animated doors are by far the best thing I've seen on this, if only because of the simplicity/authenticity of having animated doors actually brings.

As for the request side of things, I'm going to suggest the monkeys from Yoshi's Island, those little buggers are pretty mischievous and I feel like SMW could use some sprites that are dangerous in an indirect sort of way. I will provide graphics tomorrow just b/c it would take too long to rip them before posting.

Graphics (SP3)
Seeing this in smb2 is amazing loving it also hope this isn't a silly request just big bertha but it shoots fireballs as it is moving or when it opens it's mouth.


You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Wouldn't ask too much and would be unique to see...

But, a Bandit from Yoshi's Island that actually steals your reserve power-up


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Puyo Maguro World Creator
Man that's a nearly-flawless conversion of the Mario 2 mechanics. I can even see that health system being it's own patch in the future.

As for requests, I would love to see a proper animated door like the one from the video and the SNES/GBA port of Mario 3. Besides the ones from Yoshi's Island, the others hosted are either too wonky, lack animation frames or lose their main selling point when used in layer 2 levels.
That's impressive that you were able to port SMB2's mechanics to SMW so accurately. Hopefully, this can be used for some interesting things in the future.

For the sprite request, I'd like one of the following sprites from Yoshi's Island:
- Kaboomba
- Flipping spike platform (from 1-8)
- Stilt Guy
- Blocker
- Pushable pot
- Yellow and red Bullet Bill blasters
I'm not sure which of these would be too complex. You can find the graphics here, except for the Bullet Bill stuff, some of which you could get from the existing YI Bullet Bill shooter sprite and a graphics scaling and rotating tool (or if you want to do them, I could send you the graphics or whatever).

With that out of the way, you don't need me to tell you how impressive this is to insert a whole different gameplay style into SMW. Can't wait to see what comes out of it!
I don't have a request; it's just so cool to see SMB2 in SMW.
For the sprite request, I was thinking of bringing over the Cleft enemy from Paper Mario.
It stays disguised as a rock until Mario gets close enough to it and then it charges at him. If hit from below, it can be flipped/stunned allowing it to be picked up like a Galoomba.
Graphics: Here

Don't eat the sandwich
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