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Bowser's Hideout 2 by Core (submitted by Mr. MS)
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - Bowser's Hideout 2 by Core (submitted by Mr. MS)
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File Name: Bowser's Hideout 2
Submitted: by Mr. MS
Obsoletes: Bowser's Hideout 2
Authors: Core
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: C3 RELEASE

Yes, the long awaited sequel is finally here. :3

If you haven't played Bowser's Hideout go play it.

This is a short 5 level hack with last world difficulty. Each level has its own boss.

The hack features:

Custom sprites

Custom music

Custom blocks



And many other things...

Update: removed all the echo from the songs and now it works in accurate emulators.

I just realised after moderating this hack that is was a updated version of an old hack and should be accepted as long as the music fully works on current emulators.
I did noticed that the music stopped for me in the Tomb Level each time I was playing it. Usually after hitting a ON-OFF Block which should now be the main focus of getting this hack accepted.

While its clear a lot of effort has been put into this hack I'll have to reject it due to what I discovered whilst moderating it.

Starting off in the Ice Castle level the Ice Spikes blend in way too well with the foreground and when you touch them from the sides it looks like they should not hurt you yet the do which is a tad annoying. You can use Custom Blocks that act like Spikes but only hurt Mario from touching directly from above. That or you could make it more distinct and spikier perhaps?

The Underwater Level is home to a lot of issues. The player can swim through nearly all of the Sloped Ceilings. They are pretty finnicky with how the work and way they are used in this level lets the player get into the walls really easily. The player can then get stuck and be forced to die if they get trapped in the small openings scattered throughout the level. If you don't die then you can easily bypass the entire level if you swim carefully as in some areas you can't see Mario so he can get himself easily trapped or stuck again.

Reaching Clawgrip I felt you should have more time to face him however he does go down rather quickly so that's up to you if you want to add more time. I will say that his 8-Bit graphics really don't look good compared to everything else. Why not use his SMAS or GBA sprites for a more cohesive look?

Playing with Luigi can often break the Overworld Graphics. There is a patch to fix this when using custom ExGFX and submaps found in the Patches Section. Or you could disable playing as Luigi?

In the Tomb Level you have blind drops that are guided by coins however they quickly make you need to go in a certain direction rather quickly. I'd say combined with the lack of vision having these sections give the player a little longer to react could be beneficial for a smoother experience. Also when I hit the blocks in the level the music stopped playing for some reason?

The ON-OFF Block shows a Pokey Head. It's an easy fix to relocate the GFX for the sprite used when the block is changing. This occurs in more levels which I've shown via the Screenshot Link. The same goes for the Note Blocks showing an incorrect sprite when they are bounced on.

Later in the level is really tedious section that surrounds a ON-OFF Block which is made worse by the fact you don't even need to hit it seeing as its state is actually correct when you come to see it. Even so trying to get it as Big Mario is rather hard and you almost guaranteed to always take damage.

The Lava Blocks in the final castle act really oddly. Ceiling Lava lets you swim in it for abit whilst some is really precise about where you touch it. Some areas it acts like it is the same level as solid ground which means you have no leeway if you stand to close unlike actual SMW lava which only hurts you when you are a full block in it.

Swimming as Big Mario or Luigi has them lack feet. The feet are found in GFX00 so they appear cut-off when swimming. It's a minor issue but its something I noticed.

I really liked the White & Black room however I noticed an odd quirk. The blocks are shown when you jump but not when you jump from moving Layer 2 which means sometimes you got to take a leap of faith and in a level as long as this its rather annoying. By all means keep the moving blocks but maybe have a solid layer 1 platform before this Boo Ring section?

There is a room in the last level that has ground that hurts you. I only realised this after touching the blocks as the player is told in no way shape or form that they will be hurt by this. A info block or signage could help this issue.

In the same room there is a set-up with a moving block in some lava. Because of how the Lava acts you can't step on this block at all. Unless its a Thwomp which I could not even tell. Regardless the lava takes priority and kills you before you can even stand or spin on whatever it is.

One major issue I found was with the Gravity Room. Its broken. You can jump through the single blocks really easily and it made me really confused. I tried again as Big Mario and it was even easier to just go through them and instantly be sucked to the bottomless pit. When I hit the ON-OFF Block I got sucked through the floor as well which makes me think that whatever way your editing gravity has some really bad issues. You'll need to rework this area as the unfair deaths got frustrating really fast.

The Final Boss is fine except it takes way way way too many hits to defeat. The Clown Car blades hurting you makes sense however the entire body of the thing is a bit of an odd choice. Seriously the boss would be 100% better if you lowered the amount of hits it takes as its more monotonous than challenging.

Overall the level design in some areas could probably do with reworking due to the over usage of certain sprites such as Blue Kicking Koopas. I understand the hack is meant to be hard however it does feel that challenge comes from how many enemies in cramped spaces are out to get you rather than well thought out and tricky placement of hazards. The big glitches with certain levels will need to be the main focus as they caused a lot of unfair deaths.

Screenshot Link
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - Bowser's Hideout 2 by Core (submitted by Mr. MS)

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