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Fight in the Lands of Pain
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A new RPG Strategy Game, based off of various games (Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, and others). There are 6 classes to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Here is a link to the stats download.
Here is an example of what a map in the game would look like. The mage that looks different is a Dark Sage.

And an example of a battle.

Feel free to join. I need 3 more members for the first map. Battle sprites will be FE styled, and map sprites will be FF styled.
I will do 1 map, and if you guys like it, I will continue making them.
And sorry about the menu box, I will work on it more. And if it seems
the assassin is overpowered, he/she takes more exp to level up, and when he/she levels up, guess what? You dont get as much of an increase as the other classes.
I would like to join. I will be the last option of the character, and stuff. =P
The assassin has the 2nd worst leveling in the game. The warrior will level slower, but gets a bigger increase. And the thief levels the fastest, but he has the worst increase. Real quick, my stats. I'm a war hero. If I die, game over. And we'll have to start again. Cuz' I'm the leader.
CharMixa64's Stats
Health: 50
Magic: 20
Strength: 12
Magic Strength: 2
Defense: 7
Critical: 15%
Avoid: 5%
Movement: 3 Spaces
Weapons: All Weapons except Rods and Staves
Starting Weapons/Items:
¥ Tirosenei [Atk 10, Hit Chance 70, Speed 10, Crit 5]
Old Revolver
Bullet x 20
Potion x 15
Miracle Potion x 5
Life Stone x 1
Starting Skills
Double Attack
Fire Fist (Attacks enemy doing 10-25 Fire Damage)[8 Magic]
Prayer of the Forest[Heals party 5-10 Health][5 Magic]
5% Chance to do double damage
I meant any of them. What would you reccomend me being?
Updated roster, with a new character, who we will have to escort to the other side of the first map. If she dies, game over.
-Her stats-

Health: 38
Magic: 10
Strength: 3
Magic Strength: 7
Defense: 6
Critical: 20%
Avoid: 20%
Movement: 5 Spaces
Starting Weapons/Items
Doom Stone x 20 (Atk 1, Hit Chance 88, Speed 20, Crit 10)
Potion x 5
Miracle Potion: 5
§ Ancient Necklace

In order:
SilverBulletStorm - Warrior
[NPC] Jessica Indalae -
CharMixa64 [Me, Dur] War Hero
SuzyM - Assassin
kokojo - White Mage


White Mage's Stats
Health: 37
Magic: 48
Strength: 5
Magic Strength: 11
Defense: 6
Critical: 10%
Avoid: 10%
Movement: 5 Spaces
Weapons: Rods, Staves, Hammers, Knives
Starting Weapons/Items
Wooden Staff
Potion x 5
Miracle Potion x 5
Life Stone x 1
Starting Spells
Holy Attacks Heal

Do i get any start items or something ?
Still alive.
Background image by Dotsarecool.
Layout by Yoshiownsu.
''No, not smallhacker. Please, if you don't like them. Then don't post here flaming or complaining, it just ruins the fun for everyone else''
-The best responce ever made, congratz, Mattan.

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Alright, here's the first 2 shops. The magic, skills, and exotic shops are coming soon. Make sure to stock up on supplies, because you might need them. You start with 1250 Gold.

Item Shop

Potion: 100 Gold
Miracle Potion: 250 Gold
Life Stone: 750 Gold
Bullets (5): 50 Gold

Weapon/Armor Shop

Long Sword: 250 Gold
Short Sword: 250 Gold
Deadly Sword: 705 Gold
Dagger: 100 Gold
Two Sided Dagger: 325 Gold [Attack Power: 3 Hit Chance: 90 Speed: 7 Critical: 1% Special: Two Attacks]
Leather Armor: 150 Gold [Defense + 5]
Leather Boots: 150 Gold [Defense + 1, Speed + 2]
Shiny Stone: 240 Gold [Critical + 3]

Alright, here's the first map. When you guys are ready, let's get started! SuzyM's group will take SilverBulletStorm, and mine will have Jessica. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Victory and Defeat.
Defeat all enemies.
CharMixa64 or Jessie dies.
All Friendly units die.
If any enemy unit gets to the Market Town.

°The house with the brown roof is our hideout. We hide there when things get rough, i.e, when the people of the Market Town start getting angry and start a riot.
°The green zombie is called "Derogale," and he is the first "boss" of the game. He is much harder than the other zombies. He can poison you and stun you, and he takes a while to kill. He also moves faster than the others.
°If we win, every unit will receive 250 Exp and 600 Gold. If we lose, we go back to the previous round (after every round we save our progress).
°You can move in any direction. Spaces are the same size as you. I'm to lazy to make it any more detailed. Just figure it out.
Since we are beginners, do enemies move more faster than us?
Some enemies will be faster. These are zombies, so they are REALLY slow. Except the green one. He's a boss, so he's faster, stronger, and scarier. The map will start soon. Once SilverBulletStorm is on, we'll be able to begin. kokojo will be in the next map. Sorry dude. And I'm updating the map, because SuzyM will be the leader for troop 2, and me for the main troop. Also, I'm making some more weapons and items, along with new designs for me and Jessie. And for team movement, add the movement amounts together and divide by two. Sorry if it's a lot to read.
Sorry guys...I lost all my stuff I was using...this can be closed...
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