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48+72hoSPC #8 ~ Tales of Melodyless Caves ~ RESULTS!!
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - 48+72hoSPC #8 ~ Tales of Melodyless Caves ~ RESULTS!!
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woah, i get to vote in one of these..,,

  1. Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session: this song definitely stuck with me the most, this being at the top is basically personal preference lol.
  2. Crooked Ladder: this has a really fascinating mix of samples that i'm in love with! if it were a bit longer and had just a bit more bass to it, i'd love it even more than i already do!
  3. Dark Clouds: liked it for the fun use of the chrono trigger samples, and loved it even more so for being an actually interesting kirby song.
  4. Slippery Scary Subterranean: fantastic composition, the back half loses me a bit as percussion goes on. that said, it's definitely not a bad addition to this song and i still enjoyed it a whole lot!
  5. Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon: very angry song, i like the use of smw samples.
  6. Frost: really cool song that has some creative uses of samples! feels very touhou-esque which is not my cup of tea due to how hectic they sound but i still think it's a pretty neat song.
  7. Labyrinth Road: another composition that i think is really neat. i just wish some of the leads were a bit louder, and i think that guitar part could be better with a different sample.
  8. MinishFlames: really like the ominous sound this song gives. something about the bass pulses and the hi-hats coming together sound kinda crusty (gba's fault, not yours), i like how this song expresses itself as a foreboding dungeon theme
  9. FF6Cave: for the most part, i like this port. the main lead of the song could be greatly improved if it a) had less attack to it, and b) a smidge quieter as the higher frequencies in echo can be a bit uncomfortable at times. definitely nailed the last quarter of the song though!
  10. Echoes on the Ice: cool (haha) composition. vanilla bass doesn't sound very good at high pitches, though, and this song really likes to push it up there. unsure about the @5 portion, but i can't think of what it's missing that could fill it out a bit more.
  11. Floe: it's percussion heavy, that's for sure. i like what this song does, though, it's mostly marred by the hi-hats.
  12. Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears: don't have much to say about this song. not a bad one by any means, just doesn't stand out much.
  13. Busy Flare: this song is very goofy sounding, mostly due to the wide range of instruments playing atop each other. once the melody comes in it gets a lot more tamer, but then it picks up again and honestly while the original song is a hot mess in its arrangement, i still vibe with it lol.
  14. Stay Frosty: neat song, very ambitious but some parts don't really do it for me.
  15. 180-60hoSPC: can't say i like these samples or the mixing very much.
  16. Volcano's Heart: can't really vibe with this song, to be honest. i think a wider range of percussion samples for that drum would be beneficial. i can't think of specific ways to improve the composition more, but it's not bad - but it could be a lot smoother in transition from segment to segment.
  17. Lava Stage: this song doesn't really have much body to it. it's definitely a mid-life NES song.

great turnout this contest btw, there's so many cool songs in this batch!
Slippery Scary Subterranean
Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session
Dark Clouds
Crooked Ladder
Echoes on the Ice
Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon
Volcano's Heart
Stay Frosty
Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears
Busy Flare
Labyrinth Road
Lava Stage

What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Votes have now been all accounted for! Just imagine a simple drumroll for each of the entries below...

Starting the top 3, our bronze champion!

Slippery Scary Subterranean by brickblock369, with a cool 163 points!

In 2nd place running ahead!

Dark Clouds by KevinM with a terrifying 174 points!

And topping it all off, by a slight lead!

Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session by Teows with a freezing 177 points in total!

You all did a wonderful job with your compositions and ports! The 1st place winner,
can contact an admin for a reward as put by our friends;

What about all the other entries?

Below is the full list of scores, and mysterious identity of their creators!

1st: Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session by Teows | 177 Points
2nd: Dark Clouds by KevinM | 174 Points
3rd: Slippery Scary Subterranean by brickblock369 | 163 Points
4th: Crooked Ladder by Qantuum | 155 Points
5th: Frost by bebn legg | 128 Points
6th: FF6Cave/Another World of Beasts by MercuryPenny | 122 Points
7th: MinishFlames by Tamaki | 120 Points
8th: Labyrinth Road by DanTheVP | 118 Points
9th: Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon by Kusamochi | 109 Points
10th: Stay Frosty by Rilla Roo | 105 Points
11th: Echoes on the Ice by VecchiaZim | 91 Points
12th: Floe by Ultima | 88 Points
13th: Volcano's Heart by Fullcannon | 69 Points
14th: Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears by icrawFish | 66 Points
15th: Lava Stage by Segment1Zone2 | 63 Points
16th: Busy Flare by Kitikuchan | 52 Points
17th: 180-60hoSPC/Hell's Gate Open by KiloMinimo | 36 Points

If one of your names or entries listed above are incorrect in spelling, please PM me so I can fix it real quick!

Trophies will soon be awarded to those that entered submissions and for those that won the first three places of this contest!

I'm incredibly happy with how this turned out, and I hope to see participants return in future SPC contests! So many wonderful tracks, it's harder to have to put them all in an ordered rating!

Feedback and discussion on this format is heavily welcome, it may be used in the future for other similar themed SPC contests!
3 points difference? Fucking rigged... jk congrats Teows
Congratulations to the top 3! Besides, you guys were in my favourites. Damn, these Chrono Trigger samples really did the trick!

My honourable mentions are Stay Frosty (love the goofy atmos in Crash Bandicoot), Volcano's Heart for its rather solemn/epic tone, and Drifting Floe because it is catchy!

I am glad I end up ranking 4th really. I worked hard in a short time for this track because I had planned a busy week-end. Thanks everyone, especially Nameless for the 2nd rank she gave my track!

As you know, I love having data and making useless stats, so here's my own scoreboard (Google Drive).
Voting was nice to read and to analyze as time passed by, overall I am very proud I rank 2nd to min-max, I like it when my productions gather a consensus. The last column I've done states the number of different ranks attributed by the audience to each song.

I enjoyed reading NerDose's comments in particular, not only because he's nice with my track, but because he's challenged himself to place guesses and whatnot. It actually is cool to have my work associated with Dispace, since I love his style. Receiving the Megaman port to my name was alright, it is something I probably could have instumented this way with vanilla.

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Yeah, didn't expect anything, I only had 2 days to port it and I used one of them just to choose the song, so basically, don't try to port something in one day lol.

Congratulations to the top 3 btw!

Just some Ys fan lol
Congrats to all.
Another failiure for me i guess

But congratulations to the top 3
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
It was fun participating in this contest, and even if i got
Place, I'm still proud to have it (Even though I speedran my entry and submitted it day 1).

Huge thanks to Bloo, The PR team and the voters for making this contest possible and Congratulations to the winners of the contest.

Can't wait for the next one! #smrpg{y}

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
Congrats to KevinM and Teows for getting in the top 3! #tb{:j}
Originally posted by Sinc-X
really pretty song, though i wish it had more dynamic variation and some actual panning

I will agree that adding more variation would've benefitted the composition more. When I'm about to submit it, I'll make sure to have more variation so that it doesn't sound as repetitive. Thanks for the comment!
I actually got music ideas for all three levels and thus began my selection of custom samples with any one of those three in mind, however I ended up not joining in at all due to being busy with SMW Central Production 2.
Since I won't submit mine (for now at least) I uploaded a SMW-compatible version here, if anyone's interested. Be warned, it still is incompatible with a lot of stuff (Bonus End, Thunder, P-Switch, Yoshi) and may be janky with SFX (also didn't test the volume level in game).
Really content with how this turned out! This was my first contest, so I didn't expect to place very high, but I learned a lot just by listening to others' submissions and reading their comments. Not to mention, there were a lot of real bangers in here (Echoes on the Ice was heavily underrated IMO). I had a lot of fun with this, so hopefully I'll be able to participate in more of these events soon!
I didn't even get one correct guess :)
I didn't expect much tbh, I'm not very familiar with the smw music scene. I'm glad at least some of you enjoyed them, I had tons fun.

My apologies to icrawfish for not only giving half assed feedback but naming their entry wrong: "Hateful tears" lmao.

Congratulations to Kevin, teows and brickblock for the top three, as well as all of the other entrants for being able to make a port in such a short time. I hope all of you release your work on the site soon!

I suck at ASM and AMK

My Youtube

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OLDC 2021
pretty happy with my placement considering i ported my selection pretty spontaneously, and had it finished like 3 hours after i started, lol

ggs all around
omg thank u so much guys

This was a big surprise honestly lol I didn't expect to get this far after listening through the rest of the entries, I'm glad my thing's been well received in the end. Huge congrats to all the participants though, y'all smashed it hard

Also shoutouts to Bloo for succesfully running this, especially considering music porting isn't his main field haha

Congratulations to all the contestants who joined, especially top 3.

Wish I voted earlier, but it is what it is.


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Okay, I'm sorry if I act a bit salty over here, but I'm kind of pissed off regarding how my entry was judged rn, mainly due to some of the complaints just being far too nonsensical for me to not do this; like, man, I wasn't planning on really giving too much of a damn on the entry I made (especially with how surprisingly easy it was to make), but even with that I legitimately feel that the backlash it got was completely undeserved honestly... otherwise I feel like most of them were fairly reasonable and understandable enough, in particular the drums being a bit noisy sounding, but that's how it was in the original anyway so I can't do much about that Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Originally posted by Anorakun
Uh, that's something, I guess. It's way too industrial to fit an ice cave. Also, the metal noises in the background are really loud that distracts me a bit from the main melody.

Uhh, well, I'll start by saying that those "metal noises" are supposed to be a sample of a fairly distinct sound of ice being shattered (with some wind added to it btw, which is technically why the drums are so "noisy" in the first place), which, while it isn't that obvious at first (especially with everything else in the mix), I legit don't know why you thought that considering that, again, this sound is extremely specific, and shouldn't be hard to spot if you pay close enough attention to it... maybe listen to the track a bit closer before judging it or something???

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Icy... but not cavy. Mega Man is a game about robots and a lot of stages are partially industrial. Not quite a fan of the music too.

Well, while I would say this one in particular is more subjective than anything, I still can't help but think this statement is just ridiculous IMO; like, do you hear anything that sounds industrial here (outside of the drums, which I already talked about), because I don't see it... I can understand the cave part tho, but honestly I still don't think this deserved such a low score, especially since the port was fine enough on it's own :V

Again, not trying to be rude to anyone in specific, but honestly while that the voting process for these contests already have a ton of questionable rankings and commentary, this was a bit too much for me to bear IMO, especially considering how much I actually enjoyed how this port turned out; meh, whatever, I'm willing to look past it anyway, but yeah, I just had to vent a little bit... congrats to the winners btw!
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Now, I don't want this to be controversial or anything, I really liked your song and it's a bit sad to see it being ranked so low, but there is virtually no need to be salty about this, It's just a friendly contest at the end of the day.

Anyway, here's what I thought.

Originally posted by Ultima
I legitimately feel that the backlash it got was completely undeserved honestly

What backlash? All i can see from the comments is that only the sample you used for the hi-hat (or ice shattering sound) was too loud (I'll get to the details in a bit) and that the song isn't that well suited for the level, that's it.

Originally posted by Ultima
I'll start by saying that those "metal noises" are supposed to be a sample of a fairly distinct sound of ice being shattered

For someone who didn't hear this song before, the "ice being shattered" sample sounds more like a hi-hat of sorts rather than ice being shattered. True, it's a very specific sound, but if you don't know it's origin, you're gonna think it's a standard part of percussion.

Originally posted by Ultima
Well, while I would say this one in particular is more subjective than anything, I still can't help but think this statement is just ridiculous IMO

You haven't taken into consideration that some people just... don't listen to much Mega Man songs or barely play anything outside of, maybe MMX, but that's a stretch even on itself, so the fact that some people just know Mega Man as a game about robots and industrial places isn't too farfetched as you might've thought.

Originally posted by Ultima
honestly I still don't think this deserved such a low score, especially since the port was fine enough on it's own

I completely understand you, Ultima, but it ultimately comes down to theme-ing. If it was just "Make a song that sounds amazing", your song would've been in the top 5, but what really drops the score is the theme-ing. Yes, it is icy, but it's not cavy enough, as MarioFanGamer pointed out.

Also, as a side tangent, will you be posting this song on SMWC or was this just a one time kinda thing for the contest specifically?

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
Honestly, I wouldn't even be as mad if most of the people judging at least bothered to check the original before posting anything, which AFAIK it really doesn't seem like many people have done so in the first place; like, just saying, the title for the original track was right there on the SPC, so there's literally no fucking excuse for this

And again, I would be fine if the complaints were more so related to flaws that some people have found with the track, but focusing them all solely because of the track not fitting the theme of this specific contest... is just fucking stupid honestly; this is a music contest after all, so you should expect the quality of the ports to come in first and the contest theme to be second, not, y'know, the other way around
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - 48+72hoSPC #8 ~ Tales of Melodyless Caves ~ RESULTS!!

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