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A Plumber For All Seasons - C3 Progress Thread
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2021 - A Plumber For All Seasons - C3 Progress Thread
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A Plumber For All Seasons is a hack I've been working for a scary amount of time. For those who haven't heard of it, the main premises are:
  • there's four main worlds, each in the same location but in a different season
  • I'm trying to make as many resources as possible myself — certainly all the graphics, a lot of ASM, and perhaps some music here and there. (psst! if you're interested in composing music for this hack, get in touch with me!)

For the past few C3s I've managed to show a couple of trailers, each showcasing one of the four worlds that I had (mostly) finished just then. Sadly, I can't keep the streak going this time. #tb{''} This semester has been way busier than I thought it'd be, and likely will be until February - I do have generous amounts of free time still, but I have so many tasks to juggle simultaneously that it's hard to focus on doing anything at all. A general, probably pandemic-induced, increase in dawdling doesn't help either.

Regardless, and since people have been asking about my progress, here are the couple of things I did get done since last C3!

That's right, after putting up the world 4 trailer last C3 I'm still working on a level in world 4! #tb{:]}

For those who haven't seen what I've been posting here and there, this is 4-6, the winter ghost house. The gimmick is large boo blocks that disguise as christmas presents, so the level is called... "Ghost of Christmas Present". For better or for worse, I based the whole level off of that pun - I started off with nothing but the name and the gimmick and built everything around it.

Exodustx0, one of the people who've been so kind to compose a couple of music tracks for me, provided the next puzzle piece, before I'd started building anything else in the level: a creepy wintery ghost house tune. That kind of pinned down the atmosphere: a run-down ghost house, abandoned and with snow drafts everywhere. I listened to it a lot while making the level.

I did my best to give it an empty and earnestly spooky feel - a washed-out dark palette, a blizzard atmosphere, dead trees as decoration, mostly devoid of enemies and somewhat maze-like - although it is pretty much linear in the end, and features light puzzle elements as well as a platforming segment or two. I'm not sure I succeeded in making the level feel creepy, especially since the platforming and puzzle elements aren't really blending together smoothly, but in the end I do think it's a fine little level. (Done is better than perfect at this point anyway.)

The Christmas boos provide a splotch of color and whimsical contrast to the overall eerieness (which I don't think is a bad thing necessarily), and at the end I couldn't resist ending the level on a happy note. After you've solved all the puzzles and navigated all the platforms, the ending segment is bright and cheerful, featuring happy boos, stacks of presents, and a huge shiny Christmas tree. I'm actually really happy with how that part turned out, and also really glad I managed to fit it all into the GFX files I had. (The glow on the tree had to be made of sprite tiles!)

For those interested in how I drew the tree, I actually posted my progress along the way:

Oh man, those were paragraphs. (yep, that is usually how much thought goes into a level.)

This leaves us with one level to do in world 4, plus the final boss, the postgame, and an extensive (but hopefully not *too* lengthy) period of beta testing, second passes and general polish.

The plan I've been following for a while was to release it during the Winter 2021 C3, but well yeah, here we are already. My current goal, which I'm really eager to meet, is the summer C3 2021 - I don't want to drag this into 2022, and I really want to release this on a C3, so that doesn't leave me with much of a choice of deadline. That sounds really tight, and it probably is, so I'll probably need everyone to help me keep up the pace and motivation. #ab{^^;;;} I'll do my best! We'll see how this goes soon enough either way.

Either way, thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out my hack thread after the C3 forum closes for more progress updates.



I've only been seeing your progress recently, and I must say I'm really excited for this hack! I love your artwork, and the present boo in particular is a really cool enemy. Good luck with your hack!
these screenshots look absolutely beautiful! glad to see this is still pushing forward!

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These screenshots are giving me chills, this hack looks so good and atmospheric.
My Hack - Beta Testing
the snow makes me feel at home, can't wait until this is finished!

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
These levels are really pretty, great use of these present boos!

Just some Ys fan lol
Gorgeous screenshots as always!

I'm really glad to hear this is so close to completion and that there's a possible release for the next C3. All the trailers and screenshots along the progress showcased always made a great impression, and I'm sure the experience this hack will present will not only be pleasant but most unique.

Keep up the great work!

I really love the Christmas aesthetic in this looks lovely


You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

It is really wholesome and beautiful to see!

Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)
I've saw some of your previous updates on this hack, but icr if I've commented on it much, if at all, but I gotta say, I do really like your style, and the things you're managing to pull of here. That snow storm is super fancy! Is that a wave HDMA I see on it? That christmas tree is utterly fantastic too! Really great stuff <3
I have been monitoring this hack's progress for a little while, and I'm stoked that you are still continuing to work on it. It looks fantastic, and I can't wait for a release! Keep up the great work!
Oh, whoops, here we go again! Managed to once again not see this update coming, for whatever reason.

The ghost house really looks great! I especially love the screen with the diagonal platforms. It looks like a place that completely collapsed and gives me some really creepy vibes that I can't even properly put into words.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Loving the ghost house level, man. Can't wait for the finished product in the Summer of 2021!

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And so the Courier who had cheated death in the cemetery outside Goodsprings cheated death once again, and the Mojave wasteland was forever changed.
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You have got to be kidding me.

Few professional SNES games ever looked this good.
Absolutely stunning visuals. I'm looking forward to when this comes out!

i really admire the sheer talent you have in evoking an atmosphere with your works. i find that transcends even this hack, and your ldc entries are always just as beautiful. you've got a super keen eye for great palettes and evoking atmosphere in your levels.

excited to play this in 2040!😘

this is one of the few hacks i've been paying attention to in the past few years and it looks to be something truly special. there's so much effort and passion put into it, and i sincerely envy and commend that.

good luck on meeting your self-set deadline of summer c3!
I'm looking at that tree right there and I'm just blown away by the first frame. Never mind everything that came afterwards. Just... wow, your work is just phenomenal.
Been keeping up with this hack for quite a few years now and it always blows me away the sheer level of quality you've got going for this. Obviously the graphics look incredible—I think literally anyone can see that at just a glance—but the custom elements you've added like the gift-box Boo look like they'd be really fun to play around with.
You continue to produce the most phenomenal visuals I've ever seen in a hack. You have an incredible ability to create beautiful graphics with many levels of polish and appeal. That area with the Christmas tree is breathtaking.
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