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Waterworld... Yes a hack about water
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2021 - Waterworld... Yes a hack about water
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Dear Kaizoholics!

Wanted to share my upcoming project: Waterworld!
Firstly it may sounds like a nightmare but with this project I wanted to make water element a fun, enjoyable part of a kaizo environment.
Since no one started to create a hack based on water then I took the challenge!
My goal is to show off that water is not bad, janky etc...
I'm trying to be close to vanilla side but you'll notice some choco sprinkles as well.
I hope you will enjoy this small video.

And no... I'm not a madman, just wanted to create something special.

Some details:
With all the levels I'm trying to be short, sweet and somehow challenging. Maybe trying to design it for speedrun purpose.
Every level has its own water mechanic (layer2, layer3 tide, underwater, etc..)
~50-70 mario seconds to clear a level if you can one shot them.
Each palace is even shorter but trollish or even tighter.
~30-40 mario seconds

What's missing still:
- OW
- 1-2 more levels
- Testing phase already started but still need a lot
- Release :)

I stream the creation on my twitch channel if anyone was curious.
It seems to be a great and challenging hack! The aesthetics and concept are great, good luck with the project!

Just some Ys fan lol
Having helped with some stuff I've already seen some of this but I haven't followed much recently, so a lot of those levels are new to me and they look pretty cool! "Tidal ride" is especially interesting. And also of course the aesthetics are on point. Good luck on finishing the hack. #smw{:TUP:}

This hack looks really cool! Even though I'm not a kaizo person myself, I can see myself playing this.

Great work so far and good luck with your project! #smrpg{y}

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
Lots of love, S1Z2 <3

Currently Working On:
Finishing the mountain level in Paradise Island!.
Porting some Ninja Gaiden songs.
Working on OWDC.

Massive thanks to Giga for making the layout!
Nice movie #smrpg{y}


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Um, did you just named your hack after a movie AND a game? I bet people won't get confused by hack names after all...

Well, keep up the great work! Can't wait for the release.
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Since you said Waterworld, I thought this was appropriate:

No but seriously, great work here. Making water levels is a chore when you want to make them fun. What you have here definitely leans toward more fun than boredom. Keep it up! :)

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Using water as a theme for a hack is surely an interesting idea. The levels shown in the video are really creative and even being centered in water gimmicks, it doesn't get repetitive at all because of the diverse ideas. Good luck! I'll certainly give this one a shot once it gets released.
I love the atmosphere to this hack! It's neat to see you explore a singular theme like this, and I can already tell you're using it to its full advantage.
I'm all hooked in with the aesthetics, musics. And the video playthrough is on point.

I'm not a Kaizo player but watching that was relaxing and felt good.

And I am really happy someone gives a real try to make water funny, I've seen too much water level jokes hehe.

Oh btw I'm just seeing tiny 8x8 coins in the Donut Plains 1. Why this chocie? Made me curious.

Good luck!

Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)
I'm really liking the atmosphere both visually and musically, it's always interesting to see a hack with a different theme than usual.
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That's a very neat idea. And I see that you're using musics from Waterworld, so extra points to that. Curious to see how this hack is going to end.

Here's a meme that your hack reminded me of (warning! strong colors ahead. if you have you photosensitive epilepsy, stay away from the spoilered image):

Risky idea to have water as the main concept of the hack but you're doing it really well, I'm impressed. The levels seems quite fun and pretty well-made (and beautiful aesthetics). Nice work!!
Neat. It looks really cool.

When I saw that this Kaizo hack was all about water, I got a bit worried. Good water levels, especially difficult ones are very hard to pull off. Fortunately, after watching the video my worries virtually disappeared! These look like some fun and fair levels. Good work!
Looks great so far. Considering some hacks struggle to keep a single water level engaging, you've done a good job keeping everything interesting so far. Keep it up!
Based on the name of the hack, I'm glad to see that its soundtrack is consisting entirely of Dean Evans music. A kaizo hack (or just any hack) based around water is an interesting idea, especially since water levels tend to be disliked by many people - yet, despite that, the levels shown in the video all look very fun and cleverly designed. Nice!

In the first level shown in the video, there's one point where it seems like the player is required to let themselves take a hit? I'm unsure of that, since there doesn't seem to be any clear indication to the player that they're supposed to do so, at least not without some trial & error (unless forcing the player to do trial & error is the point).

OLDC Judging: In progress
I love the level design and creativity in this. I hope this inspires more interesting water levels in other hacks cause water really is underrated.
Oh wow! Now this is cool!
I've always thought water levels were unfairly hated in Super Mario World. This game has such a wide variety of great water controls and mechanics, and it really allows the player to have a lot of control over their own movement underwater, yet these weren't explored too much in the vanilla game, and hacks in general seem to avoid it altogether (In fact, the only reason i like water levels is because of some water levels i found in kaizo hacks, which make great use of water mechanics!)

So i'm pleased to see a hack take full focus on water as a theme! And not only that, this seems to be a great hack along with it!
I really like the way you designed the levels, each taking advantage of water mechanics in a variety of ways, it shows a lot of creativity in setups and a great flow that's kept throughout the level making it look super fun to play!

The atmosphere as a whole is also great, each and every level looks great, with graphic and pallete choices that look beautiful together, and musics that greatly complement its atmosphere!
I also love the extra attention given to the transition between levels, how you made a level's ending match the start of the next one!

Really great job!

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I really like what I saw in the video. Really nice aesthetics and music choices. Can't wait to see what this hack will look like when it's done!

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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2021 - Waterworld... Yes a hack about water

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