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My entry! A Day of Sliding

Hi everyone :) Welcome to my KLDC entry, A Day of Sliding! I might slightly tweak my final submission from the video depending on how final playtesting goes, but I wanted to make a post this year for my entry.

This level was themed around partial ice physics. I replayed Crash Bandicoot 2 recently and thought about how fun it would be to design with selective ice physics, and I think it blossomed into a really fun level!

Shoutouts to:

- dtothefourth for the uberasm and blocks for the ice platforms and ice vines
- allowiscous for the freeze blocks
- KevinM, HoodedEdge, teows, Infinity, and Jead for the various music
- MarcyAugust and ItsJonM for playtesting!

You can play the level here too!