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Tip: When making your overworld, mix the terrain up! Add decorations to the overworld. Don't leave large empty grass or sea regions. As an example, angled land and multiple colors look much more interesting than square land and flat, plain colors.
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Glow (a Gameboy style hack) *Demo available*
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I haven't updated this in a while.
So I pretty much have everything done for the demo I plan on releasing sometime in the future (though I'll have to put it in the hack testing forum first). The demo will only be world 1, which includes everything up until the boss level White Workshop.

Here's some new stuff:
This is a little optional area like Yoshi's House in the original SMW. You only need to go here for a bit of story that you get from a letter in the style of the ones you got from Peach in SMB3.

Here's a town area with some NPCs that you'll have to revisit once both switches are pressed. It's needed to be cleared in order to access the final world, and the only way to do that is to fix the bridge by pressing both switches.

I also made the intro:
(it's skippable if you don't want to wait for it)
It looks pretty cool :D

That intro is very unique and different than others for now, excelent animations. This game will be excitant to see a new series.

I would suggest you that change the player start in a different screen. Is your decision #smrpg{y}
So I haven't really done much since I released the demo, but here's one level I've made:

EX 5: Teal Ruins
This is the extra level unlocked from 2-2 Cyan Snowfield (I skipped Green Falls' secret level for now since this one was easier to make).
The level's color is teal as that's a shade of blue and the level takes place at night (hence the darker blue). Just like the other EX levels, it's really short but there's no checkpoint

So this level's main gimmick is the parallax layer 2. It's greatly inspired by a level from the Call of Cthulhu hack (even featuring music used in that hack). The only custom thing in this level is the fire spitting boo sprite, but it's not too important.
The visuals are even more minimalist than they already were since I didn't want too much detail in this level (it would end up being a bit too distracting with the 2 layer stuff)

Here's a video instead of screenshots:

*the level name is different in the video since I mixed up teal with turquoise, it should be teal :(
Hey, it's been a while since I've posted anything here.
I had to take a break from the hack because of some problems I had (I was getting headaches whenever I used my computer)

Anyway, here's the next level:

Level 7: Indigo City
This is the final level of world 2 before the boss level. I've only made half of it so far.
The color is indigo because the level takes place at night.
The main things in this level are grinders and blocks that break when in contact with them.

That's all for now
Here's a new level

EX 4: Lime Hollow
This extra level is unlocked from Green Falls. This level is mainly about climbing on spider webs, which means there's some spider enemies. I'm honestly pretty proud of the visuals for this level.

Here's a video of the level (sorry for choppy quality. I tried re-recording this like at least 10 times but they were all like this, don't know what's up with OBS)

As of now, there's only like 6 levels left to make (3 of which are short since they're an extra level and 2 boss levels) so hopefully I can get this done in a few months :)
Really glad to see all the progress on this and any updates.

Lime Hollow looks great and the Spider Theme works well with the colours.
Indigo City is finished. I kept stalling when it came to finishing this level, but it's done now! It did come out a little easier than the previous level, Cyan Snowfield, but that's fine.

Anyway, here's the secret level unlocked from Indigo City:

EX 6: Sapphire Cyberspace
This was one of those levels where I had an idea for the theming, but not what I was gonna use. Ended up using Ninjis (which I always thought looked kinda similar to the space invaders), Pansers and reflecting Lava Bubbles, all re-textured as some familiar enemies. There's also expanding block bridges. This level also came out a little easier than I wanted considering how late in the hack it is, but whatever

I had miscounted last time how many levels were left. There were actually 7 levels (6 now) left
Level 8: Purple Storm
This is the first level of world 3, it's also the last of the 7 main colour levels.
The level's gimmick is balloon gliders
Unlike most previous levels, there's no real reason for this level's colour to be purple

(sorry again for the poor quality of the video. At least it's better than the Lime Hollow video)

(The overworld in the video is just my level test overworld

This level has probably changed the most. It was originally called Purple Plains, but it was still going to be a cloud level. Then I renamed it to Violet Valley, but the colour of the level wasn't quite violet. Now it's a stormy cloud level instead of the standard cloud level like it used to be. The tileset was also changed because the original one was way too similar to a tileset from Kirby's Dream Land 2 and I wanted it to look more original (plus there's no more water in the level now)

(original for reference)
Probably one of my fave looking and designed levels so far from what I could tell from the footage in the video.

Hot Tamales. This is some good stuff.

Keep up the fantastic work. #smrpg{cool}
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Probably one of my fave looking and designed levels so far from what I could tell from the footage in the video.

Hot Tamales. This is some good stuff.

Keep up the fantastic work. #smrpg{cool}

Thanks :)
This was probably the level I was looking forward to making the most

Also minor update:

Added the castle from World 3's map in the background at the start of Purple Storm. It was something I wanted to include but just forgot
That a great my friend you forgotten one color maron
New level

Boss level 2: Black Bastion

This level is about breaking marble blocks with a hammer. The first boss level was about paint and this one is about sculptures.

The level was originally going to be called Black Basement and be about fading lights like Blackout Basement from Donkey Kong Country, but I didn't end up doing that.

The boss has also gone through a few design changes. His first design was just a small helmet with legs, but since the hitbox was bigger than his design I had to redesign him. I'm still not sure I like his design and might change it again

With this level done, that means World 2 is complete :)
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