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48+72hoSPC #8 ~ Tales of Melodyless Caves ~ RESULTS!!

MusicOther Contest/Event

With a lull in regards to site events, seems like the best choice was to run another long-span 72hoSPC event, though more apt to call it a 120hoSPC now! This time, I shall be your host. And though I may not offer quite as much expertise in regards to the nitty gritty of porting music, I hope to provide some fun challenges in the case of the future! So let's get down to brass tax shall we?

The Results are In!!
The results are in, the text below is linked to jump to the results!
Click Here!

The Challenge!

Your task will be to port or compose a track from any available source to you, inspired by one of the three clips of levels posted below. Though they may share a similar base, one should hopefully find enough variety between them!

But what about the rules!

Oh don't worry! First of all:

This will be running until Tuesday, March 16th at 12PM EST. At that time submissions will be closed and no more files shall be accepted, updates to existing submissions included!

After this deadline passes, the entries shall be compiled and posted here on the site. Voting for the files will be open from Tuesday, March 16th up until Monday on the 22nd at 12 PM EST.

  1. When sending your submission, be sure to mark which video clip yours is inspired by!
  2. Your submission must work with the latest version of AddmusicK. #default / #optimized are not required, nor are global songs, SFX or optimization; if it inserts, it's eligible.
  3. Send your submission to my PMs in a .zip, .rar or .7z archive. Your submission must contain your MML file, the generated SPC, and any samples you may have used. I am also willing to accept submissions through discord at - If it happens to be easier for you! If you need to update, send me the new file on the same platform as you first submitted it!
  4. Automatic porting programs, such as SPCtoMML, are banned. However, converting with programs such as PetiteMM or it2amk is allowed.
  5. Do NOT reveal your submission in any capacity to other people until voting has ended and the results have been posted. Those who are caught doing so will be immediately disqualified.
  6. All entries should be created or ported specifically for this contest.

Breaking any rules will possibly lead to warning and/or disqualification, so stay on good behavior!


First is the participant trophy, Then to the top 3 goes a fancy special trophy for this particular event!

Finally, for the first, top place as our friend bebn puts it:

Of course, feel free to use this thread for discussion!

I think I'll just vote this time around. Best of luck to all the contestants.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

I will just vote like last time

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
Hello, looks cool and the time extension helps.
Just to be sure, is it limited to 1 submission/user?
Originally posted by qantuum
is it limited to 1 submission/user?

Probably 1 per level, but I'm not sure
But I think it is 1 submission per user on the level they feel more like it to make/port
Originally posted by qantuum
Hello, looks cool and the time extension helps.
Just to be sure, is it limited to 1 submission/user?

Yes, 1 submission per a user. Don't want to make things a bit too unbalanced!
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Originally posted by Nara Sherko

I guess it's good to be friendly and all, but just posting "Hello!" in a thread about an SPC contest isn't the right thing to do. It's not relevant/on-topic. Please don't do this again.

If you're after some kind of generic conversation, your best place is the Bar and Grill thread in the General Discussion forum. Heads up though, one word posting won't cut it there either, and you'll need to take part in the current conversation. Take a look at the first post of that thread for further info.
The Bell Rings!

The time has struck, submissions are closed, and now moving forward the voting begins until the 22nd at 12PM EST.

The Contending Music?

Listed below are our beloved entries, and the level their creators had chosen!

180-60hoSPC | Level 1

Busy Flare | Level 1

Lava Stage | Level 1

MinishFlames | Level 1

Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon | Level 1

Volcano's Heart | Level 1

Crooked Ladder | Level 2

Dark Clouds | Level 2

FF6Cave | Level 2

Labyrinth Road | Level 2

Stay Frosty | Level 3

Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears | Level 3

Frost | Level 3

Echoes on the Ice | Level 3

Slippery Scary Subterranean | Level 3

Floe | Level 3

Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session | Level 3

ZIP of entries listed above!

And that's the lot!

Very excited with the number of submissions this go around!

Now onto the fun part;
Vote for your favorite SPCs, listing them from best to worst. The highest-ranked song will receive 17 points, the following one 16, then 15, until the lowest-ranked song, which will receive 1 point. If you want, comments along your votes are swell too!

When voting, be sure to account for the quality of the port AND to consider how it fits alongside the theme that it is paired with! Don't worry about how it fits among other SMW tracks, or the filename, those shouldn't be a concern for voting! Finally, those that are participating better not cast their own votes! Not allowed! (Users with entries can't vote!)

Voting will end on Monday, March 22nd at 12PM EST.

Good luck, those with submissions and have a good time listening to the cast of wonderful tracks to choose from, voters! May the best track win!
Volcano's Heart | Level 1 - See, this one is weird to rate, this really feels like some sort of end-game track, however from the video of a single level I cannot exactly tell whether this track would fit or not. Oh well. I can see this level being in end-game. The track is fine.
Stay Frosty | Level 3 - I like that one, albeit it feels weird that there is a sound that feels like falling water when there is an entire tide that moves.
Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session | Level 3 - I think it works surprisingly well for this level.
Crooked Ladder | Level 2 - It works.
Lava Stage | Level 1 - I don't like this track all that much, but for what it's worth it fits the level.
Dark Clouds | Level 2 - A bit too fast-paced for a level full of item babysitting, but it's a fine track.
FF6Cave | Level 2 - The music has abandoned cave vibe, which works, but seems somewhat generic for this level.
Labyrinth Road | Level 2 - This feels like it would fit some sort of maze, but there is no maze, Mario just goes forward. Doesn't exactly feel like a cave theme.
MinishFlames | Level 1 - It's okay, albeit the music sounds as if Mario is in some sort of lava dungeon fulls of moving stuff.
Frost | Level 3 - I like the track, but I don't think it fits the level.
Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon | Level 1 - Seems too fast for slow-paced cave level, but otherwise it's okay.
Slippery Scary Subterranean | Level 3 - It sounds ice, sure. But I think it feels more like a city theme than a cave theme.
Floe | Level 3
Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears | Level 3 - I don't think track fits this level. Seems nicely ported however.
180-60hoSPC | Level 1 - I feel like this tried a bit too hard for what is pretty much a slow-paced cave level with some lava in it.
Busy Flare | Level 1 - This seems very busy for a not very threatening cave which just so happens to have some lava in it and a slow skull ride.
Echoes on the Ice | Level 3 - I'm not sure whether you would hear an echo in the cave full of water. May be just me however. Not a fan of this track.
  1. Slippery Scary Subterranean - really pretty song, though i wish it had more dynamic variation and some actual panning
  2. Dark Clouds - lol i wonder who made this one :joy: very nicely done port, if a bit on the simple side; the tremolo is used very effectively.
  3. Tutorial Session - very well made, though i wish the song was longer. kind of blueballs right when it seems like its gonna pick up
  4. Crooked Ladder - while it is just a snes port, it's a well-done one at least
  5. Another World of Beasts - another good snes port; i would tie this with the breath of fire port, but i think the mix on that one is a tiny bit more satisfying
  6. Drifting Floe - i don't care for the song that much, but the port is well made. that drum loop is real noisy but i assume the original is like that too, i can't be bothered to actually check. maybe a bit heavy on the echo
  7. Cave of Flames - a well made and mixed port, but the song chosen is quite a short and repetitive one that starts to lose my interest fairly quickly.
  8. frost - sounds like touhou music. mostly does its job at that (assuming it is a composition rather than an unidentified port), though the melodies occasionally feel forced, and i wish the unsampled-ness had been sacrificed for a better clap sample. also really quiet but that isnt factoring into my voting, just an observation
  9. Magma Dragoon Stage - a bit muddy at times, i feel like the arrangement could use some work, but not bad for what it's trying to do
  10. Echoes on the Ice - some cool ideas, but there are a number of decisions that make this feel a bit amateurish; the high kicks in the second half are distracting, and the song occasionally goes on melodic or harmonic tangents that don't play quite right with the rest; additionally, the bass lines feel slightly tacky in parts - while it's fine to have a melodic bass, in this instance i find it clashing with the feel of the song
  11. Heartful Tears - the arrangement is kind of lacking here; it sounds fine, but could really do with some more contrast, better volume control and more articulation
  12. Stay Frosty - feels a bit all over the place. don't like a lot of the sample choices, which don't fit together very well. at times sounds like a horde of monkeys throwing stones at a band
  13. Labyrinth Road - i like the atmosphere a lot, but the composition isnt doing much for me, and it especially loses me when the guitar (?) comes in - feels like it's trying to do something almost proggy but without really understanding why prog works
  14. Stage 2 Theme / Lava Arrangement - not a bad port per se, but a very basic one. that bass gets old real fast, and there's very little in the way of dynamics or articulation
  15. Hell's Gate Open - brickwall mixing and the samples are a bit harsh. doesnt really work for me harmonically
  16. Volcano's Heart - kind of feels like every section was written without the others; they have some merit on their own, but when put together they clash very strongly, and there's very little sense of progression as a result. that percussion is way too overbearing as well, drowns out half the song
  17. Busy Flare - busy is the right word for this, yep. really overwhelming with instruments flying everywhere and really blaring percussion; gets hard to listen to very quickly.
Dark Clouds | Level 2 - This port is perfect and similar samples to the Chrono Trigger
Frost | Level 3 - Great job
Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session | Level 3
Busy Flare | Level 1 - Yes on average
Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon | Level 1 - Awesome
Crooked Ladder | Level 2 - Good but I can see that it's also a bit untammed
MinishFlames | Level 1 - These great sounds are similar to GBA
Slippery Scary Subterranean | Level 3
Floe | Level 3 - Great job
180-60hoSPC | Level 1
Lava Stage | Level 1
Volcano's Heart | Level 1
FF6Cave | Level 2
Stay Frosty | Level 3 - Perfect
Labyrinth Road | Level 2
Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears | Level 3
Echoes on the Ice | Level 3

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
01. Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session
I love this one, it is well made and good sampling and it vibes excellently with an ice cave.

02. Slippery Scary Subterranean
What a good port, very ethereal and otherworldly sounding, perhaps it would fit a ghost theme moreso an ice theme but there you go.

03. Dark Clouds
Well made, has a spooky vibe that's well-suited to this ghost cave.

04. FF6Cave
Instills a good amount of dread, if only the level wasn't as tame as it appears and could match that feeling a bit more. ;) Well done.

05. Frost
Good port, gives me some "mountain-climbing in a snowstorm" vibes which is close enough to an ice cave for me.

06. Crooked Ladder
A solid port and has those spooky vibes.

07. Labyrinth Road
Very atmospheric and almost industrial sounding, would be suited to a haunted factory perhaps. The guitar(?) in the second half is a bit strange though.

08. MinishFlames
Definitely evokes a sense of danger you'd have in a lava cave, but the port is rather short and gets repetitive.

09. Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon
This is quite energetic for the slow pace of the skull raft level, but that's Mega Man for you. Good port though.

10. Echoes on the Ice
Not a bad port, the song takes awhile to build and sometimes drops into near-silence meaning there's frequently points where it'd be just game audio. Unsure if it's suited to level music.

11. Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears
This port is quite a moody for an ice cave, and some of the samples are a bit loud which I found made them piercing.

12. Floe
The drum track was all I could hear, which undermined this otherwise solid port quite a bit.

13. Volcano's Heart
This port has a climatic feeling that doesn't quite fit this simple cave level, the drums are a bit overbearing.

14. Stay Frosty
I found a lot of the samples just didn't quite go together and it made the port feel a bit all over the place.

15. Busy Flare
Doesn't quite fit this slow-paced level and I found the instrumentation a bit, well, busy.

16. Lava Stage
The bass line is a lot to listen to on repeat, gave me NES Castlevania vibes, which feels a bit simplistic.

17. 180-60hoSPC
This is quite high energy for a slow skull raft volcano and some instruments felt blaring. Didn't vibe with me.
Here are a few reviews from someone whose opinion shouldn't matter.

before we start here's my voting criteria:
-composition(if it's original)
-samples quality and usage
-does it fit with the level

here are the entries ranked and reviewed:

Slippery Scary Subterranean
Big fan of the composition, the melancholic tone fits well and has a great sense of progression. The mixing and use
of effects may not be as impressive as some of the ports but the creativity at play here more than makes up
for it. One small nitpick is those silly pitch bends, they're more of a personal choice though so I'll let them pass.
Overall I loved this port, please release it.

Author Guess: Samantha

Labyrinth road
A really creative track that fits the level perfectly, everything from the composition to the samples impressed me, and felt really inspired from the level. I especially loved the sample usage, really creative.
Overall I may be biased but I find original compositions more impressive than 1:1 ports, this is
definitely my favorite song for level 2

Author Guess: Lui

Dark Clouds
another port really faithful to the original. Some of the samples are an octave lower but I'm pretty sure that's for the best. I don't have much to say, it's a great port that fits well with the level

Author Guess: brickblock369

Minish Flames
This is really well done, gets really close to the original.
simple in composition but complex regarding panning, adsr, and echo. The samples are top-notch.
My only criticism is that it's a tad too intense for this level.

Author Guess: 90% sure it's KevinM

Crooked Ladder
while not a 1:1 port, it gets the spirit of the original doing some great panning, mixing, and adsr work.
The samples are also stellar and used properly. The cherry on top is that it fits the level really well too
great job

Author Guess: Dispace

Tutorial Session
Pretty good port, I like the creative use of effects and light panning.
Despite the track using every channel
it sounds pretty empty, though, it may be due to the lack of bass in some parts.
Not much to say other than that, It fits the level pretty well.

Author Guess: HaruMKT

Stay Frosty
This is a really ambitious port for this contest and unfortunately, it didn't exceed expectations: it doesn't
try as hard as some of the other entries in this contest making this port pretty safe and inoffensive.
Still, it's pretty fun to listen to, especially in the context of the level.

Author Guess: Ultima

Echoes on the ice:
pretty simplistic track but really effective, a big fan of the composition and effects. One problem I have is the high-pitched sample, it kind of ruins it for me, it only takes a small portion of the track so it's not a big deal.
It fits the level well in my opinion.

Author Guess: Jead

Busy Flare
this song feels really energic, it got me engaged until the end, good job!
The mix is one of the weakest points for me, some of the "side" elements of the track are louder than they should be
making me wonder what melody should I focus on.
The echo and panning are used pretty well and make up for the vanilla samples.
As much as I like this song it doesn't fit with the level at all, would be pretty great for a jungle/lava world boss though

Author Guess: Milon Luxy

Volcano's heart
A nice track with a good sense of progression. The mixing is decent but I wished it was more ambitious.
The samples are nice and used well for the most part but the drums and some of the piano bits are a bit too high pitched.
Fits the level well in my opinion, it's not too intense

Author Guess: radicaldawg

I can't exactly pinpoint what's wrong with the track but something's off, if I have to describe it it's a bit noisy I guess?
There is definitely a lack of bass and the samples are pretty low quality. Doesen't fit the level that much IMO

Author Guess: no idea

Mega man X4 - Magma dragon
pretty standard vanilla port with some ingenious use of effects and a bit too pale drums.
Fits more with a boss than anything

Author Guess: qantuum

Pretty nice composition, reminds me of Megaman somehow. The vanilla samples are used pretty well, the whole track
sounds like a more calm version of hooded edge. This will probably place low because there's so much amazing stuff
but I enjoyed this

Author Guess: Fullcannon

FF6 cave
pretty good vanilla port. I really liked that bass. I would tone down the high-pitched leads though,
they get really annoying after a while.
Fits well with the level, so much so that it sounds like most generic ghost house themes, unfortunately.

Author Guess: icrawfish

Lava Stage
decent I guess, didn't get my jaw dropped but does its job. The mixing is done pretty well but the vanilla samples
aren't dealt with super well, the adsr work isn't stellar and the drums need some boost.
It fits the level pretty well though

Author Guess: Gamma V

Hateful Tears
Generic 2010ish vanilla port, not really a fan of those. Especially with high-pitched songs like this, using bright vanilla samples isn't a good idea. The only remarkable aspect of this
track is the panning which is quite nice. A bit too sad and slow to fit with the level

Author Guess: bebn legg

the composition is pretty generic, there seem to be some mistakes with some of the length of the notes
the overall mix feels pretty low on the bass and lacks echo or panning which it would've definitely benefitted from.
A few samples were used and they're pretty good in quality, however, I don't think they were used well.
The song is a bit too intense to fit the level super well

Author Guess: no idea
I suck at ASM and AMK
Originally posted by Infinity
Dark Clouds | Level 2 - 10/10. This port is perfect and similar samples to the Chrono Trigger
Frost | Level 3 - 10/10. Great job
Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session | Level 3 - 8/10.
Busy Flare | Level 1 - 6/10. Yes on average
Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon | Level 1 - 10/10. Awesome
Crooked Ladder | Level 2 - 9/10. Good but I can see that it's also a bit untammed
MinishFlames | Level 1 - 10/10. These great sounds are similar to GBA
Slippery Scary Subterranean | Level 3 - 5/10.
Floe | Level 3 - 7/10. Great job
180-60hoSPC | Level 1 - 2/10.
Lava Stage | Level 1 - 5/10.
Volcano's Heart | Level 1 - 3/10.
FF6Cave | Level 2 - 8/10.
Stay Frosty | Level 3 - 10/10. Perfect
Labyrinth Road | Level 2 - 7/10.
Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears | Level 3 - 4/10.
Echoes on the Ice | Level 3 - 4/10.

Just so you're aware, this isn't exactly a valid way to set your votes!

Order them based on how much you like them,1st to 17th, don't tie songs on a single spot on your list either, that doesn't help in tallying the votes.

You can look at the other posts from community members casting their votes for an idea of what you should adjust your post to!
Labyrinth Road: Very great original composition. Fits greatly with the haunted cave. This one is superb and has a sense of mystery in the melody. Reminds a bit of the old Zelda games.

Lovers of Aether - Tutorial: Fits perfectly with the ice cave level. The composition is also charming and adventurous, while being calm. Great job.

Slippery Scary Subterranean: Really melancholic and well done. Superb original composition. Reminds me vaguely of Celeste in terms of tone.

Dark Caves: Excellent mixing and the Chrono Trigger samples worked so well with the song. Fits very greatly with a spooky cave. Very melancholic.

Frost: Great original composition, has a nice mood and fits well the ice cave. I like the rhythm of this one. And the vanilla instruments are well used, as well.

Crooked Ladder: Great port. Fits very well with the ghost cave. Nothing much else to say, except it just works so well. It's a bit more adventurous compared the other ones.

FF6 Cave: A bit too moody and melancholic. Does not feel so spooky like the rest. Instrumentation is okay, but I found some bits of the melody to be a bit piercing. Decent port.

Stay Frost: A bit too happy for a flooded ice cavern? Instrumentation is okay. Nothing much to say.

Echoes of Ice: A bit too piercing in its echo stuff. Hinders a bit the original melody. Fits well the ice cave, though.

Minish Flames: Sounds very close to the original and fits the level, somehow. But it's very repetitive. Overall, a decent port.

RS2 Hearthful Tears: A bit piercing and does not fit an ice cave so well.

Lava Stage: A bit bland, fits with the stage, but the composition itself is lacking something. It's too basic that gets boring a bit too fast. Not a bad song, just not great.

MMX4 - Magma Dragoon: Instrumentation could be a bit better, it's missing the punch that the original has. I'm not great at explaining musical stuff, but it's missing important stuff that the original song has. I think the vanilla instruments won't cut for this, sadly. Sounds decent, but does not fit a slow lava cave.

Floe: Uh, that's something, I guess. It's way too industrial to fit an ice cave. Also, the metal noises in the background are really loud that distracts me a bit from the main melody.

Hell's Gate Open: A bit too dissonant, busy and does not fit so well the slow cave level. Feel like needed a bit more of time being adjusted. This port is not so bad, per se. Just would need more tweaks to sound nice. It's a bit piercing.

Volcano's Heart: Not only does not fit the lava cave, but it's a confusing melody. It's not what I expect hear in a volcano or something like that. Sounds more like a temple. Instrumentation and mixing, are something, I guess. Could be a lot better. The drums and piano clashes with each other.

Busy Flare: Way too busy, seems to lack a lot of things that made the original song so catchy. Instrumentation is kinda all over the place. Also, it does not fit well with the slow lava cave level. Even if there was no level, this song is very disappointing compared to the original.

dont get mad at me for my rankings pls

Labyrinth Road | L2 - Really nailed the atmosphere for this one. Really captures the mix of mystery and foreboding sound you want in a level like this. Pretty much perfect.

FF6Cave (aka Another World of Beasts) | L2 - Really nice song to port, and of the L2 songs so far it's the best fitting. Really nice haunted vibes to it.

Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session | L3 - Really like how this port turned out. It does a good job nailing the ice theme while still being a fun song to listen to.

Crooked Ladder | L2 - It's a solid port. It's not quite as ominous or haunted as I'd want it to be for the example level, but it definitely isn't unfitting at all.

Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon Stage | L1 - Solid port, and definitely one of the better L1 tracks. It's still maybe too fast-paced for a Mario lava level, but it's definitely fitting with the theme at least.

Slippery Scary Subterranean | L3 - This was a nice sounding tune. Maybe a bit too heavy for my liking, but I think it'd fit decently with an ice level.

Dark Clouds | L2 - Also a nice port, though again I'm not sure it quite fits the level it picked. It's not far off the mark though, so I'd still consider it acceptable, and like I said the port itself is done nicely.

MinishFlames (aka Cave of Flames) | L1 - It sounds like an authentic port, and the music fits well with the stage. Personally, however, I don't care for the GBA sampling and I unfortunately didn't like this song much.

Echoes on the Ice | L3 - I really liked how this started, though it doesn't quite stick the landing; like Sinc-X said the high kicks don't really work. Still, overall I think this is one of the best fitting tracks for it's level.

(Drifting) Floe | L3 - Different take on an Ice level, but it kind of works. To be honest, I wasn't really a big fan of the port, though; there's too much background noise for my liking.

Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears | L3 - It's a fine port, I guess, but it doesn't really fit with an ice level at all.

Volcano's Heart | L1 - It's okay, takes a bit to get going but for an original piece it's not too bad. Not sure it quite fits the volcano theme, though.

Frost | L3 - Definitely getting a lot of Touhou vibes from this, which admittedly isn't really my thing. I guess it works pretty well if you do like it, though like 180-60hoSPC it doesn't sound very fitting.

180-60hoSPC (aka Hell's Gate Open) | L1 - It's a pretty good idea to channel Doom for a lava level, though I don't know if it'd sound fitting placed over it. There's parts that sound a bit off, though, like it either skipped a note or played an extra one or something.

Stay Frosty | L3 - The instruments are all over the place with this one. It's also a pretty long song; while it starts fairly fitting it ends up deviating way too much by the end.

Lava Stage (aka Stage 2 Theme / Lava Arrangement) | L1 - Way too simple for my liking. At least it could plausibly fit in a lava level, but there just needs to be something more there.

Busy Flare | L1 - Didn't work for me at all, sorry.

Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session | Level 3
Good music choice, both in the melody and theme.

Slippery Scary Subterranean | Level 3
Certainly a music for partially flooded cave but works for ice caves as well. Nice melody too, but other songs are better.

FF6Cave | Level 2
The @13 could have been a little quiter and possible with a lower attack. It'd definitively chose this song for level 2, though, for the theme and melody.

Lava Stage | Level 1
This makes me think of castles or caves with a moving foregrounds than caves filled with lava, though I can see this a music choice for level 1.
Music itself is quite catchy as well.

Stay Frosty | Level 3
Crash Bandicoot music tends to catchy, not unlike Mario. Personally fits more like ice shores than flooded ice caves, though.

Dark Clouds | Level 2
Not quite cave-like (fits better for space or dark sky) but... okay, it still sound haunted. Melody is nice as well.

Crooked Ladder | Level 2
I mean, the haunted part definitively is there, though it's more a ghost houses and graveyards than haunted caves.
The music choice also isn't bad. In fact, I quite like the combination of vanilla and custom samples.

Frost | Level 3
What is this, Touhou? 9/10 However, this isn't exactly what I understand as a flooded ice cave, more like an ice athletic level.

MinishFlames | Level 1
10/10 for accuracy. Music itself might not the best one but it really does its job well.
Maybe if it the level were a bit more fire themed, it could have fitted perfectly.

Labyrinth Road | Level 2
Nailed the theme, though I'm not quite a fan of the music itself.

180-60hoSPC | Level 1
Distortion guitars are commonly used in fast paced fire levels, aren't they? Though I wouldn't necesserily use this music for level 1 (maybe for an industrial level?).
Consider other songs better but still not bad. Maybe the use of the distortion guitar could have been different?

Echoes on the Ice | Level 3
Okay... the melody isn't... well, the song picks up rather slowly and takes the rest of the song a lot of time away which makes the melodic part feel rather short.
It's definitively an ice music and has got some water feeling, though.

Volcano's Heart | Level 1
It fits better for late-game castles and final levels than lava caves.
I'm also not too impressed with the song as the timpani doesn't leave a good impression and the beginning also should have been composed differently.
It does get better, though but the other songs have got a better melody.

Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon | Level 1
It's a boss theme, right? Euh... out of all songs, this one fits the least to its level. Music isn't toooooo bad, though, but I prefer the other songs. The @0 in particular could have been tuned a bit.

Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears | Level 3
This... okay, it fits more level 2 than 3. Unless it's supposed to be for level 2 instead of 3, forget about Magma Dragoon, THIS song misses the theme entirely.
Not a bad job on the music itself, though.

Busy Flare | Level 1
Euh... that music is too chaotic. In fact, it's my least favourite one. Either it doesn't work with SMW's samples or you just did a bad job (guessing on the former).
It... also doesn't really fit a lava cave, let along a cave filled with lava, more like for athletic levels.

Floe | Level 3
Icy... but not cavy. Mega Man is a game about robots and a lot of stages are partially industrial. Not quite a fan of the music too.
1. Floe (Level 3): Well, dang. This is one of the best SMW ports I've ever heard. Not much else to add. I'll have to keep this one in mind for when Mosts 2021 rolls around. (17)

2. Dark Clouds (Level 2): Very nicely done! I've never heard the original song this is from, but this port is great and I honestly want to use it in a level myself. Fits the theme really well, too. I had quite a time picking between this and Floe, but I think this song could get kind of annoying in a longer level, so I ultimately went with Floe. (16)

3. Stay Frosty (Level 3): Arguably the most thematically fitting song in the contest, and overall a very catchy and unique song. I like this one a lot, although I do think some parts are much better than others. (15)

4. Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon (Level 1): Maybe I'm biased because I'm already pretty familiar with most of MMX's soundtracks, but I think you did a great job with this. (14)

5. Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session (Level 3): Pretty neat song, but I just feel like it's missing something. It's still one of the better ones in this contest, though. (13)

6. Labyrinth Road (Level 2): Not sure if this is intentional or not, but this sounds an awful lot like Nothing Beats from Mega Man Zero 4. If it is intentional, it's a really neat take on the song! If not, it's still interesting and fits the theme very well. (12)

7. Slippy Scary Subterranean (Level 3): Great song, and I can see this one being used with a bunch of different level themes (personally, most of it reminded me of a sunken ghost ship level). (11)

8. Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears (Level 3): This is a good port, but it doesn't fit the theme very well. Sounds more like something you'd hear in a cutscene. (10)

9. Crooked Ladder (Level 2): Similar vibe to Dark Clouds, but it's a bit less memorable and doesn't fit the spooky theme quite as well. Still, it's pretty good. (9)

10. Echoes on the Ice (Level 3): I really like the progression in this song, but I don't particularly care for the first 30 seconds or so. (8)

11. frost (Level 3): Nice song, but to me it sounds like something that would play in a fast-paced nighttime or city-themed level rather than an icy cave. (7)

12. Lava Stage (Level 1): This one's not bad. A bit too repetitive for my taste, though. (6)

13. Volcano's Heart (Level 1): Alright song, but it honestly sounds more like a credits or ending cutscene theme to me. (5)

14. MinishFlames (Level 1): A bit grating for a full level. This sounds more like something that would play in the room before a boss. (4)

15. FF6Cave (Level 2): Not a fan of this one, it just feels like it drones on and on. (3)

16. Busy Flare (Level 1): I guess this fits the theme fine, but the song is WAAAY too loud and has too much going on. Listening to it nearly gave me a headache. (2)

17. 180-60hoSPC (Level 1): This doesn't fit the theme at all and it honestly doesn't sound very good even as its own track. (1)
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1. Dark Clouds: Really unique atmosphere that fits incredibly well. Port sounds great.

2. MinishFlames: really incredible port. Very good fit for the level but I wouldn't call it a bullseye. Too tense.

3. Crooked Ladder: I love this port. I get more of a magical adventure vibe than a ghost cave.

4. Frost: Amazing composition. The arrangement really holds it back. Excellent fit for the level.

5. Stay Frosty: Big and ambitious port for such a short time frame. Maybe a bit too ambitious for the SNES. It's hard to capture the original's sense of space. I don't think that the quirkiness or disjointed rhythm are a good fit for this level.

6. Slippery Scary Subterranean: Move over Equinox! Really great mood. I like how you filled out the spectrum with so few instruments. The slow, dark atmosphere doesn't fit the aesthetic of the level.

7. Echoes on the Ice: This track has an eerie ambiance and quirky epicness that is really stunning, but it doesn't fit the dynamic tides and chasing sprites of this level. Points for originality.

8. FF6Cave: Very immersive and interesting port. This track has a feeling of stasis and timelessness that I don't think fits the P switch run.

9. Lovers of Aether: Not mixed very well. Sometimes the most interesting part is very hard to hear. Fits the level reasonably well. Very chill vibe but rhythmically interesting.

10. Busy Flare: really cool port, a bit intense and busy for this level

11. Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon: A little too athletic for this level. Good port.

12. Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears: Could use vibrato. Overly sentimental for this level.

13. Labyrinth Road: It's great to hear custom tracks. The arrangement lacks treble and the harmonic motion is very predictable. Decent fit for the level.

14. Volcano's Heart - Very creative. The mood and atmosphere is very scattered. Percussion lacks variety.

15. Lava Stage: fits the theme well. Port is a touch repetitive and lacks interest.

16. Floe: Use of stereo space and noise is really original. It conveys a very confusing mood, which is interesting, but it doesn't work in a traditional style level. Maybe an abstract type setting.

17. 180-60hoSPC: some tuning issues and lack of clarity overall in the mix. overly intense for a skull raft level

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