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Fulfilled Requests Leaderboard - Post here once you've fulfilled a request!

With thanks to ModBot, we're able to keep track of how many requests a user has fulfilled from the Requests forum!

You earn one point for each request fulfilled. Once you have fulfilled a request, submitted it to the relevant resource section, and it has been approved into the section by the moderators, post here to get your point!

Ensure you link the original request thread, as well as a link to the approved resource. No specific format is required, but here is a suggested format:

Originally posted by format
I completed the Big Custom Boss for Tahixham and it has been approved here.

ModBot will notice your post, and award your point! It is very important to note that one point is awarded per post, so ensure you keep on top of posting here every time you fulfill a request. You can claim your point at any time after it has been fulfilled, there's no time limit.

Points can only be claimed for fulfilled requests in this forum, not the previous threads. We're starting off with a clean slate.

The leaderboard can be viewed in the next post. It may take up to 10 minutes for it to be updated once you post.

It is your responsibility to claim your points by posting here. If you don't post here, you won't get your points!

By fulfilling a certain amount of requests and earning points, you will receive a trophy each time you reach a certain benchmark!

Completed Wario Dash breakable block request, which has been approved here
Bottom Text
Completed the underwater run button for MercuryPenny which has been approved here.
Completed Custom Pipe Dwelling Lakitu which has been approved here.
Completed Tom & Jerry - Stage 1 which has been approved here.
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Completed the Twitch Smile for le4che, which was approved here.
Completed Mortal Kombat 3 - Sonya which has been approved here
Disassembly EarthBound Zero.
Interested in collaborating and/or contributing, contact the discord, Albert1234#2624.
Thanks in advance.
Completed the Among Us - Skeld tileset for Segment1Zone2, which has been approved here.
Completed Chrono Trigger - Ruined World which has been approved here.
Completed Gradius III - Easter Stone which has been approved here
Completed Trials of Mana - Harvest November sampled and unsampled
and both got accepted here and here
Completed F-Zero - Fire Field which has been here approved.
Completed Kirby Super Star - Grape Garden which has been approved here.