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The Baserom Level Design Contest 2 Feedback Extravaganza Thread
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Hi everyone! Well this is a new kind of thread, isn't it? For those unaware, in 2020 FPzero helmed a new contest - the Baserom Level Design Contest. This was a completely new contest, and we took a gamble with it - which paid off in some ways... and less in others. So! Before we officially set up a BLDC2 baserom and whatnot, I wanted to ask for the communities input on how we can improve on the first BLDC, what resources do you feel are integral to improving the ways you can design a level, and what was maybe unneeded from the first BLDC. If you have not partaken in the first BLDC, please familiarize yourself with it a little bit before giving feedback!

With this, I also have to say that BLDC2 in July might not happen - FPzero is busy and has stepped away from the contest, so in the meantime I'll try my best to lead it.

(Also, before people ask, this has nothing to do with reze's Bad Level Design Contest - SMWC is not affiliated with that contest. shout outs to reze though)

Now that this is open, I'd like to suggest a small yet significant QoL fix related to AMK's jump sound made by KungFuFurby, that is, in case you'll include AMK in the base ROM and make it mandatory to insert a given list of SFX (like for last year's) even if a participant doesn't want to use custom music for some reason:

$DA $08
$05 $38
$DD $B2 $00 $05 $B5
$EB $00 $12 $B9

Believe me, I know most people won't care about this, but the one in the current version is very inaccurate and thus quite bothersome imo. Would be totally nice to add it though. Just saying.

This suggestion is only for the case where it's mandatory to insert a list of SFX (including any additional ones, like the death prelude sound that comes with the retry patch). But even so, allowing it would be quite nice.

Edit: if you're gonna include pre-inserted GFX, why not add some YI tilesets? That would also be nice.

Edit 2: The UberASM for enabling SFX echo doesn't work when a global song finishes playing; the SFX won't be affected by the echo anymore afterwards. However, I found a better code here that should fix it. Implementing this would again be really nice, considering the issues with the other code and people would be sorta restricted in that regard.

My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

Don't use the powerups patch this time. It's not worth the time invested to get it to work.

It can get super painful to build a baserom with it. There's so many things to keep track when doing so ,especially when adding custom sprites, so many things can be overlooked. It's also super bad for level designers to be limited to 2 powerups on screen at any given time. And finally, if you're not into making .bat files, it will also be a pain to rebuild the baserom each time you need to do it.

Don't get me wrong, the patch IS nice as it brings a lot of possibilities, but I really can't recommend using it in its current state (not that it'll change anyway lol), I'm just speaking from personal experience of building baseroms, making levels with it and of course getting feedback about the powerups system.

Since I'm doing (bad) publicity about one of my resources, I'm also here to recommend using Dynamic Spriteset system. Some people have told me it feels great to have such a vast amount of sprites available when making a level. It'll also help me to collect some feedback about it as well. Feedback is always nice :P
Holy crap, I'm super excited for this one! It will be my first LDC, too! (First one I've participated in, at least.)
As for suggestions for what to insert, all I can really think of is this:
If that helps, good. If not, sorry.
Originally posted by lx5
Since I'm doing (bad) publicity about one of my resources, I'm also here to recommend using Dynamic Spriteset system. Some people have told me it feels great to have such a vast amount of sprites available when making a level. It'll also help me to collect some feedback about it as well. Feedback is always nice :P

Seconding this, I'd absolutely love to see it used in a contest. I'm not too familiar with what was used for the first BLDC, but as I said elsewhere I'd like to see this contest be like a VLDC+. More things like DSS, stackable sprites, line-guide sprites, etc. rather than anything crazy like the Power-Ups Patch. (Maybe throw in some simple/SMAS stuff like regular Hammer Bros. or Fire Sticks.)
If you need someone to mess around with the DSS system (if you end up using it) I can probably make time to make sprites compatible with it.
BLDC1 had way too much filler and a bunch of weirdly missing sprites so here's just a bullet point of things I think would be useful and good to have (even if they were already in BLDC1).

- extradisco patch (the patch that lets you just place down disco shells with a specific sprite command)
- venus fly traps
- sideways, upwards and mad thwomps
- already-kicked koopa shell
- poison mushroom (I know this was in BLDC1 but iirc it was a version affected by the powerup patch)
- classic smb3 hammer bros w/ all the types (boomerang, fire, shell, sledge)
- pendulum sprites like the ball n chain and platform
- rotodisc maybe?

I think a few of the ultra customizeable versions of SMW sprites by d4 and others would be nice as well like the ultra customizeable chuck and ball n' chains.

I don't remember if this was in BLDC1 but also making line guides global instead of being rope/castle exclusive and having the mario maker dotted line graphics would be great.

also including some default GFX for common blocks like the JUMP1/2 mario/sprite only blocks would be nice.
I am not sure about 'Extra Power-Up'. They may not be, but if they do, there is a variety of concepts.

It can be 'Line-Guided Any Sprite'. Cool setups can be done with it.

'Sprite Stacking' can also be added.

Sprite solid block and Mario solid block can be added and can be the same as the graphics in JUMP.

'Screen Scrolling Pipe' can be added.

Kicked shell, created disco shell and taken throw block can also be added.

Also, if BLDC is going to be difficult, another contest can be made instead.

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I'd say to include the Thwomp Pack, Hammer & Sledge Bros., Pendulum Ball n' Chain, Teleport Blocks, Mario & Sprite Only Blocks, Sprite Killer Box, Level Ender, and the Extended Level Names Patch

Check out my WIP romhack!
Last time I enjoyed myself very much but I felt as though the enemy selection had been done a bit quick, the list basically consisted of the recently approved submissions of that time.

This time around I'd like to see more enemies from SMB3 and why not Yoshi's Island. In addition, having the spike from SMM looks good too.

The relevant bug fixing patches that were here can be applied again I believe, it didn't prevent me from anything.

I also believe it could be fun to have a selection of music... To let us choose from a roster of 30-40 musics and see how different things we can build with.

On the topic of graphics, I remember something had not been completed, as in BG tiles or FG tiles not being assembled in Map16 but the ExGFX were inserted. I also remember there were these level templates containing layer 3 BG already. To me it would be good because I still didn't figure how to do my own layer 3 BG.

That's all I can think of for now. Thanks!

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The choice of custom resources is certainly difficult as there are a lot of sprites which can be great for general use. What I see necessary: Extensions of SMW's own sprites. Custom Piranha Plant, Custom Thwomps and pendulum sprites already were mentioned but the Platform Megapack and New Timed Lifts (though I would like to create my own expansion and implement features from Tessera's Timed Lift for the amount of options they have) also are a good choice for BLDC.
Ditto with block as there are many custom blocks which extends SMW's own blocks such as —self promotion alert— my door recreations and custom question mark blocks (though I assume the latter is already known to you). Having the one or another custom object (for inverted !-blocks, for example) would be nice as well.

Okay, my layout looks ugly.
SMB3 Screen Scrolling Pipes and Panser

It is also a good idea for BLDC


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Seconding SMB3 and Yoshi's Island sprites, Thwomp pack, screen scrolling pipes, line guided any sprite and pendulum platforms/ball and chain. Para-spinies would also be a great addition.
I'm also for taking out the extra power-ups this time. While it was very nice to experiment with, I had a very hard time designing around them and really felt like too much.

I know I would like to keep screen-scrolling pipes in for sure.

Originally posted by DeppySlide
More things like DSS, stackable sprites, line-guide sprites

I didn't even know stackable/line-guided sprites were a thing, that would be so cool to have in.
Layout by Mirann <3
What about implementing it with the Sprites on Platforms and Springs and Stuff patch or d4's Super Mario Maker-style stackable sprites patch! It would be super cool if it's implemented in the base ROM.

Oh, and speaking of which, I've designed both the BLDC and BLDC2 logos, in case you're wondering...

You might get these babies here and here.

And, no, no Custom Power-ups this time 'cause it's too overrated. 🤮
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I want to see either the Multiple Midwaty Patch or Retry Patch w Multiple checkpoints considering the level difficulty people design around for recent VLDCs and the last 24ho contest have been noticeably harder (and some even taking inspiration from kaizo and setup-style designs) and having either option would help reduce iteration times on having to slog through them. Though I also prefer not having a hard 500-600 SMW sec time limit and just score down peoples' levels if they are shit levels anyway, like in the older days.

Also while I like seeing what people can do with custom powerups in their levels, im neutral to it personally being either in the rom or not if it is a resource people have a hard time working with + LX5 no longer supporting custom powerups. Depends on the people to decide that but the arguments against having custom powerups in that were discussed above is quite convincing.

As for DSS, would be interesting to see how much more enemey variety in level designs one can make.

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-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

I do agree with not having Custom Power-ups this time, not only because of what LX5 has already said, but also because it was already used in BLDC1 so most people who return to this will want to see something different.

This has been said before by other people, and probably in a way better than i can say it, but one thing i felt was lacking in BLDC1 was resources that can affect each other, as in, most sprites were its own standalone thing that was independent of other resources, and in the end the most used sprites ended up being the Custom Power-ups and the Punchy sprite, exactly because those could affect the way other sprites or blocks behaved, including vanilla sprites/blocks.

So i feel like for this time it would be nice to focus on things that can expand the ways we work with SMW resources, either by adding more customization or by interacting differently with them.

Things like:
- Stackable Sprites and Line Guided Any Sprite, that add new customizable ways to use existing sprites.
- Sprite Spawners that allow us to infinitely spawn a certain sprite/item or spawn sprites in an interval.
- Sprites that can interact with other sprites or blocks, like the SMM Mechakoopa or SMM Spike and Spike Ball.
- Extensions of SMW sprites, like the Thwomp Pack, different kinds of Platform Sprites, Pendulum Platforms/Ball n Chain or Jumping Piranha Plants Plus.
- Generally useful blocks like Mario Solid, Sprite Solid, Sprite Kill, Instakill, On/Off Solid, On/Off Hurt, Custom Question Blocks that can spawn more sprites, Screen Scrolling Pipes...

Also, that doesn't mean we can't have custom sprites added as well, i think having Mario themed sprites would be a good idea (probably sprites from games like SMM, SMB3 or SMW2). Can never go wrong with some Piranha Plants, Hammer Bros or Roto Discs.

And last, this has probably already been decided, but having the graphic tiles already assembled in the Map16 would save designers a lot of trouble. Not everyone goes out of their way to create new tiles.

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If there is that much time, I would be able to make two entries. So I would like multiple entries as an option but they would be counted as one. This would be a very controversial change.

Ninja Boy or Chuggaconny.

Lexend is the world's fastest to read font and I am the only one who uses it.

Originally posted by M. Yusuf Suleman
If there is that much time, I would be able to make two entries. So I would like multiple entries as an option but they would be counted as one. This would be a very controversial change.

If they would be counted as one why do you want to submit two entries???
Originally posted by M. Yusuf Suleman
If there is that much time, I would be able to make two entries. So I would like multiple entries as an option but they would be counted as one. This would be a very controversial change.

Contests usually forbid submitting more than one entry per user so I don't know what your point is?
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