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Super Yoshi World

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@ pierro118: Now I know what I should fix if it gets rejected ;-)

Here's a crappy trailer! Woohoo!
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Well, I should continue to play your hack demo 2 downloaded from here if I want to see if I can found more bugs so it can help you out.

EDIT : More bugs ^^ I have only 2 and they are in Deadweight castle, something like that (I don't remember well the name level, it's the last castle in the demo).

First of all, the simple one, the hammer bros. Some hammer that he throw disappear, which is strange (and easier to beat him). Also, he jump and pass trough the pipe, which made him invinsible for a few seconds (did it's normal to add some difficulty?).

After, the pillar that fall and that try to squish you. Even if you pass them, if you're still (well... around) 2 space (1 space = 1 grey brick) after it, you die anyway. Don't understand? I'll take a screenshot and show you.

Another thing, do you want me to delete the video bug of your hack that I put on Youtube?

I think that after this it's all. See ya later! Pierro118

EDIT 2 : See the picture here. Tell me if you want me do delete it after.

EDIT 3 : Forgot to put the link -.-' Here he is :

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Thanks, pierro! And now, a link.

Yep, this one.

Yes, the Demo 2.1 will come out soon. Just need some testers.
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If you want to beta test again, just PM me. If not, just don't PM me.
Your layout has been removed.
I've played the whole hack again and I send you the bugs I've encountered trough the play, but I'm sure that I forgot some because I was enjoying playing the hack. I can tell you that you're doing an extremely good job and stopping the project here would be a very bad idea because you already did a very good job. Well, I think that's all... Congratulations again for that good hack! ^^


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Bumped because I wanted to point a few things out, I hope that's okay. =3

Please Note: I just watched your video of the Ice Cave, and it may be outdated, so the problems may have already been solved.

Note One: Where you need to jump up onto the Jumping Note Blocks to get to the flaming pit of lava, I noticed you had troubled getting up onto the first block and I'm sure many other people did aswel. Might I suggest to simply slide the bottom and top note blocks one pixel to the left, and the center block one pixel to the right so it is easier to get onto the first block.

Note Two: When the shell is chasing you through the chamber or "alley", you fall into a pit and the shell will crush you. Are you trying to make a kaizo level? Maybe you should switch something up a little over there so the player doesn't go "runrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrun" *falls into pit* *gets crushed by shell* "" *facepalm*.

Hope this helped. ^^;
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where does that romhack come from?
He can't really answer your question since this thread is over a year old, and the OP is banned. Please watch the dates next time.
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