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New Super Mario Classic Series: Showroom [Winter 2021]

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Overworld Map
Jazz Overworld| Haunted, Forest (Day), Venom, Volcano, Ice (Day)
Syrup Forest Level

Could fit on the levels, overworld, cutscene, and etc:
Night Forest Map (Expanded)
Night Desert Map (Expanded)
Forest Map (Expanded) (Requested by Dispace Troblex instead of VLDC11 Forest Map)

Forest (BG + FG)

Train (FG Only)


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Lookwise Good. But i like NSMC Forest Submap (Expanded), Night Forest Submap (Expanded), OW Tileset, Forest Tileset, and Train Tileset. Since I was claiming on VLDC11 - Forest Submap, I was transferred into NSMC Forest Submap too because i remake scratch VLDC11 Forest Map with more efficient.
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I really enjoy the overworld songs and the tilesets look really cool. The overworld mostly looks really nice but i think the clouds in the main map could look better, as they don't look like they're floating, maybe try adding a shadow bellow them to make it look like they're high up on the air.
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Thanks for the content friend, the ports and the train GFX are beautiful.
This looks really pretty but I also feel like a shadow behind the clouds would look great

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Beautiful graphics and ports! Thanks for releasing them.
I'm loving the tilesets! They all seem to give off this vibe I can't quite put a name to, where they give off the impression of being "familiar, yet different"; The tilesets seem stylistically similar to something you'd see in an official Nintendo game, but they still look updated and enhanced enough to feel very fresh.

I feel similarly about the overworld, though the palette used there is a lot more "harsh" than anything else I've seen before. Not that it's a bad thing necessarily, just not something I can say I'm really used to.
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I liked the overworld graphics, good job with these!
Layout made by MaxodeX
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Forest Map (Extended) gives the same .zip download file as Night Forest Map (Extended). Aren't they supposed to be different?
Originally posted by brickblock369
Forest Map (Extended) gives the same .zip download file as Night Forest Map (Extended). Aren't they supposed to be different?

OK, I have been fixed this download link because i was forgot me.
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SMW Custom Overworlds are great, and this one is no exception.
I really like how it looks like SMW overworld except there is way more variety in than actual SMW. The foreground's also in SMW style, which makes a great combination.

GraphicsMusicSoundtrackSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseScreenshots