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Music Requests Rules

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Music Requests Rules

1. Keep your request feasible.

Make sure the song you're requesting can reasonably be ported given the limitations of the SNES, and the most common porting tools available. For example, porting over a song with lyrics to the SNES, while theoretically (though limitedly) possible, is not something that could be reasonably done. Keep in mind song length factors into feasibility.

Requests for entire soundtracks are forbidden.

2. Provide a direct source of readable note data.

Porting by ear takes a lot of time and effort, especially for more complex songs, so do your best to help out porters by providing them with something to base their port off of. Some acceptable sources of note data are:

  • MIDI files
  • Console sound driver data (.spc, .nsf, .gsf, etc.) files
  • Tracker music (.mod, .it, .xm, etc.) files

Make sure whatever file you provide is of sufficient quality; piano-only MIDIs/sheet music, or MIDIs with tons of note errors, are not satisfactory since they'd require redoing considerable parts of the song by ear, which brings us back to square one. Additionally, really complicated note data such as sources with 10s of channels or instruments would also involve considerable effort to port so keep that in mind when providing them.

Failing to provide any source of note data will likely end up in your request being ignored or canceled.

3. Provide a link to the song.

If porters don't know what the song sounds like, they can't port it! YouTube links are preferable for ease-of-access, but you may also provide direct rips for video game music (.vgm, .vgz, .nsf, .spc, etc.).

Request Format

In order to make things as clear as possible, please copy the following format when requesting:

Track Name
The name of the song and its origin, if applicable.

If you want the song to use SMW samples, or custom samples. Be as specific as possible, since something like "sampled" is nebulous-- there are many possible ways to sample a song. Additionally, keep in mind that more complex songs may require chorded samples, for example, and that it may not always be feasible to do something fully unsampled.

Audio Reference
YouTube link, and optionally, a direct rip if it's a song from an older console.

Note Data Reference
A MIDI, tracker file, etc.
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