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1F0 by Aureus Team (CANCELED)


Hello guys, I hope you are doing well.

I'm Insanit, the founder of Aureus Team, a team of Brazilian kaizo creators. We recently had the pleasure of announcing our W.I.P collab on the last C3 and our team has been increasing.

Better late than never, we have now a name for our first hack, it will be called...
Original, uh? :P

The project is in the beginning, we have a deadline until December 2021 and we are still looking for people interested in participating, the minimum requirement is to be a Brazilian. If you are not Brazilian but would still like to help us, you can become a playtester. Feel free to send me a DM whenever you want.

Team members:
Insanit: Leader, Level Design
Sammmoo: Co-Leader, Level Design
 Anorakun: Graphics
 Teows: Music, Level Design, Overworld
Pink Gold Peach: Music, Overworld
Mr. MS: Overworld
KiloMinimo: Music, Level Design
Samie Zuccati: Level Design
Noob: Level Design
rvx: Level Design
Deivid Borba: Level Design
mio: Level Design
XGAMER 2009: Level Design
Natsuz2: Level Design
Cartesius: Level Design

Here’s a little bit of what we’ve done so far


This hack looks incredible, with such a strong Kaizo Makers team, it can't be bad, a pity that I won't be able to join the team #w{=(}
Oi, eu sou Ideka, um cara que gosta muito de Super Mario World e de fazer/jogar hacks.

Hi, I'm Ideka, a guy who really likes Super Mario World and doing/playing hacks.

My hacks:

WIP Hacks:
You guys are doing incredibly well in this team hack. The screenshots look promising. While I won't be able to help with the level design right now, I'm still going to give feedback when necessary.

I remember seeing the turn block level in one of the kaizo races when it was formerly a cave, and I was always irked by how needlessly hard it was. Do drag the chuck one tile to the right though, as you can kill it by stomping on its side.

The giant level has some nice challenges and great potential to explore such enemies (I assume you were subconsciously inspired by JUMP's giant fortress?). When recording videos, try not to die a bunch of times so that the main premise is to show the level, not your fails.

Good luck, y'all!
by: ME #w{=)}

New 2 Levels by Zuccati

Blue Switch Palace
By: Me :)

I wanted to participate more I don't know much about kaizo design MAYBE I participate
This project needs some cape stuff.
Originally posted by Alex_X8
This project needs some cape stuff.

sure, I love cape :)