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[RELEASED] NPCs for the 21st Century (one sprite fits all!)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2021 - [RELEASED] NPCs for the 21st Century (one sprite fits all!)
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This is a project that's been on my mind for a long while and that I was planning way in advance to release this C3, but I only started making it on Friday. yay for procrastination

NPC sprites are a very common thing to want to have, and the most recent NPC sprite we have in the sprite section is from... 2011? That is made for the old Sprite Tool, so even to set the displayed message you have to jump through hoops, or insert tons of slightly-different copies of the same sprite. Needless to say, more modern NPC sprites is something people have been asking for a lot.

And here they are!
(well, almost. there's no download yet, but I do have most of the features ready to show.)

What this is
This is an NPC sprite that's highly customizable, and it's customizable through extra bytes alone. That means you only need to insert one sprite, and you can set all the configuration options as you place it in your level. All the settings in just one sprite! The possibilities are endless!

This is thanks to PIXI's extra bytes feature, and I put in all the options I could possibly think of. Indeed, this sprite uses the extra bit and all 12 extra bytes, up to the very last bit. It's pretty crazy.

What features it has
Some of the things you can configure are:

  • stationary or walking
  • face the player or not
  • jump if stationary (including frequency, height, and sound)
  • stay on ledges if walking
  • walk fixed distance (customizable) or indefinitely
  • walking speed
  • walking animation speed
  • time it takes to turn around
  • initial direction
  • follow the player or not
  • jump when against a wall
  • show a message or not
  • show two messages
  • use a different level's messages (indeed, I think this is the first time that all the NPC sprites in a level have an unlimited selection of messages from the ROM!)
  • show a message from the VWF Dialogues patch
  • compatible with the Message Box Expansion patch
  • give the player a powerup after talking
  • disappear after talking
  • teleport the player after talking
  • use a different frame when talking
  • the tilemap of all frames is customizable, as is the palette (so if you want one NPC with different graphics, you can set that through extra bytes!)

This is hard to keep track of (as I experienced first hand), so eventually I'll be making a little GUI that lets you tweak all these options in a form and spits out the string of extra bytes you have to enter in LM. Think of it as a CFG editor made specifically for these NPCs.

What it looks like in action

Download link
None yet, I'm still working on it! I'm weirdly busy these days.

I'll keep you updated, and hopefully I'll have them ready for release before the C3 forum closes!

Still, feedback on what I have so far would be appreciated. #tb{:)}  


Oh wow, this is amazing! I had looked into using the NPC sprites currently on the site a while ago but was put off by how complicated they are to use, so this is really exciting. Looking forward to when this is finished enough to release!!

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I can't believe someone is actually remaking the NPC sprite. It seems there will be a lot of customization options for it, that's crazy. This will surely make towns more alive than ever! #tb{:j}

Great job!
Oh wow, WYE this is simply awesome! I had been very tempted to use some NPCs in my upcoming SMW hack, and I have a good feeling these NPCs will work perfectly for me, so thanks for making them! I look forward to downloading them someday.
Ohhh smashing, look at them go :3

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Bless you for taking the effort to update the sprite for a new age! Having so many variants condensed into one sprite means not only can you have a single villager sprite to populate a whole area alone, but you can have a dedicated character sprite whose dialogue and behavior changes depending on the location.

Would it be trivial to make an NPC flee from a player instead of following them? And also, what was the significance of the Tim Toady twins?


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I will try this just because I like Toad

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WOW, something like this really didn't exist yet?
Well, good job for changing that! #smw{:TUP:}
It was just about time!

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
There's so many customization options!

This looks like a really useful sprite.
Can't believe we are turning SMW into SMBX with how it handles its NPC options. :P

Anyways having these sort of options for NPC's will make hacks feel a lot more alive seeing as they can be more reactive to their environments instead of just staying in a certain spot.
Great work as always WYE! #smrpg{y}
I was thinking about how I could use NPCs yesterday and I was kind of clueless about how to set up things. This looks like it comes at the right time and is decently easy to understand, so this is very much welcome.
oh fuck yes whiteyoshiegg, this is sexy as hell and i am all for it.

Thanks everyone, glad you like them! #tb{:)}

Originally posted by Deeke
Would it be trivial to make an NPC flee from a player instead of following them?

I think it would! I could reuse the "initial direction" bit as a "flee" flag when the "follow player" flag is set.

Originally posted by Deeke
And also, what was the significance of the Tim Toady twins?

It's a reference to a Perl programming motto. It's not relevant to the NPC sprites, and I don't even know Perl, but I've wanted to make that reference for almost a decade now and I finally got the chance. #tb{''}


Rise of the chad NPCs

These are really cool. Plenty of options and the ability to tweak each one individually with the extra bytes is a massive QoL improvement over the old ones, and will hopefully make NPCs a lot more prevalent in hacks!
Finally, the NPC sprite we all needed. Thank you so much for bringing that. #smrpg{<3}
Well done, i can see a lot of interesting uses for these NPCs.
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It was always a dream to have interactive NPCs in a Mario-related project. Looking forward to it WYE #smw{:TUP:}
I'm surprised there has been little done with the NPC stuff for quite awhile. Cool to see some new additions being done to it. Great work! :)

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Amazing! This kind of resource really needs to be updated!
This looks really good, I'll be happy to try this out! I remember fiddling with another NPC sprite years back, but it was really weird and confusing. Good luck with finishing it!
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2021 - [RELEASED] NPCs for the 21st Century (one sprite fits all!)

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